The weather hasn’t been our friend lately. The chilly nights and foggy mornings have given way to delayed flights at the Delhi Airport. No wonder we are more often than not left stranded having nothing to do except for gazing into nothingness. While we do understand how utterly disheartening it can be to wait, there are a lot of things do in and around the Delhi airport making your wait pleasurable. Here are some suggestions to try during that annoying Delhi layover. If you’re stuck inside the airport, here’s what you can do:

Catch up on that sleep at the Sleeping Pod

Things to do at Delhi Aiport | Places to visit in and around Delhi Airport

#1 of Best 6 Things to do at Delhi Aiport

We know how uncomfortable it can get to take a nap at the airport with so much activity going around you. It gets all the more difficult for the late arrivals. Therefore, Sam’s Snooze at My Space is your new place to be while you are at the airport. It offers the guests the avenue to sleep on an hourly basis, mostly ranging from 500 to 700 INR for single and double occupancy. The pod comes with all the luxuries you get a hotel and offers comfort and convenience for the travelers. Location: T3 International – Departure

Shop at your Favourite Brand

Things to do at Delhi Aiport | Places to visit in and around Delhi Airport

#2 of the Best 6 Things to do at Delhi Aiport

Let’s face it! Being stuck at the airport doesn’t really get boring and especially if you’re a shopper. No less than a mall for the shopaholic, the airport has stores of Armani, Fabindia, Marks & Spencer, Gini & Jony, Satya Paul, Shopper’s Stop, UCB, Tommy Hilfiger, Zodiac, COVO, Da Milano, Ethos, Hugo Boss, Metro, Tumi, and W. Delhi Duty Free located at T3 International – Arrival and Departure is yet another place to shop from a range of products including cosmetics, liquor, perfumes, confectioneries, and souvenirs. For the bookworms, Relay is located at T1 arrivals, T3 – Domestic, and T1D whereas WH Smith can be found at T3 Domestic – Arrival and Departure and T3 International – Arrival and Departure. The stores offers some of the best collection of books, stationery supplies, magazines, travel accessories, and snacks. If you are a gadget freak or one of those tech bloggers, Croma Zip, Gadget Point and Samsung stores can be your favourite spot. Who knows you could get the idea for your next blog post?   Gadget Point can be found at T3 Domestic – Arrival whereas Samsun is at T3 Domestic – Departure. Croma Zip is located at T1D, T3 Domestic – Departure, and T3 International – Departure.

Eat. Slurp. Repeat

Things to do at Delhi Aiport | Places to visit in and around Delhi Airport

#3 of Best 6 Things to do at Delhi Aiport

Who doesn’t like to unwind over good food and drinks? Whether you are travelling alone or with friends, the cafes and bars located at the Delhi airport can be your best place to take some time off your hectic life. Café Delhi Heights, located at T1D, offers a laid-back ambiance and range of items on their menu to switch your mood from gloomy to happy. Other options for casual dining could be Connexions, Grid Bar, and Street Food by Punjab Grill. Have a quick meal, savour your favourite drink or simply relish the lip-smacking continental food, do as you like because time is no more a boundary for you!

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Restore your vital energy at the spa

Things to do at Delhi Aiport | Places to visit in and around Delhi Airport

#4 of Best 6 Things to do at Delhi Airport

  Take a break from the hustle and bustle of life and check-in to Heaven on Earth Spa located at Terminal 1D. Let go off all the tensions and give way for some peace to be a part of your life. O2 Spa located at T3 Domestic – Departure is yet another spot to relax as it offers a wonderful fusion of Thai and Indian concepts.

Head to the Lounge

Things to do at Delhi Aiport | Places to visit in and around Delhi Airport

#5 of the best 6 things to do at Delhi Airport

Airport layovers are fun when you have lounges to relax. The Delhi Airport boasts of five lounges that offer a premium level of comfort, convenience, and services to its guests. The Amex Premium Lounge is exclusively for Amex Club Card members whereas the Air India Maharaja Lounge is for the Air India Business Class travelers. Apart from this, there’s Allways, ITC Lounge, and Plaza Premium to make your journey memorable with their spa and shower, nap rooms, and a variety of dining options.

Finish off that pending work

Things to do at Delhi Aiport | Places to visit in and around Delhi Airport

#6 of Best 6 Things to do at Delhi Aiport

If you’re traveling for business, you may have some important presentations to brush up. Moreover, the kind of lifestyle we have these days, we are mostly loaded with work leaving room for so many unfinished tasks. Utilize this time. Wi-Fi is easily available at the airport, all you need to do is register with your mobile number! If you’re lucky enough to get a transit visa, the world is your oyster, my friend. Head to the nearest metro and explore the city. Your best options could be exploring Qutub Minar, Mehrauli Archaeological Park, Dilli Haat, Dastak Nature Bazaar, Lodhi Garden and Khan Market. Exploring nightlife of Delhi or the nearby Gurgaon can also be a wonderful way to spend your time. At times, some unfortunate people miss their flight. In such cases, it’s best to book any of the hotels near Delhi Airport. A lot of people also choose to observe people and turn their miserable time into fun via their hilarious tweets. I admit being one of those. What do you do when you are stranded at the airport? Have you tried any one of those listed above? Do let us know in comments below.

Good news; apart from things to do at Delhi airport, there are some places to visit near Delhi Airport as well. Want to know what? Well, here they are:

Places to visit near Delhi Airport

Air Force Museum

Airforce Museum | Things to do near Delhi Airport

Explore the Air Force Museum

A visit to the Air Force Museum is arguably the most fun and unique thing to do near the air transit hub. Located within the airport complex, the museum houses an extensive collection of historical aircraft used by the IAF. A laser-guided bomb greets you at the entry, giving you a hint as to what awaits you inside. Among its exhibits are Folland Gnats that shot down several Canadian variants of F-86 Sabres in service with the Pakistan Air Force during the 1965 war, Hawker Hunters that played a significant role in the famous Battle of Longewala during the 1971 war (immortalized by the hit movie, Border) as well as the infamous Mig-21s, often called Flying Coffins for the crash history.

Ambience Mall

Ambience Mall | Things to do near IGI Airport

Have a Gala Time at Ambience Mall

Located on National Highway 48, Ambience Mall has everything you want for a fun day out. Whether you want to shop, gorge on whatever crosses your mind or get a dose of live entertainment, you can do it all here and more. Feel like bowling? Head to Smaash, which combines a bowling alley, go-karting track and a full-blown pub. i-Skate is yet another great place at the mall as it is where you can fulfil your wish of ice skating on real ice (not the one which falls from the sky as snow, but is made artificially from water).

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DLF CyberHub 

CyberHub | Things to do near Indira Gandhi International Airport

Party Non-stop at CyberHub 

CyberHub, the entertainment zone within the humongous DLF CyberCity, literally overflows with bars and pubs. On a Friday evening or on weekends, you don’t even realise that you are in one of NCR’s most significant business hubs; the atmosphere is that lively. From Indian and imported beers and wines to cocktails that have as whacky names as their composition, CyberHub treats you to everything. Apart from party places, it is also home to proper restaurants and a food court, where you can simply devour. Just so you know, the number of dining venues here exceeds 80. How’s that for literally bowling you over with choices?!

Mehrauli Archaeological Park

Mehrauli |  Things to do near Delhi Airport

Explore Delhi’s Rich History in Mehrauli

 About 11 km from the airport, Mehrauli Archaeological Park stands witness to the ravages and creation that the city of Delhi withstood over centuries. Among the numerous monuments here are ruins of Lal Kot, a fort dating from the early 11th century. The most iconic structure here is Qutub Minar, which needs no introduction. While roaming around at this intriguing site, also remember to check out Alai Minar, an unfinished minaret which, if finished, would have been twice as high as Qutub Minar. Other monuments to see here include Alai Darwaza, Quwwat-ul-Islam Mosque, tombs of Ala-ud-Din Khilji and iltutmish, Jahaz Mahal, Zafar Mahal and Hauz-i-Sham.

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