Coimbatore is a perfect blend of everything that one can ask for in a holiday destination. From historical ruins and local cuisine to prodigious mountains and theme parks, there are so many things that you can explore in the city. This is the reason hotels in Coimbatore have come up in large numbers in the recent years. However, it is the beaches around Coimbatore that let you witness the real charm of South India. So, the next time you are planning a weekend trip from Coimbatore, check out these breathtaking beach destinations for a wholesome experience.

Beaches near Coimbatore:

Thrissur Kozhikode
Kochi Alleppey

1. Thrissur (114 km)

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Just over 110 km from Coimbatore, Thrissur is a paradise for beach lovers. Situated in the state of Kerala, Thrissur’s landscape is dominated by swaying coconut trees, long coastline and shimmering backwaters. One of the top beaches in Thrissur is Chavakkad, known for its natural beauty and calmness. Chavakkad doesn’t see a lot of tourist footfall, which alone makes it ideal for a peaceful vacation with your loved ones. When here, do try to befriend locals so you can enjoy boating in the traditional fishing boats. Another amazing such spot in Thrissur is Nattika Beach. Wide and virgin, Nattika is a picturesque paradise. The main attractions at Nattika Beach include elephant rides, country boating experience, deep sea fishing trip and beach games – perfect for a hangout with a group of friends. Vatanappally Beach, rich with greenery and golden sand, is a dream-like destination if you are into awe-inspiring vistas. Among the activities to indulge in here are sunbathing, swimming, boat rides and even surfing!

2. Kozhikode (180 km)

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Just about 5.5 hours from Coimbatore, Kozhikode or Calicut has been a historically important town for its economically significant port. Well connected by buses and trains, Kozhikode would be a perfect getaway for your next weekend. You must visit Kozhikode for its pristine beaches, colorful countryside, calm backwaters, monuments, wildlife refuges, wellness centers and religious sites. The Kozhikode beaches are surrounded by the Wayanad Hills to the east and Arabian Sea to the west. The top beaches to have fun near Kozhikode include Gotheeswaram Beach, Chaliyam Beach, Elathur Beach, Beypore Beach, Parapally Beach, Payyoli Beach and Kappad Beach.

3. Kochi, (190 km)

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Kochi, earlier known as Cochin, is the most important port city of Kerala. Apart from being the financial center of the region, it is also known for its serene seashores that have earned it the nickname, “Queen of the Arabian Sea”. The beaches in Kochi get a healthy amount of tourist inflow all round the year from across the country. It is also home to a large natural harbor, which further adds to its natural beauty. Separated from Ernakulum by the famous backwaters, it’s a beach destination that offers the best of landscapes, culture, historical sites and seafood. Fort Kochi Beach, Kuzhupilly Beach, Puthenthode Beach, Puthuvype Beach and Cherai Beach are the most important seafronts in and around Kochi.

4. Alleppey (238 km)

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  A seaside paradise in the truest sense of the word in the state of Kerala, Alleppey offers a dynamic mix of lakes, canals, lagoons, backwater creeks and of course, beaches. All throughout the year, Alleppey is a popular haunt of tourists from across the globe. An easy choice of destination if you are a nature lover, Alleppey is perfect for all kinds of vacations, whether it is your honeymoon or just a weekend with friends. In fact, Alleppey had been included in the list of the top ten natural paradises in the world by National Geographic not long ago. Must-explore beaches in Alleppey include Marari, Andhakaranazhi, Thottappally, Pathiramanal and Alappuzha. Thanks to the moderate regional weather, you can enjoy sunbathing and swimming in the relatively calm and less-crowded beaches in Alleppey. Thrilling watersports activities, including surfing, kayaking and banana boat rides, further make Alleppey a great place for globetrotters.

5. Pondicherry, (380 km)

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The Union Territory of Pondicherry boasts amazing beaches along the Bay of Bengal coast. Known for its French-influenced culture, it’s a completely different experience to be in. With colonial-style homes and a laid-back street culture complemented by harmony and simple living, Pondicherry receives thousands of holidaymakers all round the year, many of whom come to relax on its sandy shores. Popular beaches around Pondicherry include Mahe Beach, Rock Beach, Serenity Beach, Paradise Beach and the most renowned of them all, Promenade Beach. Each of these boasts a unique vibe that captivates backpackers, photographers and travelers. When here, do check out the range of international dishes and local seafood available at the shacks. Still wondering about which beaches to hit near Coimbatore? Hope that the above-mentioned ones answer your concern aptly. So, start planning a trip to these amazing shores, and I guarantee you will not come back disappointed.

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