Patna, the capital of Bihar, is truly unique. This ancient capital of the Magadha empire has a rich history associated with it but the present-day Bihar capital is becoming more and more urban every day. New high-rise buildings, businesses and hangout places – markings of any developed city – can be seen everywhere here now. And if you are looking for a quiet place to spend some quality time with family or friends and go for a fun picnic outing, the city doesn’t disappoint you either. There are many places to visit in Patna that double as perfect picnic spots and offer you the much-needed break from the fast-paced city life and your monotonous routine. 

Check out this list of top picnic spots in and around Patna for a fun-filled outing:

Picnic Spots in Patna

1. Sanjay Gandhi Botanical Garden, Patna

Sanjay Gandhi Botanical Garden, Patna

Sanjay Gandhi Botanical Garden | #1 of 7 Best Picnic Spots in Patna

Sanjay Gandhi Botanical Garden, more popularly known as Patna Zoo, is everyone’s first choice of a picnic spot in Patna. Sprawled across an area of 153 acres, this zoo is pure bliss for nature and wildlife lovers. About 110 species of animals find a home in this vast zoo while 300 species of flora further add to its ecological diversity.

To explore the zoo easily, there is an option of taking the toy train or battery-operated cars, and even elephant rides. There is also a pond where you and your picnic buddies can enjoy boating. All in all, Patna Zoo has all the makings of a wonderful picnic spot.

  • Location: Bailey Road, Patna
  • Timings:
    5 am to 6 pm (March-October)
    6 am to 5 pm (November-February)
    Closed on Mondays
  • Entry Fee:30 for Adults; Rs.10 for Children between 3-12 years

2. Buddha Smriti Park, Patna

Buddha Smriti Park, Patna

Buddha Smriti Park | #2 of 7 Best Picnic Spots in Patna

Inaugurated in the year 2010 by His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Buddha Smriti Park was built and promoted to mark the 2554th birthday of Lord Buddha. The lush grounds of Buddha Smriti Park are great for sitting down with a picnic basket and enjoy a meal. Built in an area of 22 acres, this park also has a number of interesting things to explore.

The 200-feet-high stupa is the main attraction at this popular picnic spot in the city. Relics from Buddhist lands including Japan and Sri Lanka are preserved inside the stupa. There is a museum, meditation center, and library within the premises of this park as well that you can explore with your friends or family during the time you spend here.

  • Location: Fraser Road, Patna
  • Timings:
    9 am to 5 pm
    Closed on Thursdays
  • Entry Fee:
    20 for park
    Rs.200 for the mediation center (1 hour)
    Rs.50 for Karuna Stupa (2 hours)
    Rs.40 for the museum

3. Gol Ghar, Patna

Gol Ghar, Patna

Gol Ghar | #3 of 7 Best Picnic Spots in Patna

One of the most iconic monuments in Patna is also great for a day of picnicking with loved ones. Gol Ghar, loosely meaning round house in English, was built in the year 1786 for the purpose of storing grains in it. This huge granary can store up to 1,40,000 tons of grains. That’s right!

You have to climb a flight of 145 stairs to reach the top of the monument. However, the efforts will be worth it when you get to see the spectacular views of the city and the River Ganga from above. There is also a light and sound show organized here that you can enjoy with loved ones.

  • Location: Near Gandhi Maidan, Patna
  • Timings:
    10 am to 5.30 pm
    Closed on Mondays
    Light show – 6 pm onwards (Friday-Sunday)
  • Entry Fee: None

4. Ganga Diara, Patna

Ganga Diara, Patna

Ganga Diara | #4 of 7 Best Picnic Spots in Patna

One of the best attractions in Patna is the River Ganga flowing by, and BSTDC has now made it possible for visitors to enjoy a picnic at its banks now with Ganga Diara. Spread over an area of 24,000 sq. feet, this spot is complete with cabanas, sitting areas and a food court for those who wish to spend a fun-filled day with friends and family.

Adding to its charm is the facility of speed boats, motor boats and jet skis offered at a nominal fee. With something for everyone, Ganga Diara is probably one of the best picnic spots in Patna today and should not be missed at any cost.

  • Location: Gandhi Ghat, Patna
  • Timings: 2 pm to 5 pm
  • Entry Fee: Free

5. Eco Park, Patna

Eco Park, Patna

Eco Park | #5 of 7 Best Picnic Spots in Patna

Eco Park or Rajdhani Vatika is a project of Environment and Forest Department, Government of Bihar that gives locals and tourists a wonderful place to relax in the heart of the city. Sprawling across an area of 5 hectares, this park offers many things to do.

There is a jogging path here, well laid out for those who wish to work out. The children’s area is well-appointed with swings and other rides. There is also a lake within the premises where you can partake in aqua zorbing and boating. The lush grounds of the park are great to place a mat and enjoy an old-style picnic with food and beverages.

  • Location: Strand Road, Patna
  • Timings:
    8 am to 8 pm (March to October)
    9 am to 7 pm (November to February)
  • Entry Fee:20

6. Hungama World, Patna

Hungama World, Patna

Hungama World | #6 of 7 Best Picnic Spots in Patna

One of the best picnic spots in any city, especially if you are with kids, would be an amusement and water park. In Patna too, Hungama World is frequented by many families and larger groups for a fun-filled outing accompanied with a picnic lunch.

With many regular and water rides, this entertainment park is a hit among kids obviously. Even for adults, Hungama World is the perfect place to indulge the child within and have a day full of excitement and thrill.

  • Location: Danapur-Bihta Road
  • Timings: 10 am to 6 pm
  • Entry Fee:
    Weekdays – Rs.350
    Weekends – Rs.450

Picnic Spots near Patna

7. Venuvan Vihar, Rajgir

Venuvan Vihar, Rajgir

Venuvan Vihar | #7 of 7 Best Picnic Spots near Patna

If you wish to venture outside the city for picnicking, Venuvan Vihar at Rajgir is a great option. It is known for its complex of Buddhist monasteries and temples but its enticing scenery also can’t be missed. Given to Lord Buddha by King Bimbisara to reside, this bamboo grove with a pond in the center makes for one of the best picnic spots near Patna.

You can spend a few hours after your picnic visiting the monasteries and temples here including the famous Shanti Stupa built by Japanese Buddhists on top of the Ratnagiri hills. You can reach there by ropeway (quite exciting, right!) or you can even hike up to the top. Also, when visiting here do take a dip in the hot springs here that are said to possess healing properties.

  • Distance from Patna: 94 km (via NH 431)

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