Indian Railways is the pride of our nation – the most preferred mode of transportation for millions of Indians. Majority people choose to travel via train for its convenience, cost-effectiveness and reach to even the remote locations. However, inter-state and inter-city travel got hugely impacted in the last few months due to the coronavirus scare amidst masses.

Now, when after almost 2 months of country-wide lockdown, Indian Railways have resumed trains, loads of people are in queue to move from one part of the country to another. But this is also the time to be extra cautious to avoid being infected. Hence, we’ve thoughtfully curated a list of safety and hygiene tips especially for train travellers:

1. Buy your train tickets online.

2. Wear an N-95 mask and clinically approved gloves at all times during your journey. It is also advisable to carry spare disposable masks and gloves.

3. Bring your own bedding and pack it in a well-sanitised bag after use.

4. Keep important documents and wallet in a sealed bag.

5. Do not forget essentials like spare plastic pouches, hand sanitizer, water bottle, paper soap, some snacks, comfortable footwear and disposable napkins or towels.

6. Maintain a safe distance (at least 6-feet) from fellow passengers and station staff.

7. Once you find your berth, clean it with an alcohol-based sanitizer. Apply it on other areas as well which you may come in contact with like the berth handles and ladder (if you’re allotted the upper berth).

8. Wash hands frequently and avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth.

9. Forbid sharing your seat/berth with fellow passengers.

10. Neither share your food with anyone nor eat anyone’s offerings.

11. Avoid purchasing snacks or any other item from the train station.

12. In case you buy something, either make online payment or ask the vendor to place the change in a plastic bag. Use sanitizer to decontaminate the wrapper or bottle of the purchased item before consuming.

13. Be extremely cautious while using toilets and avoid touching anything especially after washing your hands with soap.

14. Sanitise your hand immediately after touching the handrail, coach door handle, toilet door, etc.

15. Be patient and do not hurry while boarding or de-boarding the train as it may lead to coming in contact with other passengers.

16. Handle the luggage without making any direct contact with it (wear gloves while handling your bags).

17. Do not discard mask, gloves or other trash at the station or outside it. Carefully place them in a sealed bag and dump in a closed dustbin.

18. As soon as you reach your hotel, change your clothes and footwear, and take a hot shower.

We hope with these measures, you will surely remain safe and help in breaking the COVID-19 chain.