The princely state of Indore regales you with its stunning monuments, grand palaces and all that yummy food in the Sarafa Bazaar. It is also home to some historically significant churches that you must plan to see on your next visit. Don’t worry about where to stay because an awesome FabHotel in Indore is always within your reach. Once you get comfy in your room, start your sightseeing with a trip to these beautiful churches.

Churches in Indore

1. Red Church, Indore

Red Church, Indore

Red Church | #1 of 4 Churches in Indore

Also known as the St. Francis of Assisi Cathedral, the Red Church is an iconic building in the city of Indore. One of the most popular churches in Indore, the Red Church is known for its resplendent altar that showcases paintings detailing the life of Christ.  Located near the famous Holkar Palace on Godhra Highway, the Red Church is believed to be one of the oldest in the region. The congregation of the church also helped build the St. Raphael’s School for girls nearby in the 1930s. Built primarily for British soldiers and their families, European traders and missionaries, this beautiful Gothic building is worth a visit.

  • Location: Godhra Hwy, Navlakha, Indore

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2. White Church, Indore

White Church, Indore

White Church | #2 of 4 Churches in Indore

Constructed in 1858 by Protestant Christians living in this area, the White Church is a beautiful colonial structure in the centre of the city near the Maharajah’s palace – Rajwada. Part of the city’s heritage and one of the most churches in Indore, the White Church was constructed with the help of Sir Robert North Hamilton, the then Governor General of India who paid for it. Designed by a British engineer, Ross McMahon, the church is built in a simple European style with turrets, large windows and a distinctive red tiled roof. Visit it for its historical value and the serene environs both within the church and outside in its lush, green parkland.

  • Location: Pipliyahana Road, Indore

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3. Church of God Full Gospel In India, Indore

Church of God Full Gospel In India, Indore

Church of God Full Gospel In India | #3 of 4 Churches in Indore

One of the few old churches in Indore that were constructed post-Independence, the Church of God Full Gospel started out in a small rented room in 1979. Since then it has grown and even though it is still housed in a modest structure, the church is a serene, tranquil space, worth a visit.

  • Location: Lalaram Nagar, Badi Gwaltoli Rd, Indore

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4. The Indore Pentecostal Church, Indore

The Indore Pentecostal Church, Indore

The Indore Pentecostal Church | #4 of 4 Churches in Indore

One of the few churches in Indore that allow visitors to witness the functioning of a church, the Indore Pentecostal Church is a delight to visit. A calm place, resonating with spiritual energy, this church is a great place to spend a Sunday morning in.

  • Location: Vandana Nagar, Near Tilak Nagar, Indore

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Some other churches in Indore worth a visit are: St. Joseph’s Church, St. Arnold’s Church and the beautiful St. Vincent Pallotti Church. Know of another church in Indore of significance? Tell us about it in comments below.