Travelling to new destinations is always fun, whether you go solo or with loved ones. However, the simple term ‘travel’ can mean different things to different people. While some travel to break the monotony of everyday life, others embark on a trip to quench their thirst for wanderlust, experience different cultures and try new cuisines. And then there are some who are passionate photographers and they travel to amazing or remote destinations to show you places you have never seen before. They blog about their experiences as well, so that you can take the leap if the mood strikes you.

These travel photography bloggers and influencers share their breath-taking pictures on Instagram these days, so you can follow them from anywhere and get inspired. Which is why, in this blog, we have covered 10 travel photography bloggers in India who have staggering fan following and are super talented. This World Photography Day – 19th August,  you ought to check out their brilliant work.

1.Siddhartha Joshi

Based out of Mumbai, Siddhartha Joshi is a professional industrial designer with a passion for photography. He started his journey as a travel photographer and blogger in 2010 with some simple blogs and went on to become one of the top travel photography bloggers in India. From capturing the beauty of mesmerising landscapes and historical monuments to clicking stunning and powerful portraits, Siddhartha specialises in them all. What’s unique about his work is that he clicks his subjects from different angles and dimensions and the results are brilliant! Over the years, many of his works have got published in some top newspapers, magazines and blogs, including Huffington Post, CNN and Shutterstock. Siddhartha now has his travel channel on YouTube and a huge fan following on Instagram. He also has a website where you can find some of his interesting travel blogs and photographs.

Check out his work here:

2. Sourabh Gandhi

An engineer by profession, Sourabh Gandhi is a passionate photographer based out of Delhi. His rendezvous with the camera started in 2012 and there has been no looking back since then. Besides being an avid travel and nature photographer, Sourabh does corporate, pre-wedding, wedding, maternity and baby shoots as well. He also specialises in Festival Photography and has received many awards for the same. Having worked with many brands professionally, his captures have got featured in National Geographic Magazine, N-Photo Magazine, Instagram Official Page and other platforms.

Check out his work here:

3. Sunny Gala

Sunny Gala, a Mumbai-based photographer, is known for clicking some of the most intriguing photographs related to travel, lifestyle and adventure. He specialises in landscape, portrait, food and pre-wedding photography and his works are quite fascinating and thought-provoking. You ought to visit his Instagram profile to understand what we are talking about. Sunny Gala has a YouTube Channel as well with over 23 thousand subscribers. His YouTube videos on photography tips and tricks are quite popular among amateur photographers looking to sharpen their photography skills. It goes without saying that his travel videos on his YouTube channel are too good to be missed. Sunny Gala also has a website, featuring some of his best clicks!

Check out his work here:

4. Abhinav Chandel

A passionate traveller, photographer and writer from McLeod Ganj in Himachal Pradesh, Abhinav Chandel is an inspiration for every aspiring travel photography blogger. He left his full-time job to follow the profession of his dreams – travel photography. Abhinav took his first solo trip in 2012 to Nainital and never looked back. He is now busy exploring different parts of India and other countries, literally taking the road less travelled, and capturing some stunning locations on his camera. The brilliant play of colours and backdrops in his clicks is what makes them so unique and eye-catching. He writes travelogues and poetry as well; visit his Instagram page and you can find some of his best works there.

Check out his work here:

5. Navaneeth Unnikrishnan

An astro-landscape photographer from Kerala, Navaneeth Unnikrishnan is known for capturing some of the most amazing photos of the universe that are not visible to the naked eye. He clicks photographs of deep-sky objects using telescopes and the results are surreal. That’s not all, Navaneeth uses his exceptional camera skills for aerial nightscape, landscape, travel and portrait photography as well. Being a self-taught photographer, Navaneeth learnt photography through independent study and by experimenting with different types of camera lenses. Thanks to his exceptional photography skills, his works have got featured in Digital Camera Magazine, National Geographic, Huffington Post, BBC Earth,, BuzzFeed, Earth & Sky and other such popular platforms. Check out his website and Instagram page to feast your eyes on some of his most amazing clicks.

Check out his work here:

6. Abbas Baig

The art of photography has charmed many and Abbas Baig is one of them. Based out of New Delhi, Abbas is a graduate engineer who switched to photography to pursue his dream career. He started as a student in Jamia Millia Islamia and went on to become one of the most inspiring travel photography bloggers in the country. Abbas has travelled to different parts of India, capturing the scenic beauty of the country like none other. His stunning clicks with minimalistic compositions and soothing colours have gained him many followers on Instagram. Abbas is now a full-time photographer and associated with some famous photography groups. He also holds many photography workshops in different cities around the country.

Check out his work here:

7. Zaid Salman

Hailing from New Delhi, Zaid Salman is a self-taught travel photographer and blogger with an eye to look at things differently. Making the best use of his photography skills and creativity, Zaid adds a unique touch to the most insignificant things and makes them appear surreal. The way he uses some simple props in most of his clicks is what makes his work stand out from the rest. Over the years, Zaid Salman has carved a niche for himself in the field of photography and successfully worked with some top brands, such as Canon, Samsung, OnePlus, Bose, JBL, Ford and Tata Motors, among others. Head over to Zaid’s Instagram page, yourworldmylens, to check out some of his most amazing clicks and reels.

Check out his work here:

8. Mohd Danish

Danish is a Delhi-based travel photographer and influencer who got bit by the photography bug in 2017 during his graduation days. He was casually checking out the photos in National Geographic magazine and got captivated seeing how certain places in Delhi looked so enticingly beautiful in photos. Although he has a degree in travel and tourism, he chose travel photography as his career and is now one of the best freelance photographers in India. Danish, a self-taught photographer, started his photography journey in 2018 and rose to fame within a short span of 4 years. Some of his clicks have got featured in renowned magazines and websites, such as Nat Geo, Canon, Google, BBC, CNN, NDTV, TOI and Hindustan Times. He also enjoys a huge fan following on Instagram and interacts with enthusiasts.

Check out his work here:

9. Aakash Naresh

Aakash Naresh is a travel and nature enthusiast who spends most of his days amidst beautiful hills and snowy mountains. Check out his Instagram account and you will be in awe of his brilliant work. Most of the clicks showcase his special connection with nature; from snow-capped mountains and lush green valleys to beaches, lakes and starlit skies, Aakash’s camera has captured them all. What’s more, his clicks are a wonderful combination of colours, clarity, composition and stunning backdrops. There’s something so enticing about his work that nature photography enthusiasts often find themselves glued to his Instagram profile for long!

Check out his work here:

10. George Koruth (Fotobaba)

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George Koruth (Fotobaba) |

George Koruth, popularly known as Fotobaba, is an avid documentary and travel photographer based out of Wayanad in Kerala. Following his passion for photography since 2005, George has travelled across the country and brilliantly captured its rich culture and traditions on his camera. His massive collection also includes some stunning photographs of nature, food, travel, festivals and weddings. As a responsible photographer, George tries to highlight certain social issues in his clicks. He has worked for many reputed international magazines and websites and was even featured as one of India’s top photographers by a popular news agency.

Check out his work here:

So, now you know about the 10 most popular travel photography bloggers in India who are redefining the pleasure of exploring new places. Their mesmerising clicks and inspiring content on different online platforms have motivated many travel enthusiasts and aspiring photographers to take trips and follow their love for photography. And who knows…you might be the next!