Patna’s architectural masterpieces and historic monuments are among the main attractions that draw tourists to this city. From museums and temples to age-old archaeological sites, the city has an enticing mix of sightseeing options. Equally enticing are the churches in Patna which are magnificent and worth exploring. So when you are planning a vacation and booking your hotels in Patna, do remember to keep aside some time for visiting these famous churches of the city.

Churches in Patna

1. Padri Ki Haveli, Patna

Padri Ki Haveli, Patna

Padri Ki Haveli | #1 of 6 Best Churches in Patna

Padri Ki Haveli, which translates into the Mansion of Padre, is touted to be the first Catholic Church in the entire state of Bihar. The church traces its history back to a small place of worship established by the Roman Catholics who first came to Bihar. The present-day Padri Ki Haveli stands at the same location where this small church had stood once. Also known as St. Mary’s Church, it was redesigned by Tirreto, a Venetian artist, in 1772. This church is a glorious sight to behold, thanks to its grand architecture and intricate details. Among the main attractions of this church is its lovely cathedral bell adorned with inscriptions. An interesting trivia about this place is that Mother Teresa received her training here.

  • Location: Sadikpur, Patna

2. Luke’s Church, Patna

Luke’s Church, Patna

Luke’s Church | #2 of 6 Best Churches in Patna

Another one of the historical Patna churches, St. Luke’s Church was built under the supervision of Capt. Thompson of the East India Company.  It’s a spacious place of worship that stands covering an area of over 4046 sq. m. Dating back to the 18th-century, this lovely church has remained witness to several turbulent episodes of history. During the uprising of 1857, a number of barracks were constructed around the church to provide shelter for the soldiers. The majestic church exhibits the colonial-era architectural style while a number of carvings done on wooden sheets add to its beauty. If you want to spend some serene moments away from the hustle and bustle of the city, you must include St. Luke’s Church in your list of places to visit in Patna.

  • Location: Danapur Cantonment, Patna      

3. Stephen’s Church, Patna

Stephen’s Church, Patna, Patna

Stephen’s Church | #3 of 6 Best Churches in Patna

Located in the Danapur military cantonment area, St. Stephen’s Church was established by a few Italian priests. The church, which has been functional since 1854, is one of the most beautiful churches to visit in Patna. A unique feature of this place of worship is that its Baptismal front is totally made of wood. You may not find St. Stephen’s Church featured among the top places to visit in Patna, but it is indeed a must-visit attraction for history buffs and nirvana seekers.

  • Location: Danapur Military Quarters, Patna

4. Christ Church, Patna

Christ Church, Patna

Christ Church | #4 of 6 Best Churches in Patna

Christ Church, one of the most prominent Protestant churches in Patna, traces its origins back to 1852. The church, which boasts of the Gothic style of architecture, shares its premises with the Christ Church Diocesan School. One of the main highlights of this structure is a high bell tower that culminates in a pointed pinnacle. Basked in serenity, the church presents the perfect spot to spend a few tranquil moments, away from the chaotic city life. If you are looking for something other than the regular touristy things to do in Patna, don’t forget to include this 19th-century church in your itinerary. 

  • Location: Kargil Chowk, Patna

5. Queen of Apostles Church, Patna

Queen of Apostles Church, Patna

Queen of Apostles Church | #5 of 6 Best Churches in Patna

Queen of Apostles Church is a relatively new name in the list of churches in Patna. In the mid-19th-century, a small church named Sacred Heart Church started functioning as a chapel within St. Michael’s High School. When it couldn’t accommodate the growing population of the parish residents, a new church was founded in 1975 and was renamed as Queen of Apostles Church. Standing against lush green surroundings, this magnificent white edifice is truly a sight to behold.

  • Location: Kurj0i, Patna

6. Joseph’s Pro Cathedral, Patna

Joseph’s Pro Cathedral, Patna

Joseph’s Pro Cathedral | #6 of 6 Best Churches in Patna

Another important name in the list of Catholic churches in Patna is St. Joseph’s Pro Cathedral. The origins of the church can be traced back to a small chapel founded in 1849. The current structure of the cathedral, however, came up almost a century later, in 1927.  Since then, this church has been drawing not just believers but tourists as well. Currently, it serves as the co-cathedral of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Patna.

  • Location: Bankipore

These are some of the best churches to visit in Patna and you will find many such places of worship, both old and new, once you start exploring the city. And when you are done with your hectic sight-seeing tour, don’t forget to indulge in the several delicacies served by the best restaurants in Patna. And if you love chilling out at night with your buddies, there are a host of places to enjoy the nightlife in Patna. Depending on how you would like to spend your time, there is something for everyone here.