Most major cities have at least one attraction that caters to science enthusiasts of all ages – a science museum or a science center that blends fun and information in equal measure. For travelers visiting Ahmedabad, Gujarat Science City is one such place. Established in 2001 by the state government, the place seeks to promote science education and bolster scientific temperament among people. The science city features state-of-the-art facilities and several captivating attractions including an IMAX 3D theatre, energy park, life science park, musical fountains, and an amphitheater. While here, you can watch entertaining and informative 3D shows and enjoy an exciting range of simulator rides too.

Sounds like a fascinating place to visit with your family and kids, right? Here is all you should know about Gujarat Science City, Ahmedabad, such as timings, attractions, shows and rides, ticket charges, and other facilities.

Gujarat Science City, Ahmedabad Information

Type Science Center
Location Off S. G. Highway
Year of Establishment 2001
Distance from Major Transportation Hubs Ahmedabad Airport (25 km); Ahmedabad Junction (15 km)
Timings 10:30 am to 7:30 pm; every day
Entry Fee ₹20 for adults; ₹10 for kids; ₹5 students. This includes entry to the Hall of Science, Hall of Space, Energy Park, and Life Science Park
3D Shows Born to be Wild, Walking on the Moon, T-Rex, and Island of Lemurs
3D Show Timings Varies from one show to another; check the section on IMAX 3D Shows for more details
3D Show Tickets ₹125 for adults and kids; ₹50 for school groups
Musical Fountain Timings 6:30 pm, 7:00 pm, and 7:30 pm; every day
Musical Fountain Tickets ₹20 per person
Simulator Rides ₹25 per person
Planetarium Show ₹15 for adults and kids; ₹10 for school groups
Mission to Mars Ride ₹30 per person
Coal Mine Ride ₹15 for adults and kids; ₹10 for school groups
Earthquake Experience Ride ₹30 for adults and kids; ₹15 for school groups
4D Theater Shows (Planet Earth Pavilion) ₹50 for adults and kids; ₹25 for school groups

Attractions at Gujarat Science City, Ahmedabad

One of the top places to visit in Ahmedabad, Gujarat Science City is a sprawling complex in the shape of a hexagon. The attractions here are housed within separate sections, each of which is connected to the rest of the complex through roads and pavements. Some of the top attractions at Gujarat Science City, Ahmedabad are as follows:

  • IMAX 3D Theatre: The IMAX 3D Theater is where daily shows are held. Equipped with the latest sound and visual technologies, the 3D theater offers you the most powerful and involving movie-watching experience ever.
  • Planet Earth Pavilion: This section is dedicated to exhibits and activities related to natural disasters and disaster management. In addition to more than 650 exhibits, the pavilion houses several other attractions, such as coal mine, children’s activity corner, and planetarium, among others. While here, you can also watch 4D shows and take an earthquake ride that lets you experience life-like tremors.
  • Hall of Space: As the name suggests, it is a space-themed exhibition with different exhibits, interactive modules, and fun activities. From taking a simulated journey through space to watching multi-screen panoramic projections, each activity will help you learn a thing or two about the wonderous universe out there.
  • Energy Education Park: The park is built around the theme of energy, both natural and manmade. It houses a range of exhibits on wind energy, solar energy, natural gas and petroleum, tidal power, and the like.
  • Electrodrome: Electrodrome, the museum of electricity, is known for housing an electrifying range of displays. Each of these exhibits demonstrates how electricity powers the lives of humans in different ways.
  • Life Science Park: This open-air park promotes the study of nature through various attractions and activities. It houses a cactus corner, cretaceous park, tissue culture lab, butterfly park, and an aviary, among others.
  • Hall of Science: An interactive section with working exhibits, the Hall of Science is a favorite with both kids and adults. Unlike in a conventional exhibition, you get to do things here – you can press buttons, turn handles, and conduct experiments to find out about the wonders of science.
  • Musical Fountain: A live demonstration of many science and technology phenomena like hydrostatics, electromagnetism, and hydrodynamics, the Musical Fountain at the science city is a crowd puller. With 935 colored lights, 113 water jets, and more than 20 different themes, it offers a spectacular sight.
  • Simulator Rides: These exciting rides give you the experience of roller coaster rides, aerobatic aircraft flying, space trips, and much more. It all happens inside a simulator capsule that can accommodate 30 people at a time.
  • LED Screen and Amphitheatre: The giant LED screen installed within the complex and the open-air amphitheater with a capacity to accommodate 1500 people are also among the top attractions at Gujarat Science City.

IMAX 3D Shows at Gujarat Science City, Ahmedabad

While visiting the Science City, make sure to squeeze in some time to watch the 3D films shown at the IMAX theater. Currently, there are 4 films you can choose from, namely:

Born to Be Wild (Hindi, 41 minutes)

Narrated by Morgan Freeman, the film shows the extraordinary bond between a group of humans and the orangutans and elephants they rescue and raise.

  • Timings: 2:00 pm (weekdays); 2:00 pm and 7:00 pm (weekends)

Walking on the Moon (Hindi, 41 minutes)

A must-watch for those who want to trace the history of human expeditions to the moon, the film takes you on a virtual tour with astronauts of the first Apollo Mission and other Moon Missions.

  • Timings: 4:00 pm (all days)

Island of Lemurs: Madagascar (Hindi, 41 minutes)

Set in the extraordinary world of Madagascar, this true story talks about the origin and evolution of lemurs, the greatest explorers of nature.

  • Timings: 6:00 pm (weekdays); 12:00 pm and 6:00 pm (weekends)

T-Rex (Hindi, 45 minutes)

Are you a dinosaur enthusiast? Make sure you watch this delightful film that tells the story of a teenager and her nose-to-nose encounters with Tyrannosaurus Rex.

  • Timings: 1:00 pm and 5:00 pm (all days) 

Rides at Gujarat Science City, Ahmedabad

  • Coal Mine Ride (Planet Earth Pavilion)
  • Earthquake Experience Ride (Planet Earth Pavilion)
  • Mission to Mars Ride (Hall of Space)
  • Star War (Simulator Capsule)
  • A Journey into a Volcano (Simulator Capsule)
  • Time Gate to Egypt (Simulator Capsule)

Other Programs at Gujarat Science City, Ahmedabad

In addition to these attractions, 3D shows, and various rides and activities, Gujarat Science City also conducts events for popularizing science. These include:

  • Science summer camps for kids
  • Academic programs on science and mathematics
  • Training for student volunteers
  • Science Olympiads
  • Outreach programs
  • Lecture series

Attractions near Gujarat Science City, Ahmedabad

  • Gotila Garden Talav (7.5 km)
  • Ahmedabad One Mall / Alpha One Mall (8 km)
  • Vastrapur Lake (8 km)
  • R3 The Mall (8 km)
  • Himalaya Mall (8 km)
  • Vaishno Devi Temple (9.5 m)
  • Amdavadi Ni Gufa (9.5 km)
  • ISKCON Temple (10 km)
  • Lalbhai Dalpatbhai Museum (10 km)

It is often said that learning is a lifetime process and we couldn’t agree more. Whether you are 15 or 50, the attractions and activities at Gujarat Science City will open new doors of learning and keep you engaged for hours and hours. So, let’s learn science the fun way, shall we?

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