You can spot them from a distance. Know who they are from their appearance. And tell what’s consuming them, from their actions. Yes, we are talking about the unfazed jet-setting enigmas, whom we fondly refer to as ‘business travellers’. With a roster of multiple destinations and overwhelming hotel stays, the life of a business traveller can seem like a whirlwind of both physical and emotional pressure. Unlike the popular belief, check-in queues, flight delays and lonely dinners don’t make up a large part of the business traveller’s lifestyle. Here, we cut open a typical business traveller, and we bet you must have met at least one of them while on a trip:

  1. Before boarding the flight

Tickets (check), fully-charged phone (check), super-comfortable footwear (check), every charger known to mankind (check), hand-luggage with every item imaginable (check). A calm individual, waiting peacefully for the boarding to start and ticks all the items on the checklist mentioned above – have you seen this? If yes, then you’ve indeed spotted a business traveller. Unlike the rest of us, these people prefer to use their time as efficiently as possible at the airport. This includes eating, getting on with work, catching up on current affairs or charging their various gadgets, just in case they run out of battery. How to spot them: The person who helped you while you were struggling to check-in or find the nearest bathroom or find the right gate number, was probably the one.

  1. In the flight

To a majority of people, plane rides signal excitement to see a foreign land and the beginning of a memorable vacation. While families debate over the window seat and excited children fiddle with their TVs; a business traveller has already opened his laptop, plugged-in his headphones and zoned out from the world. On certain occasions,  you might find the undefeated warriors enjoying some downtime by reading or catching up on some well-deserved sleep. How to spot them: Eye masks, kindles, books, laptop, business suit, a no-nonsense and worldly attitude.

  1. In the meeting/war room

They’ll arrive with the most ‘practical’ stroller bag, a dry-cleaning bag to minimise wrinkles in their ‘official clothing’ and a go-getter attitude. These individuals emanate confidence and win over clients with their hard work and passion. The meeting room is their arena, and they know every battle strategy and every trick in the book. While giving a presentation, these multi-taskers will not only be winning the clients over, rather they’ll be mentally preparing to catch their next flight as well. How to spot them: Punctual, confident, always on a tight schedule.

  1. While de-stressing

If they know how to work hard, they definitely know how to party harder. Being a pro-traveller, their de-stressing vacations are as meticulously planned as their business travels. They know the best deals, hotels, seats, places and go well prepared. Once they get to their destination, they let their hair down and enjoy the de-stressing time. Not-to-forget, their phones like them are off-duty as they never mix business with pleasure. How to spot them: A wallet with Indian and foreign currency, enjoying the travel miles points at airports, arriving with expertly-packed and minimal luggage for not just themselves but their families as well.