Adventure Island in Delhi is an ideal getaway for both locals and tourists. It is located opposite Rithala Metro Station in the Rohini sub-city in New Delhi. The amusement park is packed with fun rides and activities for people of all ages. Spreading over 62 acres of land, Adventure Island is divided into two sections: the Amusement Park and the Lagoon or artificial lake, which are joined by a bridge. While the amusement park invites thrill-seekers, the Lagoon offers a unique boating experience. A number of popular Bollywood movies, including Ladies vs Ricky Bahl, PK and Pyar Ka Punchnama, were filmed here. The adventure park adheres to globally accepted European Union Safety Standards.

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Here are the details to check before visiting Adventure Island, Rohini in 2024.    

Adventure Island, Delhi Information


Opposite Rithala Metro Station, Sector-10, Rohini, New Delhi


Amusement & Theme Park

Distance from Major Transportation Hubs

500 metres away from Rithala Metro Station


11:00 am to 7:00 pm; every day (Timings may change depending on weather conditions)

Ticket Price and Entry Fee

· Unlimited Ticket– INR 550 per person for Adults and Children (Weekdays); INR 600 per person for Adults and Children (Weekends and Gazetted holidays); INR 350 per person for Senior Citizens (All days)

· Entry Only Ticket Price– INR 300 per person (INR 100 per ride inside the park for one-time enjoyment)   

Special Offers

· Happy Tuesday Offer (Online and Offline booking)– Tickets at a flat rate of INR 399 per person on Tuesdays.

· Midnight Jackpot Offer (Online booking)– The first 100 tickets booked between 11:00 pm and 2:00 am get flat 50% off, for a maximum of 6 people at a time. The offer is not available on Senior Citizen tickets.

· Happy Hours (Regular)Ticket price starts from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm. Tickets are at a flat rate of INR 350 per person. Only available, if entry is strictly between 5:00 pm and 6:00 pm window.

Seasonal Offers

· Monsoon Special Deal (Online booking)– 22% discount on General tickets in Monsoon season.

· Spring Offers (Online and Offline booking)– Unlimited tickets at flat rate of INR 449 per person (Weekdays) and INR 499 per person (Weekends). Senior Citizen tickets will remain same at the price of INR 350 per person.


· Adult Rides– Z-Force, Side Winder, Sky Riders, Lightning Bolt, Space Jump, Climbing Wall, Wild Wheel, Splash Down (Water Ride) etc.

· Kids and Family Rides– Cyclone, Air Pogo, Wave Rocker, Kids Bumper Cars, Bungee Trampoline, Tiny TV Transit, Fire Brigade, Bush Buggies, Splash Dunk (Water Ride) etc.

· Water Rides– Amazon Mist Forest, SHA LA LA, Splash Pool, H2O etc.

Paid Attractions (Added with the ticket value)

Click Art Museum, Carousal, Swan Boat (Water Ride) and Aqua Bump (Water Ride)

Suggested Duration

Minimum 3 hours

Places to Stay

Hotels in Rohini, Hotels in Delhi, Hotels in Rithala

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How to Reach Adventure Island Delhi

Adventure Island Rohini is located in Sector 10 which makes it convenient for the visitors to access. There are various modes of transportation to reach Adventure Island Delhi. Let’s have a look at some of the most famous modes:

  • Via Metro: The Adventure Island nearest metro station is Rithala Metro Station which is just a few hundred meters away. Rithala is connected through Delhi Metro’s Red Line and is the last stop on the route. Hence, the Rithala Metro Station can be accessed from almost anywhere in Delhi through a few switches on the metro line.
  • City Buses: Buses are a less popular way of travelling to Rohini but there are still a few routes that would lead you to Rithala Metro Station. Adventure Park Rohini is also a few minutes’ walk away. ML-15 and 990A cover almost all areas of Delhi and will easily take you to Rohini.
  • From Airport: Indira Gandhi International Airport is around 30 kilometers from Adventure Island Delhi and it would only take an hour to cover the distance. You can either access the Outer Ring Road or travel through the Mahatma Gandhi Marg. You can also opt for a private cab to reach your destination. 

Adventure Island is located at a very short distance from the National Highway which connects the national capital to Chandigarh, Panipat and other Northern cities. The Haryana border is also only a short distance from the theme park. 

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Amusements at Adventure Island

    • Adult Rides: Adventure Island’s array of thrilling rides and attractions will keep you and your entire family entertained for hours. A stomach-churning ‘Z-Force’, dizzing ‘Side Winder’, and ‘Sky Riders’, with simulated driving experience in the sky, are perfect for checking the nerves of adrenaline-rushed adults. You can also put your muscular strength and driving skill to the test with the ‘Climbing Wall’ and ‘Wild Wheel’, respectively.
      • Z-Force: This rollercoaster, whose name is a play on the word “G-Force,” lifts you up against the earth’s gravitational pull. You experience freefall after the ride stops for a little period to allow you to get a bird’s eye perspective from the top. Only riders who are at least 105 cm tall are permitted on this attraction, which can hold up to 8 passengers.
      • Side Winder: This attraction, which can hold up to 24 people, is essentially a large wheel that rotates while being raised and lowered by a massive rod. You will definitely experience butterflies in your stomach from the combined movements. To ride the Side Winder, you must be 134 cm or taller.
      • Sky Riders: Sky Riders simulates driving in the skies and can support up to 24 riders. The guests are seated in dangling automobiles that are tethered to the spokes of a huge wheel. The cars are spun at different angles as the trip continues, giving you the impression that you are flying. On this ride, only people who are 105 cm or taller are permitted.
      • Lightning Bolt: Lightning Bolt, which is appropriate for partygoers 130 cm and taller, resembles a spider with many legs. You occupy one of the lockable seats that are arranged in a row on a life-size disc at the conclusion of each leg. The disc rotates on its own axis as the legs jut up and down, delivering chills up and down your spine.
      • Space Jump: With a huge orb that resembles the sun in the middle, this ride simulates the solar system. Riders are safely fixed to their positions on the two seats that protrude from the bottom of the vehicle and are joined by strong rods. The ride causes you to “space leap” when the rods rise and fall, making you rotate around this sun. 24 individuals can ride this ride at once, and they must all be at least 120 cm tall.
      • Climbing Wall: With this fake rock climbing installation, you can test your muscular strength. You must be at least 4 feet tall and weigh between the range of 30 kg and 100 kg. You won’t need to worry about falling because a rope held by a pulley will regulate your descent and you’ll be tethered.
      • Wild Wheel: This is the traditional “dashing car” for adults. Mini-cars with rubberized surfaces that generate static electricity must be driven using the brake, accelerator, and steering wheel. Driving around the smooth enclosure, the two participants are limited to two seats per car, with the option to hit other cars for fun or protect their own.
      • Splash Down: This water coaster for adults is designed to accommodate up to 4 persons per splash down. A rollercoaster-style ride with seats for you eventually crashes down into a man-made river course from a height, dousing you in water until you are completely soaked. For the Splash Down, you need to be at least 134 cm tall.
  • Water Rides: After some nerve-racking rides, wash your sweat away with a series of water rides with your family and friends. Take your children to ‘Amazon Mist Forest’ to meet their favourite Cartoon Network characters. Gather your group and groove to trendy beats with the rain dance in the ‘SHA LA LA’. Next, to relax, simply chill out in the ‘Splash Pool’ together. Visit the website to check the water kingdom timing and fees.
    • SHA LA LA: This location, named after the popular party song “My Heart Goes Sha La La La,” is the perfect setting for a rain dance. With your buddies, dance to the beats of current music as the showers drench you in fun and frolic.
    • Amazon Mist Forest: Throughout your journey into the Amazon Mist Forest, run across some of your favourite Cartoon Network characters, like Dexter. It is recommended for parents to accompany their children in this ride.
    • Aqua Bump: This large water pool with a rain dance facility can accommodate 150 people when it’s fully occupied. Children under the height of 4 feet are not permitted in Aqua Bump.
  • Kids and Family Rides: The ‘Tiny TV Transit’ toy train ride is quite popular among kids. The children’s driving and riding experiences will be fulfilled by ‘Kids Bumper Cars’ and cute little fire trucks of ‘Fire Brigade’. Give your toddlers their first experience of being a pilot with ‘Air Pogo’. Jumping on the ‘Bungee Trampoline’ or sliding down the ‘Splash Dunk’ kiddie water-slide will keep the energetic little ones entertained for hours. While a big family can enjoy a simulated rocking ship on the ‘Wave Rocker’, a small family can use the ‘Bush Buggies’ to explore the scenic beauty of the park.
    • Cyclone: On the outside, Cyclone resembles a carousel, but as the ride starts, 32 swings dangle from its roof and spin. For this ride to be enjoyable, children must be at least 90 cm tall. A maximum of 32 children can ride at once.
    • Air Pogo: As your children board one of the five available aircraft—each carrying a maximum of four children—this ride will teach them what it means to be a pilot. Toddlers can also enjoy the ride as there is no height restriction.
    • Wave Rocker: The Wave Rocker is a family-friendly attraction that does not have a height restriction. The Rocking Tug, a vessel that mimics rocking on stormy seas, has a total capacity of 24 passengers.
    • Bungee Trampoline: On this trampoline, kids who weigh between 20 kg and 50 kg are welcome to jump to their heart’s delight. This attraction has no height restrictions and is quite safe for kids because they will be safely buckled in.
    • Splash Dunk: A maximum of 4 children can fit inside each boat on the Splash Dunk ride, which is the kid-sized counterpart of the Splash Down attraction. This boat will cross a roller coaster before finally splashing into the water. For this boat, children must be at least 90 cm tall.
  • Paid Attractions: Paid attractions include extra Adventure island ticket values on the spot, and some memorable experiences. The vibrant paintings and art-gallery-like feel of the unique ‘Click Art Museum’ are a visual delight. The ‘Carousel’ is a glamorous fete-style attraction in which a number of animals revolve about a central axis. This classic carnival-themed ride is only available to kids aged 4 and 12. The alluring rain dance in the super-spacious ‘Aqua Bump’, and boating across the scenic Lagoon in ‘Swan Boat’, are hard to miss.

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Other Facilities at Adventure Island

  • Metro Walk: Adventure Island has more than just thrilling rides to keep you engaged throughout the day. The adjoining ‘Metro Walk’ is a one-of-a-kind concept of a unique retail shopping experience. Forrec, Canada, designed and conceptualised it. Spread over 2 lakh sq ft, this open urban marketplace offers multiple avenues to shop, dine, and be entertained. Shopping can be done at a variety of local, national, and international brand outlets. You also can refuel your energy in the food court, or choose to dine on high-quality cuisines in one of the restaurants.
  • Planet Pogo: Adventure Island has a specially designed zone called ‘Planet Pogo’, in collaboration with Turner Network Television. It has a multi-purpose amphitheatre called the ‘MAD (Music, Acrobatics & Dance) Theatre’, which especially hosts enigmatic and enthralling shows of magic tricks, dance and musical performances, clown acts, fire shows and other entertaining acts. There is also a ‘Pogo Plaza’, where kids can interact with life-sized versions of their favourite cartoon characters.

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Adventure Island Tickets Booking Online 

Adventure Island ticket booking can be done through various online platforms. Special discounts are also offered by the online platforms on the tickets.

Adventure Island also has the following:

  • A spacious parking area, which can hold up to 1,500 cars and 1,000 two-wheelers
  • Washrooms
  • Wheelchairs
  • Cards and digital wallets accepted
  • Free entry for children shorter than 90 cm. However, there are only a handful of rides for which they qualify. Check the water kingdom entry rules for information on water rides.
  • Specially designed package at a discounted rate for school and college group visits
  • Green lawns, which can be hired for various occasions (at least 30 guests are needed)
  • Corporate bookings with the park’s special arrangement of an emcee, music and sound effects co-ordinated with the programme
  • Kids’ birthday parties with special gifts, surprises, and shows can be arranged

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Attractions near Adventure Island

  • Japanese Park or Swarn Jayanti Park (600 m)
  • D Mall (1.9 km)
  • North Ex Mall (2.8 km)
  • Pitampura District Park (5.9 km)
  • Jwalaheri Market (10.5 km)
  • Coronation Park (11 km)
  • Moments Mall (11 km)

With these nearby attractions, along with the park’s own bounty of entertainments, a trip to Adventure Island will surely be a memorable one. For a quick weekend getaway, or a planned day-tour, Adventure Island is undoubtedly a worthy inclusion in your itinerary.

Things to Keep in Mind While Visiting Adventure Island

This additional information will help you enjoy the Adventure Island to the fullest:

  1. School and college groups get special discounted rates for particular timings along with a customised package. This includes some water rides, unlimited international rides, MAD (Music, Acrobatics and Dance) Circus, rain dance, live DJ and teachers’ lounge. The venue will also take care of your dining needs. 
  2. Adventure Island provides their green lawns for various activities and occasions like annual functions, Teacher’s Day, marriage parties, birthdays and kitty parties. This provision is only provided when there are at least 30 guests for the occasion. 
  3. Adventure Island Delhi also accepts corporate bookings for team-building activities, client outings, family day outs, events and promotions. The park provides provision for sound effects and music, emcee and a coordinator for team-building exercises. 
  4. Adventure Island makes kids’ birthday parties more exciting with a lot of surprises. Special gifts are offered for the birthday girl or boy, cartoon characters are present for entertainment, and activities like puppet shows, magic shows and games make the occasion enjoyable. 
  5. The premises have a walled and spacious parking area which is secured with the help of trained security personnel. This parking area sprawls across 3 acres and can accommodate 1000 two-wheelers and 1500 cars. 
  6. Please carry your towel and change of clothes if you are planning to enjoy water rides since costumes cannot be rented or bought at Adventure Island. 
  7. There is no provision of lockers to store bags and valuables. Adventure Island Delhi recommends you to not bring expensive valuables or cameras and carry minimal belongings. Additionally, the bags are not permitted on the rides, and the owner is responsible to take care of the belongings brought with him/her. 
  8. Children with a height of less than 90 cm have a free entry to the theme park. But, they only qualify for a handful of rides at Adventure Island Rohini.
  9. Wheelchairs are available at the premises for physically challenged guests and senior citizens. These can be availed at the Metro Walk. 

Location Map for Adventure Island Delhi

Things To Carry for Adventure Island rides and tickets etc.

Do not forget to carry your tickets, walking shoes, swimwear, and water bottle on your next visit to Adventure Island Delhi. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can I stay near Rohini Water Park, Adventure Island?

A: There are many hotels that you can explore near Rohini if you are looking to visit the Rohini Adventure Island. 

Q: Which is Adventure Island’s nearest metro station?

A: The Adventure Island’s nearest metro station is Rithala metro station, on Delhi Red Line Metro Rohini, Delhi. 

Q: What is the Rohini Adventure Island ticket price?

A: The Adventure Island water park ticket price for weekdays is ₹550 per adult and for weekends is ₹600 per adult. 

Q: What is the Adventure Island ticket price for couples?

A: The adventure island ticket price for couples would be ₹1100 for weekdays and ₹1200 for weekends.