While the whole world unabashedly supports the idea of not being in Goa during monsoon, we are here to alter your direction of thinking. If you thought Goa was just an October-February thing then you are living in a misconception, my friend. Goa is 365 days a holiday giving you reasons every day to explore it in every possible way. Let’s take a look at why should you be at Goa during this time of the year.

1. Wake up to the sound of rain! 


Accept it – nothing beats the beauty of monsoons. The wetness all around may seem like a dampener at the first thought but trust me, Goa looks magnificent in monsoons. The already mesmerizing holiday destination turns into a shimmering painting come alive. If you are a nature lover and a photography buff, you ought to be here. A rainy walk alongside the beach is perhaps one of those unforgettable memories you will take with you from Goa. And also, bike/scooty rides become all the more amazing. You’d never want to come back.

2. You don’t have to worry about the bustling crowd

Beach in Goa

That one thing that bugs me no end every time I land up in Goa is the crowd. There are moments when there’s hardly any space left to breathe, especially during the evenings. Whether it’s the beach or the churches, there’s crowd all around and the whole idea of letting the beauty of the place seep in somehow diminishes big time. Hence, the monsoon brings in some fresh air and space giving you enough opportunity to enjoy the sand and the sea at ease. North Goa which seems to be flooded with people and parties actually becomes more appealing and alluring.

3. Reconnect with yourself while trekking along the Dudhsagar Falls

Dudhsagar Falls

Mollem National Park becomes heavenly during the monsoons and Dudhsagar Falls located in the park is a sight to watch. The milky white waters cascading down 301 metres are an experience in itself. Trekking is a prevalent activity around the falls and a must try in monsoons. GTDC offers guided treks (there are a total of four routes) on Sundays till September for all tourists. Tip: Carry medicines and enough water as nothing is available on the way.

4. Nothing beats wildlife spotting in lush green sanctuaries

wildlife spotting in lush green sanctuaries

Beyond the hype of sun, sand and the sea, Goa boasts of a wildlife you can’t miss out on. And unlike the remaining wildlife sanctuaries in India, sanctuaries in Goa remain open throughout the year. Some popular ones are Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary, (Valpoi, North Goa) Bhagwan Mahavir Sanctuary, Mollem National Park and Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary. In fact, the Mhadei Sanctuary is on its way to be a Project Tiger Reserve. You may have missed spotting a tiger in Jim Corbett, there’s a chance you might find here.

5. Sand, water, music and happy hours to ensure great nightlife!


Come what may, Goa never runs out of exciting events and pulsating parties. The biggest woe of any party lover is standing in queues at the likes of Tito’s and LPK. Bid adieu to that and enter the pubs like a BOSS. Dance away at Cavala (Baga-Calangute Road), Mambo’s (Baga Beach), and Park Hotel (Calangute) or sing your heart out at St. Anthony’s (Baga Beach) without any troubles of being bugged by the crowd.

6. Goa in monsoon is easy on the pocket


Last but not the least, Goa becomes way way cheaper during monsoons. The best of resorts offer up to 50% off and you get a chance to stay lavish way. Air tickets slash big time too and water sports activity coordinators go easy on rates. Your pocket may not be able to allow you to take all kinds of experiences but in monsoons, you are on a roll. As we end, few quick pointers that can come handy:

Where to Stay? There are several hotels in Goa that can be explored. If you wish to take the FabHotels experience, you can book FabHotel Tahira Ashwem Beach or FabHotel Anjuna Beachfront both of which are situated right on the beach. (Yes, monsoon offers all along)

How to Reach? You can either book a flight easily available from all major cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Pune to Goa (Dabolim Airport) or if you are a student running on a budget, take a train to Madgaon Railway Station (the fare comes out to be between 500-800 INR). Rent a bike: Being the off season, the rent may range anywhere from 175 INR to 250 INR. Bargain hard!

What to eat? Indulge in some lip-smacking Goan dishes. Do not return without eating out at Mum’s Kitchen (Miramar), Souza Loboo (Calangute), and Longhuino’s Bar and Restaurant (Madgaon).

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