Teen Darwaza is a striking gateway located on the eastern side of the Bhadra Fort in the city of Ahmedabad.  A historical monument in its own right, this 600-year-old gateway has been witness to many important events that occurred in the fort in the bygone era. As the name suggests, the structure features three arches complete with remarkably ornate buttresses. From being a grand entrance to the erstwhile royal fort to a historical attraction surrounded by a bustling market, Teen Darwaza has come a long way over the last few centuries but its charm remains undiluted.  That’s precisely why it counts among the top tourist places to visit in Ahmedabad.

So, what makes this historical archway a must-visit attraction for history buffs and tourists alike? Given below is a comprehensive account of the famous Bhadra Fort Teen Darwaza in Ahmedabad including its history, architecture, timings, entry fee, lesser-known facts, and nearby attractions.

Bhadra Fort Teen Darwaza, Ahmedabad: Information

Location Court Road, Old City
Also Known as Tran Darwaja, Three Gates, Triple Gateway, Tripolia Gateway
Type Gateway
Distance from Major Transportation Hubs Ahmedabad Airport (11 km); Ahmedabad Junction (2.5 km)
Timings 9:00 am to 5:00 pm; every day
Entry Fee No entry fee
Photography and Videography Allowed
Commissioned by Ahmad Shah I
Architectural Style Indo-Islamic style
Year of Establishment 1415
Owned by Archaeological Survey of India (ASI)
Status ASI Monument of National Importance
Material Used Red stone

Bhadra Fort Teen Darwaza, Ahmedabad: History

It was Ahmad Shah I of the Muzaffarid Dynasty who built Teen Darwaza along with Bhadra Fort in the 15th century. He began the construction of these structures right after making Ahmedabad the capital city of the Gujarat Sultanate. The architecturally-intricate gateway took four years to complete, spanning from 1411 to 1415. 

Teen Darwaza served several purposes apart from being one of the entrances to the fort. Foreign embassies or feudatories used to gather beyond this archway when they came to meet the ruler. Troops also used to assemble here for martial initiatives. Sometimes, the court was also held in the royal square during the evening hours.

Bhadra Fort Teen Darwaza, Ahmedabad: Architecture

The elaborate Teen Darwaza is built in the Indo-Islamic style of architecture and features an inscription by Chimnaji Raghunath – a former Maratha governor. It has three arches with a height of 25 feet; the one in the middle has a width of 17 feet while the other two are 13 feet wide.

The archway has a terrace on the top, which previously featured a roof but it was thrown open following a repair in 1877. The arches of the gateway have piers between them, each featuring highly decorated buttresses.

Teen Darwaza opens to a large open square with a raised terrace and fountain in the center, beyond which the fort and its adjoining structures are located. This open stretch between the gateway and the fort was previously known as Maidan Shah or the royal square.

Bhadra Fort Teen Darwaza, Ahmedabad: Today

Today, Teen Darwaza has the reputation of being one of the top historical attractions in Ahmedabad due to its architectural splendor and rich history. As part of the Bhadra Plaza Development Project undertaken by the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) and the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), the fort and its surrounding structures were given a makeover. The royal square was also restored in 2014 and was declared a pedestrian zone complete with public amenities.

Teen Darwaza Market, Ahmedabad

Over the years, the streets surrounding the gateway have been transformed into one of the best shopping places in Ahmedabad. The bustling market area has stalls selling all kinds of stuff, including household goods, handicrafts, embroidered items, Meenakari furniture, ethnic wear, shoes, and a lot more. The best part is that you can bargain with sellers to seal good deals. During the International Kite Festival, Teen Darwaza Market becomes a hub for kites – available in various colors, shapes, and sizes. The road beyond the archway will take you to another local bazaar and night food market in the city, namely Manek Chowk.  

Attractions at Teen Darwaza and the Bhadra Fort Area, Ahmedabad

Teen Darwaza and the adjoining Bhadra Fort Complex have several attractions that make for an interesting visit. These include:

  • Royal palaces inside the fort
  • Maidan Shah, the open square located between the fort and the gateway
  • Nagina Baugh, a garden inside the fort
  • Azam Khan Sarai, a palace within the fort that served as a resting place for travelers during the Mughal reign and as a jail and hospital under the colonial reign
  • Bhadra Kali Temple is located in one of the rooms in Azam Khan Sarai and it houses a black stone statue of Goddess Bhadra Kali
  • The clock tower of the Bhadra Fort that was brought from London by the East India Company and installed here in 1849 at a cost of 8000 Indian rupees
  • Ahmad Shah’s Mosque, also known as Juni Juma Masjid or Shahi Jam-e-Masjid, which is the oldest mosque in the city of Ahmedabad
  • Jama Masjid, located just outside the Bhadra Fort area
  • Badshah no Hajiro or Raja no Hajiro housing the tombs of Ahmed Shah I, his son, and grandson
  • Rani no Hajiro or Mughalai Bibi’s Tomb housing the tombs of Ahmed Shah’s Queens

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Lesser known facts about Bhadra Fort Teen Darwaza, Ahmedabad

  • Teen Darwaza features in the logo of Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC)
  • At one point in time, Maratha governors used to shoot five arrows at one of the beams of the gateway. Depending on the success of their aim, they used to predict how well their administration would run
  • A farman or royal order inscribed on Teen Darwaza, dating back to 1812, declares equal rights to women in inheriting the ancestral property
  • Legend has it that centuries ago, Laxmi – the Goddess of Wealth, wanted to leave Bhadra Fort. However, the watchman of the fort, Khwaja Siddique Kotwal, asked her to wait until he returned. He went to Ahmad Shah and beheaded himself in order to stop the Goddess from leaving the fort ever. One of the niches of the gateway has a lamp burning there for over 600 years in the memory of his sacrifice

Attractions near Bhadra Fort Teen Darwaza, Ahmedabad

  • Siddi Saiyed Mosque (600 m)
  • Manek Chowk (650 m)
  • Swaminarayan Temple (1 km)
  • Rani Rupmati Mosque (1 km)
  • Jhulta Minara (2 km)
  • Sabarmati Riverfront (2 km)
  • Hutheesing Jain Temple (3 km)
  • Kankaria Lake (4 km)
  • Shah-e-Alam’s Roza (4 km)
  • Dada Harir Vav (4 km)
  • Calico Textile Museum (5 km)
  • Sabarmati Ashram (6 km)

Teen Darwaza is not just an ordinary archway built in stone; it’s a gateway into a glorious era in the history of the region. How about planning a visit to this historical landmark and soaking in its architectural grandeur?