Hyderabad has evolved into an exciting city to live and work in. If not for the Hyderabadi Biryani, it is getting extremely popular among the millennials for the jobs it has been creating. However, the only possible drawback of the city is it being landlocked, especially if you associate South India with beaches more than anything. Well, worry not; if you are craving some sand and sea fun, the beaches aren’t too far away! Here’s a list of the best beaches you can plan a trip to for some much-needed relaxation. Just one tip…don’t forget your beach hats!

Beaches near Hyderabad:

Vodarevu Beach Machilipatnam
Yanam Uppada Beach

1. Vodarevu Beach (308 km)

Vodarevu Beach | Photo Credits: IndiaMike

Located along the Andhra Pradesh coast, Vodarevu Beach is reachable in about 6 hours if you are driving; you can alternatively take a train. The best thing about Vodarevu Beach is its tranquil setting and several options for watersports. Do pack your volleyball if you are traveling with friends for a memorable game on the sand. There’s also a lighthouse here that can be explored on the trip. While you are in Vodarevu, you can also head to several popular beaches nearby. Ramapuram Beach (just about 4 km) and Suryalanka Beach (23 km from Vodarevu) are some of these. Read also – Weekend Getaways from Hyderabad

2. Machilipatnam (340 km)


Another highly popular beach destination, which gets tourists all round the year, Machilipatnam is a great choice if you are traveling from Hyderabad. It will take you about 6 hours to reach via one of the most serene roads in India. The most well-known beach here is Manginapudi, and attractions include Panduranga Swamy Temple, Dattashram and Machilipatnam Church. A peculiar thing about the destination is that it has black soil and not the sand you see on other beaches. The food too would taste amazing if you are into seafood. You certainly will get to see the sun rise in the horizon while the sky is painted in a dozen colors.

3. Yanam (480 km)


Another overnight destination from Hyderabad, it is one of the most unique places in India to be in. Yanam in Puducherry is not just an astonishing beach along the Bay of Bengal coast, but also a setting that’s out worldly. Yanam was a Dutch colony before it passed on to the French colonizers and remained so for more than 200 years. Consequently, everything about Yanam, as with the rest of Puducherry, is a cultural mix. Apart from the cool and colorful houses, you get to explore international cuisine in spite of being in India! At the entrance to Yanam Beach is a massive sculpture, depicting two elephants flanking a Shiva Linga. Here, you can have your Instagram moment! Also, you get to see a replica of the Eiffel Tower that also houses a restaurant, where you can enjoy your food with a panoramic view of the beach and town! It will certainly be a one-of-a-kind experience.

4. Uppada Beach (500 km)

Uppada Beach | Photo Credits: Krify

Believed to be among the safest beaches in India, Uppada is the one to throng with your family if you are just looking to relax with the unending sea in front of you. Uppada has a very wide shoreline, and the best thing about the topography is that it gradually slopes into the water. Consequently, swimming here is as safe as it can get in the country! When in Uppada, don’t miss out on an opportunity to go on a fishing excursion, if you can. In fact, the fishing village here is somewhat of an attraction for its local community and cottage industry. Walking on Uppada Beach Road, which literally hugs the sea, is another must-have experience when here. Lastly, do not come back without a fabulous picture of the sunrise and sunset that this beach witnesses every day!

5. Visakhapatnam (620 km)


You can either take a very long road trip (which will be relaxing, no doubt) or about an hour-long flight to reach Visakhapatnam. If you plan well ahead, you can get air tickets for as low as INR 1200! While the port city of Vizag might sound like a long shot, it can be surprisingly wholesome when it comes to beach fun. Once you reach the city of Visakhapatnam, there is no dearth of awesome things to do. Further, you can head to Gangavaram Beach for its tranquility and understated charm. Other places you must add to your trip in Visakhapatnam are the Araku Valley and INS Kursura Submarine Museum. If you have a long weekend to spare, this will make for a splendid vacation, regardless of who you are traveling with. These are not the only options of a beach trip you can enjoy while staying at hotels in Hyderabad as part of your work trip, but these certainly are the best of the lot. So, start planning your vacation now to make the most of discounted flight and hotel rates. Happy beach hopping!

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