Patna, formerly known as Pataliputra, is a quintessential stop for all the spiritual people. From Buddhist shrines and sacred Jain sites to Hindu temples, visited by hundreds of devotees every day, Patna has many religious places to visit. After all, it is one of the cities of India where many religions thrived.

So, if you are planning a trip to this culturally rich city anytime soon, do take out time and pay a visit to these famous temples in Patna.

Temples in Patna (List):

  • Mahavir Mandir
  • Patan Devi
  • Pataliputra Teerth
  • ISKCON Temple

1. Mahavir Mandir, Patna

Mahavir Mandir, Patna

Mahavir Mandir | #1 of 4 Temples In Patna

This is among the most visited religious shrine in all of North India. And if not this, then the fact that it is one of the most beautiful temples in Patna dedicated to Lord Hanuman might pique your interest and urge you to visit the temple. The main temple has two idols of Lord Hanuman. It is said that while one idol signifies the ‘lord protecting good’, the other idol is for ‘banishing all evil’.

Visited by thousands of devotees every day, the temple is run by the Shri Mahavir Sthan Nyas Samiti. The temple is lit up beautifully on Tuesdays and Saturdays for being the two days dedicated to Lord Hanuman.

  • Location: Patna Junction, Fraser Road Area, Patna

2. Patan Devi, Patna

Patan Devi, Patna

Patan Devi | #2 of 4 Temples In Patna

Among the oldest and most sacred temples in Patna, Patan Devi is also known as the abode of Goddess Durga also called Maa Patneshwari. Patan Devi is one among the 51 Siddha Shakti Pithas in India; one of the thighs of Goddess Sati had fallen here. Read also – Historical places in and around Patna

  • Location: Sadikpur, Patna

3. Pataliputra Teerth, Patna

Regarded as one of the oldest Jain temples in Patna, Patliputra Teerth is a resplendent structure in white that welcomes devotees and tourists from close and far. Rising to a height of 60 cm, the main idol inside the temple is that of Jain god, Shri Vimalnath Swami. This temple holds special significance in the Jain community because Patna is one city where many legends related to this religion originate.

  • Location: Dariyapur Gola, Bakarganj, Old Patna

4. ISKCON Temple, Patna

ISKCON Temple, Patna

ISKCON Temple | #4 of 4 Temples In Patna

Also known as Shri Shri Radha Banke Bihari Ji Temple, this is an upcoming temple in Patna. The construction for the temple started back in 2007 and is yet to be completed.

On completion, the temple will have 84 pillars and will be one of the largest temples dedicated to Radha Krishna in the Bihar and Jharkhand region. After all, it is spread on 2 acres of land! Moreover, just like other ISKCON temples, it will also have beautiful idols and regular kirtans and prayers for all the devotees of Lord Krishna to take part in.

  • Location: Buddha Marg, Patna

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