If you are staying at hotels in Hyderabad or even live in the city for that matter, you must for once, do away with the regular routine of going to the clichéd tourist attractions that it offers. Awaken that adventure fanatic who slumbers inside you, close your eyes and take a leap of faith, but literally this time around! Hyderabad is no more a city that finds itself in a list that includes regular tourist attractions. Right from bungee jumping and rock climbing to sailing, you can enjoy several adventure sports in Hyderabad. The city holds the key to a magnificent journey, personifying what truly defines adventure tourism. So, are you ready for the ride? 

Adventure Sports in Hyderabad:

1. Bungee Jumping in Hyderabad

Bungee Jumping | Adventure Sports in Hyderabad

Bungee Jumping | #1 of 14 Adventure Activities/Sports in Hyderabad

Humans by nature cannot stay still, and when we have adrenaline pulsing through our veins, we are either scaling some peak or tying ourselves to a rope and diving. Out of all the adventure places in Hyderabad, Leonia Splash, which houses one of India’s highest bungee jumping platforms, tops the list of anyone seeking a thrill. And why not, for when the crane drops you down to a level of two hundred feet, the louder you scream, the more fun you have. Ramoji Film City offers Bungee Ejection, wherein you sit in a harness which takes you 15 meters in the air and then drops you! This activity is quite popular amongst the daredevils of Hyderabad and those visiting the city.

  • Cost: ₹ 599 (Leona Splash); ₹ 799-999 (Ramoji Film City) 

2. Trekking in Hyderabad

Trekking | Adventure Sports in Hyderabad

Trekking | #2 of 14 Adventure Activities/Sports in Hyderabad

Trekking places in Hyderabad offer a perfect blend of adventure and scenic landscape, coupled with an amazing weather. Ananthagiri, Bhongir Fort, Koilkonda Fort, Ghanpur Fort and Medak Fort are some of the popular trekking sites on the outskirts of Hyderabad. You get to explore the forts, giving you a historical insight as add-ons.

  • Cost: Starting ₹ 1500 (depends on tour operator) 

3. Rock Climbing in Hyderabad

Rock Climbing | Adventure Sports in Hyderabad

Rock Climbing | #3 of 14 Adventure Activities/Sports in Hyderabad

If you love climbing rocks, just not the real ones, then rock climbing is the perfect sport that Hyderabad offers to satiate your adventure lust. The experience gives you the feeling of climbing a mountain, albeit a man-made one and in safe environs. Book for yourself a slot at Crag Studio to try your hand at this sport. Great Hyderabad Adventure Club or GHAC is a nonprofit club that also offers adventure sports activities like trekking and rock climbing. There are several more clubs in Hyderabad offering rock climbing activity, like Wildwoods Adventure Club, and MPM Recreation Centre.

  • Cost: ₹ 1200-2500 

4. Go-karting in Hyderabad

Go-karting | Adventure Sports in Hyderabad

Go-karting | #4 of 14 Adventure Activities/Sports in Hyderabad

If you have raced your car in virtual reality a million times, feeling like a pro every time you cross the finish line, then it’s time to enter the real-time racing arena. The difference here being in the mode of racing, wherein you plop yourself in a go-kart and not a race car. Hasten Go-karting, Shamshabad (Hyderabad airport) and Runway 9 are the best places for go-karting in Hyderabad. So, ready to go zoom?!

  • Cost: ₹ 300-1150 

5. Zip Lining in Hyderabad

Zip Lining | Adventure Sports in Hyderabad

Zip Lining | #5 of 14 Adventure Activities/Sports in Hyderabad

An adventure sport that has become exceedingly popular off late in India is Zip lining, and Hyderabad is no laggard when it comes to updating its adventure sports list. You can zip across midair from one point to another, while being harnessed to a rope. It will make you realize how monkeys feel, doing a similar thing, although in their natural habitat. Great Hyderabad Adventure Club is among the places that offer zip lining. Palm Exotica Boutique Resort is another place where you can indulge in this high-speed activity.

  • Cost: Starting ₹ 1000 

6. Rappelling in Hyderabad

Rappelling | Adventure Sports in Hyderabad

Rappelling | #6 of 14 Adventure Activities/Sports in Hyderabad

Rappelling is an adventure sport, wherein you descent from heights using ropes and specialized equipment. The sport, which also gives you the taste of mountaineering, is preferred by adventure lovers who are only mild risk takers. You can try rappelling at Wildwoods Adventure Club.

  • Cost: ₹ 700-1500 

7. Paragliding in Hyderabad

Paragliding | Adventure Sports in Hyderabad

Paragliding | #7 of 14 Adventure Activities/Sports in Hyderabad

Soar away into the skies, for Hyderabad is now a hub for adventure sports like paragliding. Not only do you get a good aerial view of the city, but also an adrenaline rush you will never be able to forget. Banjara Hills is the paragliding venue in Hyderabad. You can book a slot with any of the several adventure clubs like the Great Hyderabad Adventure Club that organize it.

  • Cost: Starting ₹ 1000 

8. Paramotoring in Hyderabad

Paramotoring | Adventure Sports in Hyderabad

Paramotoring | #8 of 14 Adventure Activities/Sports in Hyderabad

The latest addition to the adventure sports crown that Hyderabad adorns is paramotoring. It was organized for the first time in June 2018, following which it garnered rave reviews. Paramotoring uses a motor, which thrusts the parachute attached to a cart in the air. This cart is maneuvered by the pilot, who is present in the cart along with the rider. It is a three-wheeler cat with two seats, one for the pilot and one for the rider. You can take as many selfies as you want while you are up in the sky. The landing and launching are done at slow speeds that make this sport completely safe.

  • Cost: Starting ₹ 1150 

9. Shooting in Hyderabad

Shooting | Adventure Sports in Hyderabad

Shooting | #9 of 14 Adventure Activities/Sports in Hyderabad

The shooting range at SATS Hyderabad cannot be missed at any cost if the thought alone of an action-packed day makes you jump out of the bed in the morning. Take your aim and fire away at the several shooting ranges in the city like Gun for Glory and SAAS Shooting Range apart from SATS. The activity does require a bit of concentration, and is not for the faint hearted at all.

  • Cost: Starting ₹ 1000 

10. Paintball in Hyderabad

Paintball | Adventure Sports in Hyderabad

Paintball | #10 of 14 Adventure Activities/Sports in Hyderabad

This activity is bound to make you nostalgic about days, when fun included throwing colored water balloons at your friends. More of a group activity, you can enjoy this with your friends and compete by targeting each other with colored pellets fired through a gun. Mini hiding outpost made out of old car tires give the paintball shooting range a fun feel. Odyssey Wonder Paintball and Paintball Hyderabad are great places to test your aim, concentration, speed, stamina and whichever sporting parameter you might want to test.

  • Cost: Starting ₹ 330 

11. Laser Tag in Hyderabad

Laser Tag | Adventure Activities/Sports in Hyderabad

Laser Tag | #11 of 14 Adventure Activities/Sports in Hyderabad

Imagine this…you want to indulge in an adventure sport, but want to do so without splurging too much and compromising on the fun part. The answer lies in Laser Tag, an activity that is oodles of fun and is easy on your pocket. Participants fight it out in the war zone, using a fun laser gun to tag each other. Runway 9, SVM Mall, Smaaash and Lazer Ops are the places to go to for this activity. Laser Tag is a hit not only if you plan it with your group of friends, but even the corporates in Hyderabad are now indulging their employees by organizing laser tag games at these places.

  • Cost: ₹ 149-6999 

12. Sailing in Hyderabad

Sailing | Adventure Sports in Hyderabad

Sailing | #12 of 14 Adventure Activities/Sports in Hyderabad

An activity that seems like a dream come true in a city like Hyderabad, sailing is one of the popular sports here. Organized and promoted by the Yacht Club of Hyderabad, sailing and kayaking are ways to beat the city heat by enjoying the cool breeze while flexing those muscles pulling at the sails on Hussain Sagar. Apart from this, Kotpally Reservoir is also one of the best places for weekend kayaking. The sport is so popular that Hyderabad hosted a sailing week in July 2018, which saw participation by 183 boats and 195 sailors from 15 sailing clubs across India.

  • Cost: ₹ 55-600 

13. Surfing in Hyderabad

Surfing | Adventure Sports in Hyderabad

Surfing | #13 of 14 Adventure Activities/Sports in Hyderabad

Yes, you read it right. When sailing is there can surfing be far behind?! The list of adventure sports in Hyderabad now includes almost all of the activities that are not only thrilling, but are meant to give you some fun-filled hours as well. Leonia is the only place in Hyderabad that currently has surfing activity. Stand on the surfing board while the artificial waves try to topple you. Flowrider Leonia is India’s first surfing ridge and is fast creating waves (pun intended). If you want to surf but do not want to get yourself wet, then there is a surf simulator for you at the Wild Waters Adventure Park in Hyderabad. It gives you the feeling of surfing and even if you are knocked out by the simulated waves, you only fall on padded flooring. Isn’t that a win-win?

  • Cost: ₹ 500-754 

14. Zorbing in Hyderabad

Zorbing | Adventure Sports in Hyderabad

Zorbing | #14 of 14 Adventure Activities/Sports in Hyderabad

The game looks like it is meant for kids, but adults seem to have an equally exciting time in this adventure activity involving a giant transparent orb. All you need to do is get inside this ball-like orb and roll down the hill, Humpty Dumpty style. One minute you are rolling down the hill and the next you are bouncing up in the air. Sahas Adventure has a long Zorbing track that is super exciting and keeps you on your toes. Another version of this activity is Aqua Zorbing where you get in the orb and jump right into a pool. You can then hop away or even do a cartwheel. Water Walk at Shilparamam in Hyderabad is where you can go for Aqua Zorbing. The activity gives true meaning to the phrase –walking on water. Side effects of the game include supreme ecstasy and some great laughs!

  • Cost: Starting ₹ 20

The list is long enough to satiate the adventure knight inside you looking for some action. So get into those sports shoes and dive in!

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