Boasting a fascinating history and scenic location, Chapora Fort is one of the most prominent attractions in Goa. It is about 10 km from Mapusa and a popular escapade for those looking to spend some quiet time near the coast. The fort is frequented by Bollywood fans as well since this is where the hit movie Dil Chahta Hai was shot in 2001. Although in ruins presently, the captivating history of Chapora Fort and the magnificent views it offers of the adjoining Vagator Beach and the Arabian Sea attract tourists and locals year-round.

Hence, when you are making a list of things to do in Goa, make sure you include Chapora Fort in your itinerary. Here’s some information about Chapora Fort timings, entry fees and more.

Chapora Fort, Goa Information


Chapora Fort Trail, Vagator, Bardez, North Goa


9:30 AM to 5:30 PM; 7 days a week

Entry Fee

Free entry

Commissioned By

Portuguese colonists

Year of Establishment


Best Time to Visit

November to February

Time Required

1-2 hours

Material Used

Stone and irregular red laterite rocks


A small, narrow and deep gate

Chapora Fort opening time and closing time are subject to change. Hence, you can either check online or enquire at the hotel desk in case of any confusion.

Chapora Fort: History

Overlooking River Chapora, the fort is one of the most ancient historical structures in Goa. Legend has it that the fort has seen many rulers after the Portuguese captured Bardez. While the structure that exists today was rebuilt in 1717 by the Portuguese colonists, the fort’s history dates to the Adil Shah dynasty. The site, which was then called Shahpura, had a fort built by Sultan Mohammed Adil Shah of Bijapur. The structure served as a watch post for Muslim rulers.

However, after the Adil Shah dynasty fell in Goa, Portuguese colonists took control of the area, rebuilt the existing structure, and named it Chapora Fort. The Portuguese used the fort to defend their territories against Maratha rulers. They also built some underground channels inside the fort that served as escape routes during emergencies.

Chapora Fort was seized by the Marathas many times during the Portuguese rule of 150 years. It was reportedly conquered twice during the reign of Shambhaji Bhosle, the son of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. However, the Portuguese conquered the fort again from the Marathas and ruled over it until 1892, before abandoning it for good. In 1961, when the Portuguese left Goa, Chapora Fort passed into Indian hands.

Chapora Fort: Today

Although the fort is in ruins now, its impressive history, undeniable majestic charm and scenic location near the sea make it one of the most loved tourist attractions in Goa. It is a popular vantage point for nature lovers and is frequented by history and architecture buffs alike. A major part of the fort’s outer walls and ramparts still exist.

Chapora Fort: Architecture

Built using irregular laterite rocks and stones, the fort showcases a unique kind of architecture. The fortification walls along the edge or outline of the higher slopes were kept steep and slanting to prevent enemies from climbing and entering the fort. The main entry gate is also a small and narrow one, again to prevent the enemy army from entering the fort easily.

During the Portuguese rule, the fort also housed a church dedicated to St Anthony, but it has disappeared now. Chapora Fort reportedly had bastions, barracks and quarters for guards as well. However, only the ruins of some of these structures remain today.

Things to See in Chapora Fort

  • The fort is located on a hilltop, so once you reach the site, you can enjoy breath-taking views of Vagator Beach, Ozran Beach and Morjim Beach.
  • The fort also offers mesmerising views of River Chapora.
  • Chapora Fort’s sunset view is beautiful. In fact, the fort is counted among the best places in Goa to witness sunsets.
  • There are wide walls with ramparts, so you can walk on these ramparts and explore the fort.
  • History buffs will love to spot murder holes, gun ports and arrow slits on the walls of the fort.
  • When exploring the ruins, you will also see the entry points of underground tunnels or emergency routes that the Portuguese built to escape enemies.

 How to Reach Chapora Fort

Goa enjoys good air, rail and road connectivity, so you can reach the state choosing any suitable mode of transportation. If you are taking a flight, Goa International Airport is about 46 km from Chapora Fort. Thivim Railway Station (19 km away) is the nearest option for those reaching by train. Taxis, buses and auto-rickshaws are commonly used for travelling within the state.

The fort can be easily reached from any part of Goa with the help of taxis, buses and auto-rickshaws. Chapora Fort is about 10 km from Mapusa and local buses running from Mapusa to Vagator Beach stop near the fort as well. Once you are near Chapora Fort, a small path will take you to the base of the hill. The fort is perched on top of this hill, so you need to climb a steep path for about 10 minutes to cover the distance.

Lesser-Known Facts about Chapora Fort

Here are some lesser-known facts about Chapora Fort, Goa:

  • The fort was constructed over the remnants of an ancient Muslim structure. The southern slopes of the hills still feature some Muslim tombstones.
  • Chapora Fort was not an easy one to conquer, thanks to the steep, uneven and rocky walls that stand strong along the edge of the hill even today. However, the fort was invaded many times by groups of Hindu raiders.
  • In 1684, the fort was conquered by Sambhaji’s forces without any bloodshed. It is believed that his forces managed to breach the fort walls by clinging on to 1.5 m long monitor lizards. Impressed by Sambhaji’s act, the Portuguese General in charge surrendered before the fearless Maratha ruler.

Nearby Attractions

After visiting the fort, you can also explore other prominent attractions nearby. Goa is known for its beaches, flea markets and restaurants, so you must explore as many places as you can for a memorable vacation. Shopping in Goa is quite a delight, as you get a variety of things at super affordable prices. Foodies can try some delectable Goan cuisine and fresh seafood at some of the many restaurants in Goa. There are plenty of options around the fort.

Here are some places that you can visit near Chapora Fort:

  • Vagator Beach (700 m)
  • Chapora Beach (950 m)
  • Splashdown Waterpark (5 km)
  • Anjuna Beach (5 km)
  • Baga Beach (7 km)
  • Calangute Beach (9 km)
  • Snow Park (9 km)
  • Mae De Deus Church (10 km)
  • Museum of Goa (14 km)

Chapora Fort undoubtedly is one of the most amazing places to visit in Goa, especially for history buffs and nature lovers. Hence, make sure you visit the fort whenever you plan a trip to the union territory. Also remember that being a popular tourist destination, hotels in Goa get booked fast. Which is why, booking in advance is recommended, especially if you wish to save money.