The economic, financial and entertainment capital of India, Mumbai is well known for its undying love for vada pav, monsoon madness and fashion! It is one of the best places in India to shop for trendy attire. But, clothing is not the only thing to buy in the megacity; you can shop here for just about everything. Be it electronic goods, vintage articles, intriguing handicrafts, gifts or anything else, the city offers them all. So, here these are, the best shopping places in Mumbai to quench your shopaholic desires.

1. Colaba Causeway Market, Mumbai

Colaba Causeway Market, Mumbai

Colaba Causeway Market | #1 of 7 Best Places for Shopping in Mumbai

The name might sound familiar, and you guessed it right…Colaba hosts the famous Leopold Café along with several dining venues with a heritage status that attract both locals and tourists. Even when it comes to shopping, it is one of the most recommended destinations in the city to throng. From junk jewelry to fashionable dresses, everything is available at small shops with endless options of brands, looks and pricing. This is where a lot of Mumbai’s young buy their sunglasses, watches, shoes, handbags, clothes and other accessories. The prices you get are too good to believe, and everything seems like a grab! Lastly, you also get to bargain and cut yourself a deal. Not far are the Gateway of India and the iconic Taj Hotel, giving you another reason to visit Colaba.

2. Fashion Street, Mumbai

Fashion Street, Mumbai

Fashion Street | #2 of 7 Best Places for Shopping in Mumbai

You can imagine from the name itself what is in store for you at Fashion Street. It is one of the oldest haunts for street shoppers in Mumbai. Everything looks great here, and you can get it at cheap prices. This is another place to visit if you are planning to shop for dresses, tops, footwear, trousers, denims or jewelry. The market, spread across a few blocks, opens around 11:00 am every day. Being in quite an old part of Mumbai, be ready to tussle your way through the crowd and take your pick! At the end of the road are small bookshops that let you read and buy pre-owned books. Along with sipping a cup of coffee, this is a perfect way to experience the vivacity of Mumbai.

3. Chor Bazar, Mumbai

Chor Bazar, Mumbai

Chor Bazar | #3 of 7 Best Places for Shopping in Mumbai

Literature suggests that Chor Bazar was earlier known as “Shor Bazar”, possibly for its liveliness and buzz. Even today, it is one of the busiest markets in Mumbai. History says that the English, when they ruled the land, couldn’t pronounce “Shor”, and it got converted to “Chor” instead. However, there could also be a literal aspect to the naming! It is said that stolen goods are sold here, which is why these are so cheap. The place is characterized by cramped streets, obscure stores and old buildings, amidst which all the hustle happens. The things you can buy here are endless; from old typewriters, gramophones, artifacts and antiques (mostly stone goods) to branded decoratives, old statues and other collector’s items, all are available in one place. Chor Bazar will take you back to the days of pre-Independence India, and that’s the charm of it!

4. Crawford, Mumbai

Crawford, Mumbai

Crawford | #4 of 7 Best Places for Shopping in Mumbai

Another among the oldest markets in Mumbai, Crawford is a top destination for goods, including home décor, shoes, fashion accessories, electronics, cosmetics, baking goods, furniture, lingerie, party items, meats and spices.  The first thing which strikes when you first reach here is its building itself, which features easily recognizable elements of Victorian Gothic architecture. You would definitely notice its similarity to Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, which was constructed around the same time as the market and in the same architectural style. Crawford is especially popular with women for the cheap branded beauty products that it offers.

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5. Hindmata Market, Mumbai

Crawford | #5 of 7 Best Places for Shopping in Mumbai

Located in Dadar, Hindmata is another stop that is always bustling and full of life. At the first look, it’s a line of fruit sellers, flower sellers and vegetable markets. But, when you enter and look for more, it becomes one of the best places to buy apparel at throwaway prices. How they do it, people have no idea, but everyone definitely likes the idea of fashion getting cheap! Hindmata is especially popular among ethnic dress buyers, who are both looking for quality and low rates. There are many shops that even sell materials and fabrics for people to get them stitched as per their requirement. Consequently, it won’t be surprising if you spot a celebrity designer doing his/her research in the lanes!

6. Zaveri Bazar, Mumbai

Zaveri Bazar, Mumbai

Zaveri Bazar | #6 of 7 Best Places for Shopping in Mumbai

Zaveri Bazar, located near Crawford and Mumbadevi, is one of the biggest jewelry markets in India; even its name, ‘Zevari’ means jewelry in Urdu. The storeowners at Zaveri Bazar deal in gold apart from silver, diamond and other precious stuff. It is not surprising if you are taken aback by the size of the jewelry stores here, especially if it’s your first time as some are as small as 150 sq feet. Apart from stores that sell jewelry, the market also houses those that check the purity of gold bought by buyers and goldsmith for a nominal fee.

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7. Lokhandwala Market, Mumbai

Lokhandwala Market, Mumbai

Lokhandwala Market, Mumbai | #7 of 7 Best Places for Shopping in Mumbai

Another famous stop for budget fashion and accessories, Lokhandwala offers products from the biggest brands at street rates! This includes shoes, scarves, dresses, handbags, jewelry, denims, semi-formal clothing, vibrant t-shirts, crop tops, salwar kurta from Pakistan and sneakers along with watches and gifts. More than the different types of stuff available, it is their astonishing variety which draws shopaholics to Lokhandwala in swarms. It’s a lot of fun if you are good with haggling! Shopping in Mumbai is an unending affair, and even if you find it fun to just browse through products, you are in for a wonderful experience! It is important to note that these seven aren’t the only destinations in Mumbai for an ardent shopaholic. The list can go on, but if you are a first-timer, these would be a sure shot amazement! Book hotels in Mumbai to explore all these retail hubs and see a side of the city you didn’t even know existed.