It goes without saying that October to March is the best time to visit Lucknow. Why? The clue lies in the location of the city. Being situated in the middle of the Indus-Gangetic Plain, Lucknow has a humid subtropical climate with extreme temperatures. The city enjoys three major seasons in the year – summer, monsoon, and winter. While summers are extremely hot and monsoons are humid, winters here are generally pleasant, making it the best season to visit Lucknow. Before you book your hotels in Lucknow for an exciting trip, you need to know about the climatic conditions in the city.

Here is a breakdown of the seasons in Lucknow along with a list of attractions, activities, and festivals to explore in each season.

Lucknow in Summer (April to June)

Summer in Lucknow starts in the month of April and continues till June. The season is marked by hot and dry weather with thunderstorms lashing the city from late March to June. Due to the hot winds and sweltering heat, the temperature remains high all through this season. May and June are the hottest months in Lucknow. Considering the hot and dry climatic conditions, summer is not the best time to visit Lucknow.

  • Maximum Temperature: 38 to 41 degree Celsius
  • Minimum Temperature: 21 to 28 degree Celsius

Things to Do in Lucknow in Summer

Best Time to Visit Lucknow

Best Time to Visit Lucknow

If you find yourself in the city during the harsh summers, it is advisable to avoid outdoor sightseeing. Make the most of your stay by including indoor attractions, pubs, nightclubs, waterparks or even nearby hill stations in your itinerary. Our suggestions include:

  • Cool off with a glass of beer or cocktail at the pubs in Lucknow – Grand Cabana, Sky Bar, Urban Turban, JW Club, Page 3, etc.
  • Take a trip to the hill stations near Lucknow – Chitrakoot (230 km), Champawat (280 km), Abbott Mount (390 km), Bhimtal (375 km), etc.
  • Visit the Indira Gandhi Planetarium
  • Beat the heat at the waterparks in Lucknow – Nilansh Water Park, Amrapali Water Park, Dream World Water Park, Four Seasons Fun City, and Anandi Water Park
  • Take part in the celebrations of Eid ul Fitr (May-June)

Lucknow in Monsoon (July to September)

Monsoons arrive in Lucknow in the month of July and the season extends till September. Moderate rainfall sweeps the city during this period. While the rains bring down the mercury levels by a few notches, the city remains humid and sultry. If you love the rainy season, it can be a great time to visit Lucknow.

  • Maximum Temperature: 32 to 34 degree Celsius
  • Minimum Temperature: 25 to 27 degree Celsius

Things to Do in Lucknow in Monsoon

Best Time to Visit Lucknow

Best Time to Visit Lucknow

Make sure that your itinerary includes places and activities that don’t require you to stay out in the open for long. Here are our suggestions:

  • Enjoy a day filled with fun and shopping at the shopping malls in Lucknow – Saharaganj Mall, Phoenix United Mall, Fun Republic, Riverside Mall, etc.
  • Go on a long drive to the weekend destinations from Lucknow – Dudhwa National Park (220 km), Allahabad (200 km), Ayodhya (136 km), Varanasi (300 km), etc.
  • Visit the temples in Lucknow – Sri Venkateswara Temple, Chandrika Devi Temple, Aliganj Hanuman Temple, Mankameshwar Temple, Ram Mandir Ayodhya, Nageshwar Shiva Temple, etc.
  • Explore the beautiful churches in Lucknow – St. Joseph’s Cathedral, Christ Church, All Saints Garrison Church, etc.
  • Visit the State Museum to know about the city’s history
  • Relish the city’s authentic flavors at the best restaurants in Lucknow – Oudhyana, Falak Numa, Azrak, Wahid Biryani, Tunday Kababi, etc.
  • Take part in the celebrations of Bakr-id or Id-Ul-Zuha (September-October)
  • Attend the National Book Fair (September-October)

Lucknow in Winter (October to March)

Winter in Lucknow begins in October, bringing an end to the rains and high humidity. The city faces a cold and dry winter that lasts until March. The days remain sunny while the nights turn cold during this period. It can be foggy from mid-December to late January, which means your flights and trains can get delayed. Occasionally, the winter spells in Lucknow can turn colder than hill stations like Mussoorie and Shimla. But generally, the weather remains pleasant in winter, making it the best season to visit Lucknow.   

  • Maximum Temperature: 23 to 33 degree Celsius
  • Minimum Temperature: 9 to 19 degree Celsius

Things to Do in Lucknow in Winter

Best Time to Visit Lucknow

Best Time to Visit Lucknow

You can enjoy all kinds of touristy activities and outdoor attractions during the sunny winter days. The festivals and events celebrated in the city during this season are another key attraction. Here are our suggestions:

  • Visit the famous historical places in Lucknow – Bara Imambara, Chota Imambara, Rumi Darwaza, British Residency, etc.
  • Shop like a local at the street bazaars – Aminabad Market, Hazratganj Market, Chowk, Janpath Bazaar, etc.
  • Spend time at the parks and zoological gardens – Ambedkar Park, Ram Manohar Lohiya Park, Gomti Riverfront Park, Janeshwar Mishra Park, Lucknow Zoo, etc.
  • Celebrate Dussehra (October), Diwali (November), Vrindavan Sharadotsav (October), and Holi (March)
  • Relish some quintessential Awadhi dishes like kebabs, botis, khastas, rabris, etc. at the food streets
  • Enjoy the Lucknow Mahotsav (November-December)
  • Take part in the Kite Festival held during Makar Sankranti (14th January)

The best thing about the Land of Nawabs (and kebabs) is that there is so much to enjoy even in the off-season that you will come back happy and satisfied after your trip. So, go ahead and start planning your Lucknow diaries.