Bangalore’s love affair with boho-themed cafes and artsy streets is one of those things which people easily miss out on when visiting the ‘Silicon Valley of India’ for a day or two. And this can prove quite a disappointment for serious shopaholics who travel to explore a variety of trinkets, clothes and accessories.

Fret not; our blog today will be your guide to the best shopping places in Bangalore. From exquisite and colourful trucks to high-end boutiques, Bangalore, unlike the popular opinion, is a shopping paradise. Of course, you should be willing on your end to forage through heaps of clothes at the streets and lines of shops at Commercial street Bangalore.

Tip: Do dress casually and put on a pair of sneakers as you will have to walk a lot. A water bottle comes in handy when your throat goes dry in the summer season.

Shopping Places in Bangalore (List):

Commercial Street Chikpet Market 
Dubai Plaza MG Road 
Malleswaram Market Jayanagar Shopping Complex
Gandhi Bazaar National Market
Avenue Road Sunday Soul Sante
Chitra Santhe Kitsch Mandi

1. Commercial Street– For the sportsperson in you, Bangalore

Commercial Street | Best Shopping Places in Bangalore

Commercial Street | #1 of 12 Best Shopping Places in Bangalore

Just like Mumbai and Delhi, Bangalore has its own by-lanes of busy streets, selling knick-knacks, accessories and clothes at dirt cheap prices. Think shoes, jewellery, clothes, bags and everything else! When it comes to shopping on a budget, everyone heads to Commercial Street Bangalore.

Apart from these obvious steals, one thing you should definitely check out is the spices. Confined to a section of the street, if you are looking for authentic spices from all over the country, this is the place where you will find it.

While Commercial Street has plenty of goods to rummage through, there are certain stores that sell sports equipment and athleisure wear as well. And you guessed it right, even these are available at a much lower price as most of the items are factory rejects. So, don’t return without doing a thorough search because you are sure to find some interesting things at a good price. Don’t forget to bargain and avoid this place on weekends because it is super crowded.

2. Chikpet Market- For the ethnic fashionista in you, Bangalore

Chikpet Market | Best Shopping Places in Bangalore

Chikpet Market | #2 of 12 Best Shopping Places in Bangalore

When discussing shopping places in Bangalore, one cannot proceed without mentioning Chikpet Market. From silk sarees to gold jewellery, this is a renowned cloth market in Bangalore. If you are looking to shop for a wedding, engagement or any other function, you will find a lot of options at the Chikpet market.

A cornucopia of colours, you will be swept off by the plethora of styles, prints and colours available in this market. The collection during Diwali and other festivals is even more pronounced and beautiful, so if you happen to visit the Bangalore during that time, we suggest you pay a visit to the shops here. As always, do not forget to bargain. Prices start at INR 300 and can range to 3,000 and above.

3. Dubai Plaza- For monthly shopping hauls, Bangalore

Dubai Plaza | Best Shopping Places in Bangalore

Dubai Plaza | #3 of 12 Best Shopping Places in Bangalore

Unlike what the name suggests, Dubai Plaza Bangalore is yet another budget shopping place in Bangalore that is famous for its quirky collection of clothes, footwear and much more.

Located on Rest Road House, this is a street offering imported and inexpensive bags, wallets, cosmetic products and other requisites. Scrounge through the stalls or just go downstairs in the Tibetan Plaza to look through more cheap yet quality products. Just a visit to this place once a month is enough to stock up on your fashion essentials at a low price. This place is open from 10 AM to 10 PM every day, so make time accordingly.

4. MG Road- For more saree shopping, Bangalore

MG Road | Best Shopping Places in Bangalore

MG Road | #4 of 12 Best Shopping Places in Bangalore

If you still haven’t found the type of silk saree you have been looking for in Chikpet Market, MG Road might have what you are looking for. A haven for saree shopping, Bangalore’s MG Road is yet another destination for all stuff ethnic. A huge collection of different styles and colours of sarees can be easily found here. You can even buy accessories to pair up with your attire for a wedding or any other function you have to attend.

Not only the saree shopping, but there are some good restaurants and bars serving delectable food that make MG Road such a popular place among the locals. You will even find handicrafts made of sandalwood, rosewood and brass at this popular shopping place in Bangalore. Try to wind up your shopping haul before 7 PM because the streets get crowded after that.

5. Malleswaram Market– For buying fresh flowers for your house, Bangalore

Malleswaram Market | Best Shopping Places in Bangalore

Malleswaram Market | #5 of 12 Best Shopping Places in Bangalore

If you also dote on the fragrance of fresh flowers and would like to add this to your house, Malleswaram Market is the place you need to go shopping for it. Located on the 8th Cross Road, this is a busy market street selling everything from garlands, fresh flowers, groceries and other luxury items.

Having an old-world charm and scores of street vendors selling some mouth-watering food, you can easily spend an entire day exploring this market and stocking up on some flowers and other knick-knacks. The market is open from 10 AM to 11 PM. Avoid going on weekends as you might find some shops closed.

6. Jayanagar Shopping Complex– For redecorating the interiors of your home

Jayanagar Shopping Complex | Shopping Places in Bangalore

Jayanagar Shopping Complex | #6 of 12 Best Shopping Places in Bangalore

The 4th Block in Jayanagar in Bangalore is one of the oldest shopping places in the city. You can easily find everything you need at one place if you skip the various entrances and head straight to the 4th block. Everything from spices, sweets, herbs, handmade products, artwork, pottery and of course home decor items can be found here. So, if you have been recently planning to amp-up your home decor, go to Jayanagar Shopping Complex. You will find some great deals on various products so we suggest you stay close to your budget as it is very easy to go overboard with your shopping list.

7. Gandhi Bazaar– For budget shopaholics, Bangalore

Gandhi Bazaar | Best Shopping Places in Bangalore

Gandhi Bazaar | #7 of 12 Best Shopping Places in Bangalore

Located in Basavanagudi, Gandhi Bazaar is one of the busiest and oldest shopping markets of Bangalore. Primarily famous for its spices, this market has scores of shops selling accessories, clothes and other novelties. You can even stock up on grocery and vegetables while you are taking a stroll through this market at the non-peak hours.

Again, everything here is on a discounted price so we suggest you don’t go on a crazy shopping spree and stick to your original budget. Some of the must-visit shops in this bazaar are Greeting Gardens, National Novelties, Mysore Saree Emporium and others.

8. National Market– For all things electronic, Bangalore

National Market  | Best Shopping Places in Bangalore

National Market | #8 of 12 Best Shopping Places in Bangalore

Thinking of buying home appliances and other electronic goods? We suggest you do an initial research at National Market before you browse e-commerce destinations. Popular for electronic items ranging from latest phones to home appliances, you will find everything here at a steal deal.

Moreover, if you are looking for menswear, National Market is the place where you might find some good shirts and t-shirts at a lower price.

9. Avenue Road– For the book-lover-cum-hoarder in you, Bangalore

Avenue Road | Best Shopping Places in Bangalore

Avenue Road | #9 of 12 Best Shopping Places in Bangalore

No shopping is complete without buying a book or two. Being a booknerd myself, I can personally vouch for this statement. So, if you have ever strolled across Daryaganj on Sundays looking for books at dirt cheap prices, Avenue Road will be a haven for you.

From textbooks for school students to second-hand novels at a low price, this is the street that will give you some rare finds you have been looking for everywhere. Some classics and DIY books for your children can also be found here. Basically, it is all about spending hours and keeping your eyes open if you want to find something that is not easily available. The books are usually in great condition barring some second-hand and rare finds.

Special Mention – Events and Flea Markets held throughout the year

While there are several budget shopping places in Bangalore, if you are willing to shell out some extra bucks and would like to indulge in a cool and boho shopping experience, here are some flea markets and events that you should not give a miss. Know more about places to visit in Bangalore

10. Sunday Soul Sante, Bangalore

Sunday Soul Sante | Best Shopping Places in Bangalore

Sunday Soul Sante | #10 of 12 Best Shopping Places in Bangalore

If you have always wanted to stock up on relics, vintage accessories and kitsch clothing, this is one event you cannot afford to miss. Bridging the gap between retail and entertainment, this event is held around 5 times a year at different locations. There are stalls, good food and stage set up for great music and entertainment, you will have a good time here if you are not looking for bargain deals but quality furnishings, contemporary art and collectibles.

11. Chitra Santhe, Bangalore

Chitra Santhe | Best Shopping Places in Bangalore

Chitra Santhe | #11 of 12 Best Shopping Places in Bangalore

An annual extravaganza held at Karnataka Chitrakatha Parishat, this one is a must-visit art-fair-cum-flea-market. Held between June and July at Bangalore’s oldest art college, this art fair has stalls lined up with some quirky accessories and off-the-wall art displays.

As you stroll around the 1200 stall-holders at Kumara Krupa Road, you will be astonished with the sheer raw talent and beauty of what artists can come up with. Moreover, having something from every corner of the country obviously helps in giving you an idea of what all you can explore and expect at this art fair.

12. Kitsch Mandi, Bangalore

Kitsch Mandi | Best Shopping Places in Bangalore

Kitsch Mandi | #12 of 12 Best Shopping Places in Bangalore

Just like Soul Sante, Kitsch Mandi is another escape from the budget markets. With stalls selling artefacts, clothes and accessories from various designers to quirky furniture, you will find things here you never knew you actually needed. If money is not the issue with you, Kitsch Mandi is the place you should be at.

Go here for authentic clothes, funky and quirky accessories and you might extend your visit for the cool eateries. In the evening, this half-flea-market and half-event-arena has some independent and upcoming bands performing. The crowd is swayed by not their tunes and voice but also by the lively and eclectic vibe of the place.

{All the details of these events can be found on their respective pages.}

Whether you are a fan of budget shopping or just like to forage through streets for something fun and unique, Bangalore has you covered. Be it the busy streets, crowded markets, high-end shopping malls or independent boutiques, there is something for everyone here. And thanks to the strategic location of hotels in Bangalore, you’d always be close to at least one of these markets. Read more – things to do in Bangalore

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