There are so many places to visit in Kolkata that the mind boggles. From urban gardens to memorials, cultural centres to waterparks and restaurants to museums, there is a lot to see in the City of Joy. But, there is one downside to a trip to the city, its perpetually hot and humid weather; blame its location near the coast. However, if you have had enough of the sweating and now feel the need for some refreshment, you can head to the mountains in West Bengal and Sikkim, and the relatively lower hills in the Northeast. Now, wherever there are mountains, there are scenic waterfalls. On that note, read ahead to learn about the most beautiful waterfalls near Kolkata that provide the ultimate cool down:

Waterfalls near Kolkata:

Whistle Khola Waterfall Kurseong, West Bengal
Changey Waterfall Lingsaykha Khasmahal
Duduma Falls Onukudelli, Odisha
Vantawng Khawhthla Serchhip District, Mizoram

1. Whistle Khola Waterfall

One of the lesser-known waterfalls near Kolkata, in fact, so little known that it’s not even on Google Maps (but it does exist), Whistle Khola Waterfall is a great place to escape your life’s chaos. Surrounded by immense lushness and tranquillity, it is the kind of place you would want to come with your spouse or partner! You can sit on one of the boulders, talking your heart out, and then indulge in some playfulness in the cool water.

  • Location: Kurseong, West Bengal
  • Distance from Kolkata: 562 km (approx.)
  • How to Reach: Travel to Siliguri via train, and then hire a taxi or bus to Kurseong

2. Changey Waterfall

Changey Waterfall

Changey Waterfall | #2 of 4 Waterfalls near Kolkata

If you want to combine your trip to a waterfall with some wildlife experience, then Changey Waterfall is the place to be, as it is set within Neora Valley National Park. The protected territory is home to a huge variety of animals, the most notable being the elusive red panda. Your journey to the spot will involve a short hike, which will be incredibly rewarding in terms of the serenity and views you get on the way. And, by views, I mean of the mighty Kangchenjunga, the third-highest mountain in the world! Changey Waterfall is comprised of a single cascade, falling approximately 150 feet into an almost-circular pool.

  • Location: Lingsaykha Khasmahal, West Bengal
  • Distance from Kolkata: 624 km
  • How to Reach: Take a train to New Jalpaiguri and then a bus or taxi to Neora Valley National Park

Other Waterfalls near Kolkata 

3. Duduma Falls

Duduma Falls

Duduma Falls | #3 of 4 Waterfalls near Kolkata

Another among the bewitching waterfalls near Kolkata, Duduma Falls is located on the OdishaAndhra Pradesh border. The Machkund River falls from a height of around 574 feet to create this natural wonder. The water falling from the cliff is fed to the Machkund hydroelectric project, consisting of two successive dams, one upstream and the other downstream from the waterfall. There is a well-marked path near the Onukudelli powerhouse with 700 steps, which descends to the base of the waterfall.

  • Location: Onukudelli, Odisha
  • Distance from Kolkata: 939 km
  • How to Reach: Take a flight or train till Visakhapatnam, and then travel via cab or taxi to Onukudelli

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4. Vantawng Khawhthla

Vantawng Khawhthla

Vantawng Khawhthla | #4 of 4 Waterfalls near Kolkata

Located deep in the thickly forested hills of the Northeast, Vantawng Khawhthla is a spectacular creation of nature. It is formed by the Vanva River, which falls straight down from a cliff around 750 feet high. The waterfall is named after a local mythical hero, Vantawnga, who is said to have been a great swimmer, in fact so great that he could glide on the falling water like a fish (think of the salmon as they travel upriver to procreate at the very place they were born, hopping over waterfalls on the way). The access to the waterfall is prohibited due to its treacherous location and the sheer force and volume of water, but the government has built a viewing platform nearby.

  • Location: Serchhip District, Mizoram
  • Distance from Kolkata: 1591 km
  • How to Reach: The best way to reach Vantawng Khawhthla is to take a flight from Kolkata to Aizawl, and then complete the rest of the journey by road

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There you go. No longer will you have to spend your free time at a hotel in Kolkata, when you have so many scenic spots to visit in the region. So, plan a mini-trip and lose yourself in the lap of nature.