Ooty is a popular tourist destination in South India that receives hordes of tourists across the year. Spending some much-needed quality time with your family in the serene and peaceful environs of this hill town is sure to rejuvenate you. Moreover, you can indulge in a lot of activities and sightseeing here including taking a toy train ride on the Nilgiri Mountain Railway; boating on Ooty Lake; visiting Botanical Gardens; and wandering through the lush tea gardens.

Also, shopping should definitely be on your list of things to do in Ooty.

We have listed out some of the fantastic markets that you can visit in Ooty. Read ahead to know more…

Shopping Places in Ooty

1. Lower Bazaar Road, Ooty

Lower Bazaar Road, Ooty

Lower Bazaar Road | #1 of 8 Best Shopping Places in Ooty

An important shopping center of the town, the Lower Bazaar Road near Ooty Lake is lined with a number of restaurants, hotels, stores and travel agencies. You can buy a number of things at this bazaar including dress material, readymade clothing and chocolates. However, what might get you genuinely interested in buying is the local-made Toda shawls (puthukulli) and jewelry. Besides these, you can purchase daily-use crockery and cookware items from here. An assortment of tea grown locally is also available at this market.

  • Location: Near Ooty Lake, Ooty
  • Specialty: Toda Jewelry, Toda Shawls, Crockery, Cookware

2. Commercial Road, Ooty

Commercial Road, Ooty

Commercial Road | #2 of 8 Best Shopping Places in Ooty

Commercial Road is an important business hub of the hill town and thus, you will find lots of activity in this area as the day starts. This is the place to come to shop for locally-made products like handmade chocolates, leather items and aromatic eucalyptus oil. The road is lined with shops on both sides that sell handicrafts, antiques, jewelry, woolen clothing and utensils. There are a few supermarkets and big commercial stores on this road as well, including Handicrafts Development Corporation of Kerala and Khadi Gramodyog Bhavan.

  • Location: Near Charring Cross, Ooty
  • Specialty: Handmade chocolates, Handicrafts

3. Upper Bazaar Road, Ooty

Upper Bazaar Road, Ooty

Upper Bazaar Road | #3 of 8 Best Shopping Places in Ooty

Another popular area in Ooty is the Upper Bazaar Road, where you will find many fine dining restaurants and a number of shops selling an assortment of Indian spices and local Nilgiri products. Tea and coffee powders, chocolates, aromatic oils and baked items are some other things that you buy at this market. The best part is you can actually sample the chocolates and baked items to see what appeals to you more, before taking out your wallet to pay!

  • Location: City Center, Ooty
  • Specialty: Nilgiri products, Spices, Chocolates

4. Charring Cross, Ooty

Charring Cross, Ooty

Charring Cross | #4 of 8 Best Shopping Places in Ooty

Perhaps the most popular shopping destination in Ooty, Charring Cross is situated at the intersection of the Commercial Road and Ooty-Coonoor Road. This market features everything from branded retail showrooms to roadside stalls, and if you go to this place during mid-day, it feels as if the whole town has come down to shop here. Woolen items, toys, gift items, handicrafts and locally-made chocolates are a few things that you will find in a majority of shops here. Nilgiri Shopping Complex is one place you should definitely visit here.

A major attraction at Charring Cross is Adam’s Fountain, which becomes the focal point of the market in the evenings.

  • Location: Ooty-Coonoor Road, Ooty
  • Specialty: Handicrafts

5. Ooty Municipal Market, Ooty

Ooty Municipal Market, Ooty

Ooty Municipal Market | #5 of 8 Best Shopping Places in Ooty

Visiting the Municipal Market in Ooty is a must as this huge market complex has more than 1500 shops, and luckily there are about 15 entry and exit points. This is one of the hubs of daily business in the town as locals as well tourists throng here for daily provisions, and fresh vegetables and fruits. The market also has on offer other items like chocolates, flowers and locally-made oils.

While you become a part of the swarming crowd at this market, we suggest that you try a cup of hot tea or coffee here from any of the street-side stalls.

  • Location: Commercial Road, Ooty
  • Specialty: Fruits and vegetables

6. Tibetan Market, Ooty

Tibetan Market, Ooty

Tibetan Market | #6 of 8 Best Shopping Places in Ooty

The weather in Ooty remains cool most of the times, especially at night, but if you forget to bring your warm clothes, then worry not! All you have to do is take a ride to the Tibetan Market, which is located close to the Botanical Gardens. From shawls, pullovers and cardigans to gloves, jackets and hoodies, the place has a wide range of woolen clothes on offer and that too at reasonable pricing.

  • Location: Vannarapettai, Ooty
  • Specialty: Woolen products

7. Main Bazaar, Ooty

Main Bazaar, Ooty

Main Bazaar | #7 of 8 Best Shopping Places in Ooty

Main Bazaar is another prominent shopping center in Ooty with a number of shops offering clothing, fashion items, everyday food products and more. If you are visiting this market, you can make a purchase for Nilgiri oils and tea, winter clothes, readymade clothes and local food varieties. There are a few shops at the Main Bazaar that sell paintings and handicrafts of local artists; buying these as souvenirs to gift someone can be a great idea. Also available for sale here is the fine Toda silver jewelry.

  • Location: City Centre, Ooty
  • Specialty: Clothing, Nilgiri Products, Handicrafts, Paintings and Toda Jewelry

8. Ooty Lake Market, Ooty

Ooty Lake Market, Ooty

Ooty Lake Market | #8 of 8 Best Shopping Places in Ooty

Located in front of one of the best places to visit in Ooty, this market has a number of small stalls and street vendors selling fresh flowers, Nilgiri tea powder and locally-made oils. There are also a few shops that offer traditional, embroidered jholas, bags and clothing. After enjoying a boat ride on the Ooty Lake, you can stop by this market for some much-needed retail therapy.

  • Location: Near Ooty Lake, Ooty
  • Specialty: Nilgiri tea, aromatic oils and flowers

Shopping in Ooty can be a great addition to all the sightseeing and adventure activities, and we are sure you would love to top it up with a taste of Ooty’s happening nightlife to make your stay a memorable one!

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