They say there are many Goa-s in one, and to find them, you only have to look in the right place. First, there’s the obvious Goa with its sun-glazed beaches and well-stocked shacks, then there’s a whole other world for history buffs with stunning temples and churches, and striking museums. Another Goa revels in its chief philosophy of being content and if you let this susegad take you over, then there’s a fresh new Goa just waiting to be explored. One Goa is filled with many art and design festivals, and you could plan your entire trip around them.

But, what happens when the sun goes down? There’s more to do than just star gazing at the beach or throwing back a few drinks at the shack when the moon flickers on the Arabian Sea. Read on to find out about the many things you can do in Goa at night.

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1. Go Shopping

#1 of 6 Things to Do in Goa at Night

#1 of 6 Things to Do in Goa at Night | (source)

Yes. You could, or rather must, go shopping!

After-dark flea markets are some of the best places to visit in Goa at night. These sell everything from one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces and clothes by indie designers to Kashmiri carpets, spices and specialty Goan foods. Try the sprawling Arpora Market (Aguada Siolim Road, 3.00 pm to 3.00 am, Saturdays) for its vibrant buzz, its many bars and eating places that punctuate the kiosks and the invigorating live performances that range from classical Indian music to rock.  Save another night to mix in with the crowds at Mackie’s Saturday Night Market in Baga (6.00 pm to 2.00 am), which has smaller crowds, lots of kiosks and quick bite spots…and…free parking! And, if you’re a diehard mall rat, then Mall de Goa is the place for you.

2. Try your Luck at Casinos

#2 of 6 Things to Do in Goa at Night

#2 of 6 Things to Do in Goa at Night | (source)

When in Goa, gamble! A little, because we’d always advise caution with speculation. But do try your luck, if not for the winning hand, then for the sheer vibe and the energy at one of Goa’s all-night casinos. One of the most popular things to do in Goa at night is finding your sea-feet and hopping aboard one of its many floating casinos. Head to the luxuriously appointed Deltin Royale that also has a fine-dining restaurant. Try your luck at the live gaming MV Caravela or the Casino Pride, which comes with VIP suits for the high rollers, 5 gaming rooms that offer everything from Baccarat to Blackjack as well as live Bollywood acts.

3. Explore Haunted places

#3 of 10 Things to Do in Goa at Night

#3 of 10 Things to Do in Goa at Night | (source)

If casinos are not your thing or if you’d rather bet on your nerves, then explore one of Goa’s many haunted places. Do you have what it takes to spend a night at the former home of the warring D’Mello brothers in Santimol? Someone screams in this abandoned house in the middle of the night! Can you walk around the half-constructed ghost hotel on Agonda Beach that is still occupied by its murdered owner? How about a stroll near Chaar Khambe? Would you rush to rescue the woman jumping off the old bridge in Borim only to find no one in the water when you look over the railing? Oh! And when you get back to your car, she’ll be sitting in the backseat. And, we dare you to drive (and stop!) on the Baytakhol Road – a stretch between the towns of Bori and Dhavali, said to be haunted by the spirit of a woman who distracts drivers. Game for one of the most awesome activities in Goa at night?

4. Party – because it’s Goa

#4 of 6 Things to Do in Goa at Night

#4 of 6 Things to Do in Goa at Night | (source)

Whatever you say, partying is THE thing to do in Goa at night. But, you could do it without kicking up a racket at a silent party! Head to Palolem Beach and join Silent Noise – a trend-setting Saturday night party, wherein you can dance the night away to the kind of music you like…on a set of headphones. You’d rather feel the beat in the air? Try Curlies in Anjuna for some foot-stomping music and dance the night away. Or go to the failsafe Mambos in North Goa. For a fresh, new experience, try a ‘party cruise’ and if nothing works for you, twirl on the beach with a melody in your head!

In the mood for a full-blown party? Here is our blog on the best pubs in Goa where the fun never stops.

5. Try Kayaking

#5 of 6 Things to Do in Goa at Night

#5 of 6 Things to Do in Goa at Night | (source)

Fancy kayaking under the starry skies? Head to Bambolim Beach on a moonlit night, rent a kayak from one of the many providers and slide into the tranquil waters for an experience of a lifetime.

6. Visit the Less-frequented beaches

#6 of 6 Things to Do in Goa at Night

#6 of 6 Things to Do in Goa at Night | (source)

When in Goa, you’re never too far from a beach and they’re all irresistible. We did say there are more things to do in Goa at night than just staying on the beach…but face it! You do want to do that too. Only, we’d suggest kicking back on one of the state’s less frequented beaches to star gaze. There aren’t many undiscovered beaches in Goa, but some have still managed to stay below the radar, and exploring these beaches can be very rewarding. Galgibaga Beach (a protected beach where Olive Ridley turtles nest), the nearly pristine Talpona Beach nearby, Patnem and Agonda Beach all in South Goa are beautiful stretches of sand for a moonlit walk or a little midnight picnic. Spend a night on Butterfly Beach in the company of friends or your SO with a campfire and your favorite drinks, or have an intimate party with friends on Velsao Beach close to Majorda Beach. Do stay safe and be a responsible tourist though (and that means pick up your litter!)

Got another idea for fun things to do in Goa at night? Tell us in the comments below; we love hearing from you.