If you are sitting idly at your hotel in Indore, wondering what is there to do in the city other than gorging on poha-jalebi, you seriously underestimate it as a travel destination. There are several museums and forts in and around Indore that you can take a short trip to. Talking of places around the city, there are several waterfalls near Indore you can plan an excursion to. Yes, waterfalls. The location of Indore on the Deccan Plateau blesses it with several of these natural wonders. So, here you go, read about the best waterfalls you can visit in the region:

Waterfalls near Indore

1. Tincha Falls

Tincha Falls

Tincha Falls | #1 of 10 Waterfalls near Indore

A seasonal feature, Tincha Falls looks best during the monsoon, when a huge volume of water drops down from a height of roughly 300 feet. You might not be able to enter the plunge pool because of government restrictions, but you can still enjoy trekking and photography at this jewel of a place. Being quite popular among locals, the waterfall sees a heavy footfall during weekends, so if you want to avoid the swarm, consider coming here on a weekday.

  • Distance from Indore: 23.9 km

2. Mohadi Falls

Mohadi Falls

Mohadi Falls | #2 of 10 Waterfalls near Indore

One of the closest waterfalls to Indore, you can easily visit it on a one or even a half-day trip. Untouched by commercialisation, Mohadi Falls makes for a beautiful picnic spot. The trek to the fall might tire you a little, but its cool water will refresh you instantly. Though there are dhabas along the way, you are better off carrying your own snacks and water. Feeling more adventurous? Then, pack your camping gear and get ready to spend the night in the lap of nature under the stars!

  • Distance from Indore: 25.9 km

3. Hatyari Khoh Falls

Hatyari Khoh Falls

Hatyari Khoh Falls | #3 of 10 Waterfalls near Indore

Don’t be unnerved by the name as you won’t find any murderers here (the word ‘hatyari’ meaning a female murderer), but only nature at its best. The legends associated with the falls say that the gorge that created Hatyari Khoh Falls was used by monarchs to launch attacks and keep prisoners. On the trek to this 600-feet high waterfall, you will see cacti in abundance, which is unusual as such plants grow in the desert, and there is plenty of water all around here. But, then again, Mother Nature truly is wondrous.

  • Distance from Indore: 28.7 km

4. Patalpani Falls

Patalpani Falls

Patalpani Falls | #4 of 10 Waterfalls near Indore

If you had known about any waterfalls near Indore, chances are you know about Patalpani Falls, as these are extremely popular among locals as well as travellers. The name of the waterfalls is derived from the myth that the plunge pool is so deep that the water falling in it goes all the way to the netherworld! You can try going into the pool to see for yourself if it’s fact or fiction. One thing is for sure that Patalpani Falls is one of the most popular places to visit in Indore, and you will find it in every travel guide. The greenery and serenity enveloping the falls make it a great spot for a short trip.

  • Distance from Indore: 29.2 km

5. Bamniya Kund Falls

Bamniya Kund Falls

Bamniya Kund Falls | #5 of 10 Waterfalls near Indore

One of the best places to visit in Indore within 100 km, Bamniya Kund Falls drops from a height of around 300 feet. You might want to come here during the rainy season, as the flow of water is quite less and weak in summers. To reach the falls, first take Madhya Pradesh State Highway 1 to the village of Bargonda, and then walk for around 1 km to Nakheri Dam. This is where the actual hike to the falls begins, which would take you through immense lushness. There are even camping sites on top of the falls, making for an entire day’s outing.

  • Distance from Indore: 34.4 km

6. Gidiya Khoh Falls

Gidiya Khoh Falls

Gidiya Khoh Falls | #6 of 10 Waterfalls near Indore

Falling from a height of about 600 feet, Gidiya Khoh is among the tallest waterfalls near Indore. Just the sight of the water roaring down into the plunge pool is enough to fill you with awe. Coming here is one of the most popular fun things to do in Indore with your family, as you get to enjoy trekking, photography, bathing under the falls (albeit with caution) and even picnic in the area. The trek to the waterfalls is around 9 km one way, so make sure that you have what it takes and also that you carry enough drinking water and snacks.

  • Distance from Indore: 39.1 km    

7. Bhairav Kund Falls

If, after your trip to Gidiya Khoh, you still have ample time left, you can hike 4-5 km more to reach Bhairav Kund. Another among the enchanting waterfalls near Indore, it is not known to many people, so you can expect all the peace and quiet you want. The hike to the waterfall takes you upstream along the river; the path is strewn with boulders, making the hike challenging yet rewarding. Should you feel worn out, just take a dip in the pool and you will be refreshed.

  • Distance from Indore: 42.3 km

8. Sitlamata Falls

Sitlamata Falls

Sitlamata Falls | #8 of 10 Waterfalls near Indore

Probably named after the local deity, Sitla  Devi, Sitlamata Falls is yet another perfect place for a relaxed outing. You can take a dip in its water, which is supposed to be quite cool. There are three natural caves in the area, believed to have been the hiding place of local rulers in earlier times. Large boulders are strewn all around the area; you could sit on them and just relax, with the sound of the falling water providing music to your ears.

  • Distance from Indore: 46.6 km

9. Chidiya Bhadak Falls

Chidiya Bhadak Falls

Chidiya Bhadak Falls | #9 of 10 Waterfalls near Indore

I haven’t the faintest idea why the falls are named Chidiya Bhadak, but I am sure it has an interesting story, something you might want to ask the locals about. Speaking of the waterfall, it is not exactly a waterfall, but a river flowing over a series of rocks that have made natural steps. Nevertheless, Chidiya Bhadak Falls are a great day for an outing, especially considering the mostly hot regional weather, as you can take a dip in the pool and cool yourself. Plus, visiting place also gives you a trekking opportunity.

  • Distance from Indore: 53.7 km

10. Jogi Bhadak Falls

Jogi Bhadak Falls

Jogi Bhadak Falls | #10 of 10 Waterfalls near Indore

Another waterfall near Indore with a funny name, Jogi Bhadak Falls is a great place for a fun trip. It falls from an approximately 400-feet high cliff, making it a sight to capture in your lens. As not many people come here, it is a great place to visit with your partner or spouse. You could sit here for a long time indulging in a tête-à-tête with your loved one. The splash and woosh of the falling water would be the only sounds you hear except your own.

  • Distance from Indore: 57.8 km

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Still wondering about what to do in Indore once you are done with your office work, shopping or binging? Now, you won’t have to, because these waterfalls are just waiting to be explored.