Times are such that almost all professionals go on a business trip at some point in their life. It might be in search of a job, client meetings, product promotion, marketing, or attend conferences, seminars, workshops, exhibitions, training sessions, etc. Now, it is a general belief that a trip, especially one which involves covering long distance, can burn holes in our pocket, which is true to some extent. No business trip should ever be hampered because it might cost too much; the more business trips, the better for your career, so save money and keep travelling as much as you can. Here is a handy guide to travelling without taking your pocket for a ride:

Book Tickets Smartly

how to book tickets for travel

The first tip to save on travelling is booking smart (in case of airlines). Generally, you will get cheap air tickets for weekday flights, rather than weekend ones. Further, early-morning (5 am – 6 am) or late-night flights (11 pm – 4 am) tend to have lower airfares than those taking-off in the morning, afternoon, evening or night. Remember to finalise your itinerary as soon as possible, so you can book in advance; consider the dynamic pricing concept. You can also keep looking for special discounts, deals and festive offers to lessen your travel costs. In addition, booking directly with the airline instead of online travel agencies (OTAs) can also get you cheap flights.

Go with Low-cost Carriers or Become a Frequent Flyers

choose low-cost carriers for save pocket

If you have to travel within India, then it’s better to fly with low-cost carriers (LCC). Given, you won’t get many perks that full-service airlines offer, but the main idea here is to save money, and booking with LCCs is a good way of doing that. Plus, you can purchase additional comforts like on-board snacks at reasonable prices. Often, LCCs tend to offer tickets at the same rates as trains; sometimes even lower. If you still prefer full-service airlines, then enrolling in their frequent flyer programme can help. Discounts, upgrades and additional baggage allowances are just some of the benefits associated with loyalty programmes.

Stay at Economy Hotels

stay at budget hotels like fabhotels

After airfares, the next biggest pocket burner is the cost of accommodation. We all know that the rates levied by 5-star hotels even for standard rooms can be quite exorbitant. Hence, my advice would be opting for budget hotels, wherever you can. FabHotels offers budget accommodation at more than 250 hotels in over 25 cities across India. All hotel rooms are equipped with modern amenities to give you a comfortable stay without weighing heavy on your bank account.

Look for Hotels near your Workplace

book hotels nearby workplace

On a business trip, looking for a hotel near the office is the best choice as it will help you save on commute. FabHotels has properties near the prominent business districts of all major cities that you can stay at. This will also ensure you don’t report late at the office, which will always keep your boss happy!

Be a Wise Commuter

be a wise commuter

In places like Delhi, Jaipur, Bangalore, Kolkata, Chennai and Mumbai, the metro is the cheapest, fastest, most comfortable and most convenient way to commute. This way, you get to avoid jams, packed buses and over-charging auto-rickshaws. However, if you need to use cabs, go for pool instead of single rider as the latter can hurt your pocket.

Dine at Local Restaurants

dine at local restaurants

Dining at small, local restaurants instead of the swanky fine-dining places is my tried and tested way of lessening expenses. For instance, whenever I go to Lucknow, which is quite frequently, I stay clear of fast-food chains, pubs or chic restaurants. Instead, I get my fill at small dining venues that only locals and real foodies know about. Why would I spend 100 bucks on one burger, when I can get two plates of amazing kebab parathas for less than INR 50?! This way, you save money and also get to explore the local cuisine, turning your business trip into somewhat of a vacation.

Choose the Credit/Debit Card with Maximum Benefits

use credit or debit car for maximum benefits  

Whenever you pay for anything, be it flight, hotel or car rental, check which among your credit/debit card gets you the best deal. Many a times, these offer cashbacks or discounts, so use that one to make your trip economical. These are some of the easiest ways in which you can make your business trip economical. I go by these whenever I am travelling, and hope that after reading this, you will too.

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