Earth Day is here, and so are the million social media posts proclaiming our love for our other mother. Sadly, every year, this love constricts itself within the social media boundaries, without creating any robust change on the ground. While one day isn’t enough to change the face of the Earth, some small, calculative steps can create a bigger impact. So, without further ado, here are a few hook words that can put you on the path to becoming a sustainable traveler: Unload

Start by combing your suitcase and narrowing down to what you truly need. It not only lightens your load, but also reduces an aircraft’s carbon emission.


Pit stops and layovers mean at least one extra take-off and landing. In fact, flying at night has been proven hazardous for the Earth. Scientists claim that flying at night traps heat and contributes to a greater warming effect. So, choose non-stop flights and day flights to reach your destination.


Bring your own bottle and bag! Pack a sturdy reusable bottle in your bag, and give plastic water bottles a miss. Bringing your bottle will contribute to lessening the burden on the overflowing landfills.  In addition to bottles, carrying your own bags or making space in your travel bags for souvenirs and shopping loot is a great idea. Giving the cold shoulder to plastic carry bags will contribute immensely towards reducing the non-biodegradable waste on Earth. Also, consolidating your items in one bag is not only sustainable but also more comfortable to carry.


A simple flush of a plane toilet produces energy good enough for a car to run at least 10 km. Stopping by the loo before you board the flight is a good idea to reduce your carbon footprint. Besides, on-flight bathrooms have long queues and not enough space. So, make the right choice.

Green Stay

According to a survey by, 62 per cent of travelers often or always consider the environment when choosing hotels, transportation and meals. In fact, 84 per cent of the respondents discredit the fact that eco-friendly choices have an impact on comfort or luxury. Such regular travelers practise some of the most common green habits at hotels: turning off lights when not in the room (88 per cent), reusing towels and linens (78 per cent) and recycling (58 per cent). Staying at an eco-friendly hotel like those of FabHotels is easy not just on the pocket but also on the environment. So, from your second home to first, Happy #EarthDay! FabHotels pledges to protect this fragile piece of rock we call home. Because, if there is no planet, where will you fly?