Hyderabad, the erstwhile City of Nizams is known for its old-world charm and well, its world-famous Biryani! For a tourist, the city is a complete package, thanks to the many amazing places to visit and delectable Hyderabadi dishes to indulge in here. The urban side of the city, dotted with hangout places is absolutely fun too. Having covered food, sightseeing places, and urban hangouts, what’s left to discuss about this wonderful city is its shopping opportunities! And of course, Hyderabad doesn’t disappoint. With a long list of upscale and budget shopping avenues to choose from, this city is a shopaholics dream come true. Read ahead to find out which are the top 11 shopping places in Hyderabad.

Shopping Places in Hyderabad:

Begum Bazar Near Afzal Gunj
Shilparamam Madhapur
Koti Sultan Market Koti
Nampally Market Nampally
Laad Bazar West of Charminar
Tobacco Market Kalasiguda
Perfume Market Near Charminar
Moazzam Jahi Market Abids
Pot Market Monda Market
Jummeraat Bazar Near Afzal Gunj
Antique Market Antiques

1. Begum Bazar, Hyderabad 

Begum Bazar, Hyderabad

Begum Bazar | #1 of 11 Best Shopping Places in Hyderabad

One of the largest and oldest commercial spaces in Hyderabad, Begum Bazar is known to be one of the best shopping places in Hyderabad. It has both retail and wholesale shops that sell a variety of items, including household commodities, dry fruits, tobacco, clothing items, shoes, perfumes and whatnot! Though you will find almost anything of daily use being sold at Begum Bazar, it’s mainly known for Bidriware and Bidri studded jewelry. You must now be wondering what that is, right? Well, Bidri work is an ancient metal handicraft art form that involves inlaying silver with a jet alloy to give metal more sheen.

  • Location: Near Afzal Gunj, Hyderabad 
  • Timings: 10 am to 11 pm (Some shops may be closed on Sundays)
  • What to buy: Bidriware

2. Shilparamam, Hyderabad 

Shilparamam, Hyderabad

Shilparamam | #2 of 11 Best Shopping Places in Hyderabad

Shilparamam is an arts and craft village located right in the middle of the area known as the IT hub of Hyderabad. It was established in the year 1992 with a vision to promote the cultural heritage of different Indian states. Artisans from all over India set up shops inside Shilparamam. You will find a plethora of gorgeous things to buy here. From ethnic jewelry to fabrics from different states and beautiful wooden items to ornate mirrors, the market at Shilparamam is full of things that you would want to own right away. Read also – Things to do in Hyderabad

  • Location: Madhapur, Hyderabad 
  • Timings: 10:30 am to 8 pm
  • Entry Fee: Rs.50 for adults and Rs.20 for children
  • What to buy: Ethnic jewelry, footwear, home decor

3. Koti Sultan Market, Hyderabad

Yet another one of Hyderabad’s oldest markets, Sultan Market is the place to be if you are looking to shop for women’s clothing and such. Not many Hyderabad shopping places have a huge variety in terms of clothing, jewelry, shoes, bags, hair accessories etc., as Sultan Market does. Formerly known as Residency Market (during the Raj era), Sultan Market today is home to sprawling showrooms as well as street vendors.

  • Location: Koti, Hyderabad 
  • Timings: 10 am to 6 pm
  • What to buy: Women’s wear, silver jewelry

4. Nampally Market, Hyderabad 

Nampally Market, Hyderabad

Nampally Market | #4 of 11 Best Shopping Places in Hyderabad

Love blingy ethnic stuff? You are going to love Nampally market in that case! This one is yet another awesome shopping place in Hyderabad that allows you to fully indulge in retail therapy without burning a hole in your wallet. Bags, purses, jewelry, and footwear are some of the items that you can buy here. You are in luck if you are traveling Hyderabad during January and mid- February because that’s when the world-famous Numaish Exhibition is held in Nampally.

  • Location: Nampally, Hyderabad 
  • Timings: 10 am to 11pm
  • What to buy: Kalamkari fabric, electronics

5. Laad Bazar, Hyderabad 

Laad Bazar, Hyderabad

Laad Bazar | #5 of 11 Best Shopping Places in Hyderabad

Also known as Choodi Bazar, this is another one of the old markets of Hyderabad. This street market was built for the wedding of Quli Qutb Shah and to this day the market retains the same festive charm. The name suggests that the market is known for selling bangles and that’s absolutely right. Ornate lacquer bangles are the specialty of Laad Bazar. However, you will also find here shops selling khara dupattas, pearls, silk sarees among other things.

  • Location: West of Charminar, Hyderabad 
  • Timings: 11 am to 10:30 pm
  • What to buy: Bangles, pearls, dupattas

6. Tobacco Market, (Commonly known as General Bazar), Hyderabad 

With around 300 shops to explore for fabrics, kurtis, salwar kameez, casual footwear, and junk jewelry among other things, Tobacco Market is one of the best places to shop. It is technically located in Secunderabad but as locals know and there is not much of a difference among these twin cities.  The huge collection of chiffon, brocade, and Pochampally fabrics make General Bazar one of the best places to shop for dress materials.

  • Location: Kalasiguda, Hyderabad 
  • Timings: 10 am to 10 pm
  • What to buy: different kind of fabrics

7. Perfume Market, Hyderabad 

Perfume Market, Hyderabad

Perfume Market | #7 of 11 Best Shopping Places in Hyderabad

Known for selling the finest qualities of locally-produced perfumes or vernacularly known as “ittar”, Perfume Market of Hyderabad is a symbol of the cultural heritage of the city. The shops here have been passed on from generations to generations. If you can’t find this market in the narrow lanes of the old city, ask any shopkeeper or street vendor and they would tell you exactly how to reach this renowned market.

  • Location: Near Charminar, Hyderabad 
  • What to buy: Local perfume

8. Moazzam Jahi Market, Hyderabad 

How would you feel about getting to shop and witnessing the historical heritage of Hyderabad at the same time? Excited, I am assuming! Mozzam Jahi Market is an old market, built during the rule of the seventh Nizam, Mir Osman Ali Khan. Sample exquisite dry fruits here or choose from the large variety of local perfumes, this market is bound to give you a feeling that you are part of something historical! Check here places to eat in Hyderabad

  • Location: Abids, Hyderabad 
  • Timings: 10 am to 11:30 pm
  • What to buy: Ikat fabric and brassware

9. Pot Market, Hyderabad 

Pot Market, Hyderabad

Pot Market | #9 of 11 Best Shopping Places in Hyderabad

Pot Market in Secunderabad is famous as being the hub of jewelry shops in the region. Gold, silver, diamond jewelry, along with artificial ones are available here in gorgeous designs and fashion. Also, the market, as the name suggests is the place to be if you are looking for earthen, metal, or any other kind of pots!

  • Location: Monda Market, near Secunderabad Railway Station, Hyderabad 
  • Timings: 10:30 am to 8 pm
  • What to buy: Jewelry

10. Jummeraat Bazar, Hyderabad 

Jummeraat Bazar is held every Thursday evening (Friday eve meaning Jummeraat), at Begum Bazar and get this – everything being sold here is stolen! Yes, this is the quintessential chor bazaar you may have heard of somewhere. Make sure to bargain a ton here. Read also – malls in Hyderbad

  • Location: Near Afzal Gunj, Hyderabad 
  • Timings: 5 am to 9 pm
  • What to buy: Daily items, shoes, clothing

11. Antique Market, Hyderabad 

Antique Market, Hyderabad

Antique Market | #11 of 11 Best Shopping Places in Hyderabad

This is one of the most unique places to shop in Hyderabad, as it literally sells antiques. If you like this sort of thing, do come here to shop for various items belonging to the Nizam era and vintage-looking home décor items. Know that most of the things sold here are dupes of the original.

  • Timings: 5 am to 12 pm
  • What to buy: Antiques

These were the 11 best shopping places in Hyderabad that offer you an array of items to buy. The other best thing about these markets is that they are going to be very easy on your pockets, given you know how to bargain. The city doesn’t disappoint brand conscious buyers too as it is dotted with many gigantic malls also. Book here hotels in Hyderabad

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