Who doesn’t like a great night out after a long week of tirelessly toiling away at the office or college?! We all deserve a break, damn it! And, when you are in a city like Mumbai, it makes even more sense to party hard; after all it is the Entertainment Capital of India. Celebs, glam, disco music, congregation of revellers, and smart bartenders whipping up out-of-the-world cocktails have come to define the city’s nightlife. If you are a night owl, who likes to live it big, then you have got to throng these top 10 nightclubs in Mumbai:

Best Night Clubs in Mumbai:

Playboy – Blast from the Past Worli
Shiro– Great Décor, Great Ambience, Great Food Worli
Exo– The Penthouse Experience Lower Parel
Skky– Something for the Senses Powai
Tryst– Enjoy the VIP Treatment Lower Parel
Kitty Su– A Class Apart Andheri East
Aer– Feel the Air Worli
Matahaari– Truly International Worli
Tote on the Turf– A Mix ‘n’ Match Situation Mahalaxmi Race Course
Hard Rock Café– Because it’s Hard Rock Café Andheri East

1. Playboy – Blast from the Past, Mumbai

Playboy – Blast from the Past | #1 Night Clubs in Mumbai

Playboy | #1 Night Clubs in Mumbai (Photo Credits: Just Dial)

The iconic Hugh-Hefner owned brand, easily recognised by its bunny logo, has made its foray into India by launching Playboy Club in Mumbai. Bringing the magic and buzz of the original playboy Club in Chicago was the main idea behind establishing it. After crossing security, you head up the staircase, past playboy Bunnies, and across the expensive-looking (obviously) carpet with animal prints to the dance floor. This is a rectangular space with wooden floor, with the bar counter on one end and DJ station on the other. Even if you don’t get to be part of an actual Playboy party here, you can watch those on the giant screen above the DJ station. On either side of the floor are chic walls with tiny lights, just below which are oversized sofas. And, for its name, the club isn’t that expensive.

  • Location of the night club : Birla Century Mill compound, Worli, Mumbai

2. Shiro– Great Décor, Great Ambience, Great Food, Mumbai

Shiro | #2 Night Club in Mumbai

Shiro | #2 Night Club in Mumbai (Photo Credits: Liveinstyle)

Don’t be fooled by the humongous statue of a Buddhist female deity in the hall that seems to be quietly going about its way, pouring water from the pot, and its exuberant décor into thinking that Shiro is just a fine-dining restaurant. Sure, its high, pyramidal bamboo ceiling, panelled walls, water ponds, crimson beads, plush sofas and twinkling bulbs almost recreate an East Asian imperial palace screaming pomp and luxury, but at Shiro’s heart lies a nightclub. As the night grows darker, so increases the loudness of the music blasting away inside. Head to Shiro, shake a leg to some of the hippest beats in town, and then sit down to enjoy a strikingly fresh palette of Thai, Vietnamese, Korean, Cantonese and Japanese delights with an extensive range of drinks.

  • Location of the night club: Bombay Dyeing Mill Compound, Worli, Mumbai

3. Exo– The Penthouse Experience, Mumbai

Exo | #3 Night Club in Mumbai

Exo | #3 Night Club in Mumbai | Photo Credits: CN Traveller

Exo or Xxo takes you high, and I mean really high. Situated on the 37th floor of supposedly the tallest tower hotel in Mumbai, the club offers you a memorable penthouse experience. This elegant lounge with wooden flooring, stylish, high bar tables and kingly sofas looks more like some billionaire’s mansion rather than a nightclub. Apart from these seats, there are low, padded sofas and your typical bar-style stools; to experience the essence of Exo, try to reserve a table by the floor-to-ceiling window, and the bird’s eye view of Mumbai’s glittering skyline will surely floor you. The club employs an in-house DJ, who is pretty adept at giving revellers a good time with peppy tracks. For drinks, you can go for your favourite ones or ask the talented bartenders to create a cocktail exactly to your preference.

  • Location of the night club: St. Regis Hotel, Lower Parel, Mumbai

4. Skky– Something for the Senses, Mumbai

Skky | #4 Night Club in Mumbai

Skky | #4 Night Club in Mumbai | Photo Credits: Travenix

While talking about rooftop lounges, one name which is bound to feature is Skky. It has tables set in the midst of brick and mortar water ponds. The place is dotted with plants that add a touch of freshness; right behind the lounge are lush hills. You are escorted to your table by an usher, who hands you a tablet to order your food from. Skky might not be ‘the place’ for a full-blown party, but it certainly compensates by being the perfect spot for a romantic evening. So, if you are staying at FabHotel Aksa International, make it a point to come here.

  • Location of the night club: Ramada Hotel, Powai, Mumbai

5. Tryst– Enjoy the VIP Treatment, Mumbai

Tryst | #5 Night Club in Mumbai

Tryst | #5 Night Club in Mumbai | Photo Credits: GC Prive

Tryst is a favourite of Mumbai’s super-rich youngsters. The normal entry costs roughly the same as at other places, but if you have a fat pocket, you get VIP treatment. This new-age nightclub has done away with the most characteristic feature of such places, the dance floor itself. Instead, it boasts private tables on slightly raised platforms that glow in the dark with lights. Over 16 million LED lights were brought all the way from Amsterdam; the colour scheme changes according to the music or what the people at that table are doing! The nine private tables come with a personal butler, bartender and even their very bouncer. It’s not all; those who are able to reserve one of these even get a personal mini-bar, stocked with whatever be their poison. The music here is a mix of House, Hip-Hop and Electronic.

  • Location of the night club: High Street Phoenix, Lower Parel, Mumbai  

6. Kitty Su– A Class Apart, Mumbai

Kitty Su | #6 Night Club in Mumbai

Kitty Su | #6 Night Club in Mumbai | Photo Credits: Official Website

Those, who are staying at hotels near Mumbai Airport, must definitely check-out Kitty Su. A spacious dance floor with shining wooden flooring flanked, well-lit bar counter, DJ station with gigantic amplifiers and lounge area with padded sofas sets this one apart from other discos in Mumbai. The walls as well as the glass room separators feature quirky slogans and one-liners in English and Hindi. Mumbai’s everyday life has been glorified in the décor, be it the aluminium ceiling, vintage-style fans, large wooden doors or oil drum for tables. Kitty Su features daily performances by resident as well as guest DJs. There are three separate sections for you to sit: a semi-private area, a private section with its own bar and butler, and The List, which has its own bar stocked with only expensive liquors, and very own DJ console.

  • Location of the night club: The LaLit, Andheri East, Mumbai

7. Aer– Feel the Air, Mumbai

Aer | #7 Night Club in Mumbai

Aer | #7 Night Club in Mumbai | Photo Credits: Readoscope

True to its name (not the spelling), Aer literally lets you feel the air. This open-air, rooftop pub is the place to be for amazing views and electric vibe. It is quite a trendy party den with tiled floor, contemporary white sofas and tables, and a round bar counter on a slightly raised platform. It won’t seem like much during the day, but as the sun goes down and twilight sets in, Aer comes alive with colourful lights and buzzing music. Try to come here at twilight so you can see the sky turning darker and the city lights becoming brighter. The food here is a mix of Indian, Continental and Chinese delights, best enjoyed with their incredible selection of drinks.

  • Location of the night club: Four Seasons Hotel, Worli, Mumbai

8. Matahaari– Truly International, Mumbai

Matahaari | #8 Night Club in Mumbai

Matahaari | #8 Night Club in Mumbai | Photo Credits: TWI Blue

Just one look inside Matahaari, and you realise how much effort has gone in conceptualising this place. Envisioned by its architectural designer as what the house of the famous Dutch spy, Mata Hari, would look like if she was alive today, the club stays enveloped in scents of wood and flowers. Matahaari boasts an overall golden and black décor, gigantic leather sofas, luxurious crystal chandeliers, crimson curtains, golden frames and polished wooden floor. There are pictures of the spy on the walls, as well as a well-stocked library shelf, which is actually a door to the VVIP area. Matahaari might be inspired by a Dutch national, but the music here is Bollywood and the food Asian! When here, forget the usual drinks, and go for their in-house specialities. So, come here for a one-of-a-kind experience, and you won’t be disappointed.

  • Location of the night club: Atria The Millennium Mall, Worli, Mumbai

9. Tote on the Turf– A Mix ‘n’ Match Situation, Mumbai

Tote on the Turf | #9 Night Club in Mumbai

Tote on the Turf | #9 Night Club in Mumbai | Photo Credits: Weddingz

A combination of a restaurant and bar, Tote on the Turf has one of the most beautiful décor of any party place. You enter via a charming, white pavilion with high ribbed-vaulted ceilings with floral motifs, mirroring a Gothic cathedral’s cloister. As you enter the bar, you get transported from medieval times to the present era as it has an urban feel with wrought iron girdles and mezzanines, and wooden floor. The in-house DJ keeps the party alive with his classic and new-age tunes. Tote on the Turf even has a lounge-like open-air area with candles and big sofas for the more intimate outings. The finger food in the bar is a mix of kebabs and European bites, whereas the entrees in the restaurant include fragrant and delicious Mughlai delights from Lucknow, Kashmir and Hyderabad! Do give this place a try if you are staying at hotels near Bandra Kurla Complex.

  • Location of the night club: Mahalaxmi Race Course, Mumbai

10. Hard Rock Café– Because it’s Hard Rock Café, Mumbai

Hard Rock Café | #10 Night Club in Mumbai

Hard Rock Café | #10 Night Club in Mumbai | Photo Credits: Franchise India

 No list of party places in Mumbai can be complete without the mention of Hard Rock Café, the Mecca for those who want to enjoy good food and drinks while swaying to DJs or banging their heads to some good old Rock ‘N’ Roll. The layout of Hard Rock Café is pretty simple: urban décor (some places with Rock N Roll memorabilia), a large open space with a concert stage, bar counter, and tables and chairs all around. The food is a combination of Hard Rock Café classics like salads, hamburgers, sandwiches, steaks and fries along with some Indian options. Whether you have booked a room at hotels in Andheri or Bandra, you can have a great time here as it has two branches in the city:

  • Location of the night club: Wadia International Centre, Worli & Veera Desai Industrial Estate, Andheri, Mumbai

These are the top 10 nightclubs and party places in Mumbai that you must try for a disco-like experience. So, whenever you stay at hotels in Mumbai, go out for a great time with your friends or collegues at these amazing places.

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