In recent times, beer has become an excellent thirst quencher, refresher and party-must for millennials, all thanks to several microbreweries popping up in the country. Among all the major microbreweries where one can do bottoms up most are located in Gurgaon. If you are in this part of the country, then head out to these cool places for a glass of freshly brewed beer:

Bar in Gurgaon:

1. Warehouse Café, Sector 29

Warehouse Cafe, Gorgaon

Warehouse Café | #1 of 28 Bar in Gurgaon

Featuring a brick and wood interior with cast iron lampshades and exposed ventilation shafts, Warehouse Café blends the classic and contemporary. Its highlight is its German-style beer. INR 55 for a glass?! You really can’t ask for more…The food here is a mix of Indian, Italian and American delights. Read also – Pubs in Gurgaon Sector 29

  • Signature Brews: Wheat, Premium, Dark, Warehouse Brew

2. After Stories, Sector 29

After Stories, Gurgaon

After Stories | #2 of 28 Bar in Gurgaon

It is already making a name for itself among beer lovers with its unique offerings that might seem strange to some. All said and done, their signature beers are a hit. Whatever their names may be, you have got to give these a try. These are available in four servings: Pint (330 ml), Mug (500 ml), Pitcher (1.5 l) and Tower (3 l).

  • Signature Brews: Belgian Wit, Peach Ginger Melomel, Milk Stout, Apple Cider, Cyser

3. Soi 7, DLF CyberHub

Soi 7, Gurgaon

Soi 7 | #3 of 28 Bar in Gurgaon

If you are looking to enjoy unique beers with flavourful Oriental dishes in an al fresco setting, then Soi 7 is your best bet. Being within Gurgaon’s largest business hub, it always buzzes with young professionals. Its open area features cobbled floor, leather sofas, lots of greenery and a long bar counter.

  • Signature Brews: Bolo Punch, Knock Out, Cobra Punch, Upper Cut

4. Prankster, Sector 29

Prankster, Gurgaon

Prankster | #4 of 28 Bar in Gurgaon

The quirky names of the dishes offered here might make you feel as if you are being pranked. Just take a look at their menu, and you will understand. Prankster has really managed to fuse Indian classics with Continental delicacies. As far as beer goes, there are several varieties. However, the one which surely takes the cake is their signature one, available in apple cider and orange variants! Click here know more about pubs in Gurgaon

  • Signature Brews: Premium, Wheat Beer, Dark Roasted, Prankster House Beer

5. Molecule Air Bar, Sector 29

Molecule Air Bar, Gurgaon

Molecule Air Bar | #5 of 28 Bar in Gurgaon

Molecule Air Bar is one place, which takes its molecular gastronomy concept rather seriously. All throughout the place, impressions of WWII and the Nazis are apparent, be it the pictures on the menu or the bar décor which looks like the inside of a ship. The dishes or glasses used to serve your order look like from a chemistry lab.

  • Signature Brews: Premium, Wheat Beer, Dark Roasted, Molecule Brew

6. The Classroom, Sector 29

The Classroom, Gurgaon

The Classroom | #6 of 28 Bar in Gurgaon

Modelling itself on a college, it is another cool hangout place. The sections of its menu have almost kiddy names, such as Picnic Munchies, First Break, Classroom Burger and Sandwich, Curry Cullum (a play on curriculum) and Asian Meal…Even the place itself is styled like a college cafeteria, with Ramu Kaka Ki Canteen written above the bar counter in Hindi.

  • Signature Brews: Blonde, Dark Abbey, Belgian White, Blonde Abbey Triple, Pomfraiz

7. Agent Jack’s Bidding Bar, Sector 29

Agent Jack’s Bidding Bar, Gurgaon

Agent Jack’s Bidding Bar | #7 of 28 Bar in Gurgaon

Want to pay what you want for your beer? Then, try Agent Jack’s Bidding Bar. The bar tender here is an iOS or Android app. You order via the app, quoting the amount you want to pay. It is up to the app to accept or reject your bid. In case of a rejection, a humorous comment flashes on the app and the big screen, encouraging you to rebid.

  • Signature Brews: Belgian Wheat, Red Lager, Cream Ale

8. Boombox Brewstreet, Sector 29

Boombox Brewstreet, Gurgaon

Boombox Brewstreet | #8 of 28 Bar in Gurgaon

Boombox Brewstreet might have only two in-house brews, but it already is a party favourite. It has a rather urban décor with its brewing machinery visible to all and neon letters fixed on the ceiling above. A particular wall has large boombox speakers stacked haphazardly, giving out a Hip Hop feel.

  • Signature Brews: Signature Special, Craft Special

9. Takamaka, DLF Phase V

Fashioned like a ship, with inflated tyres on railings, Takamaka offers a medley of Indian, Oriental, Continental, American and Italian delicacies. You can either sit in the common area which has chessboard floor and wooden stools, or the lounge section with large leather sofas. There are several framed pictures on the walls, and a certain corner even has a drum kit! 

  • Signature Brews: Premium Craft Beer, Dark, Wheat, Takamaka Special Brew

10. Striker Skybar, Golf Course Road

Striker Skybar, Gurgaon

Striker Skybar | #10 of 28 Bar in Gurgaon

Set within South Point Mall, Striker Skybar offers views of Gurgaon’s glittering skyline from its al fresco area. Plants and barrel-like high tables make up the terrace seating, whereas the indoor hall has sofas and long wooden tables; there is even a performance stage, and a huge sofa under a macho chandelier. It again has an extensive range of Italian, Continental, pan-Asian and Indian delights.

  • Signature Brews: Country Pilsner, Weiss Blues, Rock Bock, Marzen

11. Brew Buddy, Sector 29

Brew Buddy, Gurgaon

Brew Buddy | #11 of 28 Bar in Gurgaon

Quirky artwork on walls, all-wooden décor, dim lighting and lots of greenery characterise Brew Buddy. This is again one of those places where the brewing tanks are in plain view. Apart from their beers, their food is also known to be delicious; some of the dishes are even served in a unique way. Their craziest dishes include Happiness edible balloons, Ice-Chilled Pizza and The Bomb fireball pizza!

  • Signature Brews: Ask the server

12. Nowhere BrewPub, DLF Phase IV

Nowhere BrewPub, Gurgaon

Nowhere BrewPub | #12 of 28 Bar in Gurgaon

Located within Crosspoint Mall, Nowhere BrewPub buzzes with activity. Though it is in a mall, the décor here is pretty elaborate, with a British-style red phone booth, barrel bottoms projecting out of wooden walls and even Buddhist prayer flags. Contrary to its name, “Nowhere”, the menu here has dishes from several places, such as America, Germany, India and Europe.

  • Signature Brews: Smokey Lager, Nowhere Special, Hafeweizen Wheat, Premium Lager, Marzen Munich

13. Downtown – Diners & Living Beer Café, Sector 29

Downtown, Gurgaon

Downtown – Diners & Living Beer Café | #13 of 28 Bar in Gurgaon

While most bars are dim, this one is quite bright; its interiors are really elegant. Shining wooden flooring, big brick round arches like in traditional pizza ovens, simple furniture and colourful artworks on the wall make up the décor. So, if you are looking for a classy setting to enjoy your food and beer, you should come here. Know more about restaurants in Gurgaon

  • Signature Brews: Wheat, Premium, Dark

14. Quaff, DLF CyberHub

Quaff, Gurgaon

Quaff | #14 of 28 Bar in Gurgaon

Big posters with quotes and funky art greet you as you enter Quaff. While most such places play Bollywood, Hip Hop, Funk, Electronic and Rap, this one plays Rock. All its sofas and chairs have leather cushions, perfect to relax after a long and tiring day. Their food menu has all our favourite Indian, Oriental, Continental and American preparations.

  • Signature Brews: Ask the server

15. Manhattan Bar Exchange, Sector 43

Manhattan Bar Exchange, Gurgaon

Manhattan Bar Exchange | #15 of 28 Bar in Gurgaon

Located within Global Foyer Mall, it witnesses a lot of buzz. With giant screens and Xbox, it is your go-to pub for blowing off steam. As its name suggests, the beer prices increase and decrease as per demand, so you have to be sure exactly when to place your order. Fun, isn’t it?

  • Signature Brews: Hefeweizen, Belgian Wheat, Lager, Dark Lager, Colonial India Pale Ale, Stout

16. Walking Street by Soi 7, Sector 29

Walking Street by Soi 7, Gurgaon

Walking Street by Soi 7 | #16 of 28 Bar in Gurgaon

It boasts an urban setting with wooden floor, high iron stools, bar counter which looks like a heavily armoured trunk and umbrellas hanging from the ceiling. It has an al fresco area as well with New York-style Hip Hop graffiti on wall and barrel tables.

  • Signature Brews: WS Premium, Silom Wheat, Morjim Dark, Jomtein Special, Phi Phi Wheat, Apple Cider

17. The Clock Tower, Golf Course Road

The interiors of The Clock Tower are a melange of the urban and the vintage; lift entrance which looks like a wall clock, all-wooden floor, ceiling and furniture, plush seats with leather cushions, classic chairs with woven backrests and iron chandeliers make up the décor.

  • Signature Brews: Craft Beer, Signature Craft Beer

18. Open Tap, Sector 49

Open Tap, Gurgaon

Open Tap | #18 of 28 Bar in Gurgaon

An all-wooden bar with macho leather sofas and simple chairs to kick back with beers while watching sports on the big screen…it is a perfect place for the youth. Coming to the food, it has loads of Indian and Oriental dishes with few Continental ones as well. They play 90s music and also have an Xbox for a great night out.

  • Signature Brews: Wheat, Premium, Dark

19. 7 Degrees Brauhaus, Golf Course Road

A fairly large space within South Point Mall, 7 Degrees Brauhaus is all about a German beer experience. The furniture here is rather simple, comprising wooden tables, and sofas and chairs with leather cushions. Its centrepiece is its semi-circular bar counter with brick façade; behind it are the fermentation tanks. The food here is mainly Continental, American and Mediterranean with few Indian options.

  • Signature Brews: Lager, Wheat, Special, Master’s Brew

20. Factory by Sutra, Sector 29

Factory by Sutra, Gurgaon

Factory by Sutra | #20 of 28 Bar in Gurgaon

Exposed brick walls, iron chairs, pipes running throughout the place, images of workers and brewing silos give it a factory feel, on which it is named and themed. It has a dedicated al fresco area as well with its own bar counter and lots of plants. The innovative menu has the name of several sections written in Hindi.

  • Signature Brews: Premium Lager, German Wheat, Dark, Brew Master Special

21. Uptown Fresh Beer Café, DLF Phase IV

Uptown Fresh Beer Café, Gurgaon

Uptown Fresh Beer Café | #21 of 28 Bar in Gurgaon

It doesn’t look like much from outside, but enter it and the party vibes start getting to you. This is a rather elegant space with large cushioned sofas, brick walls, chic lampshades, exposed fermentation tanks, wooden ceiling and interesting artworks mostly centred on beer. It is a place where you can feel time slowing down, allowing you to just relax.

  • Signature Brews: Premium Beer, German Wheat, Dark Beer, Brewer’s Special

22. Bronx – The Brew Bar, Sector 29

Bronx – The Brew Bar, Gurgaon

Bronx – The Brew Bar | #22 of 28 Bar in Gurgaon

Bronx has a tavern-like appearance given by its exposed brick walls and wood-dominated décor. Images of Jazz musicians, woven wicker chairs and large round arches complete the setting. If there is a match going on, they will show it on the big screen. American, Indian, Oriental and Continental delights are featured on their menu.

  • Signature Brews: German Wheat, Premium Lager, Dark Lager

23. Smaaash PitStop Brewpub, Sector 29

If you are looking for a lot more than just beer and food, then you will love this place. You can play pool, go bowling or try skykarting..! And, while you wait your turn at the bowling alley, you can watch live matches on big screens. PitStop itself is styled like a shipping container; it has wood-topped oil cans serving as tables.

  • Signature Brews: Stingray, Galloway, Falcon, Streamliner, Spyder Duetto

24. Batli 29, Sector 29

Batli 29,Gurgaon

Batli 29 | #24 of 28 Bar in Gurgaon

Batli 29 is defined by its colonial interiors that comprise round arch glass windows, vintage mirrors and old photographs. The spacious restro-bar has seating in the form of macho leather couches, low leather stools, as well as iron chairs with wooden tops. Empty liquor bottles are displayed inside a steel cage; you can even see the fermenting machinery.

  • Signature Brews: Pilsner, Batli’s Special, Witbier, SS Belge

25. Vapour, MG Road

Vapour, Gurgaon

Vapour | #25 of 28 Bar in Gurgaon

Situated within MGF Megacity Mall, this place comes really close to being a total party spot with urban décor, multi-coloured lights and a stage, which either has a full-on DJ console or a rock concert set-up. Apart from the in-house entertainers, it also hosts several music fests featuring artists from across the country. No wood or iron chairs here as all seating is leather topped; there is an open area as well.

  • Signature Brews: Vapour Special, Vapour Premium, Vapour Dark, Vapour Wheat

26. Lagom Kitchen + Brewery, Sohna Road

Lagom Kitchen + Brewery, Gurgaon

Lagom Kitchen + Brewery | #26 of 28 Bar in Gurgaon

Located within JMD Megapolis, Lagom boasts one of the more elegant interiors. All the chairs, be it the high stools or the lower ones, have comfortable padded cushions. Wall papers, tiled flooring, plants and brewing tanks behind plain glass panes complete the lounge look. A pint of their in-house beer is available for merely INR 90!

  • Signature Brews: Belgium Wheat, Fantastic Lager, Dark Knight

27. 7 Barrel Brewpub, DLF Phase I

Its walls with exposed brick design, wooden flooring in some places and brick design flooring in others, lavishly painted ceiling, and log design wall papers give 7 Barrel Brewpub the appearance of a large Italian village house. While the indoor area has wooden chairs with leather cushions, the outdoor section has all-leather lounge sofas. The light bulbs have been fixed inside small barrels. You can experience here also – Places to visit in Gurgaon

  • Signature Brews: Premium Lager, Schwarzbier, Weiss Beer

28. Vapour Bar Exchange, Sector 29

Vapour Bar Exchange, Gurgaon

Vapour Bar Exchange | #28 of 28 Bar in Gurgaon

Vapour Bar Exchange has a rather vibrant and easy-on-the-eye décor, characterised by its white painted ceiling with wooden bars, wooden and tiled floor, and windows for natural light. This is another bar where the beer rates vary as per demand. You better order yours while the prices are less. It is a paradise for beer lovers as they have as many as eight in-house varieties!

  • Signature Brews: Ask the server With all these places serving amazing beers and food, chilling in Gurgaon will never be a hard task.

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