Indore is one of those few places in India where travelers find everything they need. From adventure to nature to history – there is something for everyone and the culture of the city only adds to the charm of its many secrets. If you are looking to explore the city and the places around it, make sure your hotel in Indore is centrally located since it becomes easier to arrange your conveyance around these tourist spots.

Let’s take a look at some of the places that must be on your list:

Places to Visit Near Indore Within 400 km

1. Omkareshwar

Omkareshwar | #1 of 7 Best Places to Visit Near Indore

Omkareshwar | #1 of 7 Best Places to Visit Near Indore Within 400 km

History, architecture, spiritualism all merge together to make this beautiful, peaceful town. One among the 12 Jyotirlingas across India, Omkareshwar offers a peek into the simple ways of life in a place surrounded by tradition and religion. The name of the town owes its origin to the manner in which the two valleys merge while giving Narmada River place to flow – thus making an Om.

The two main shrines here are Omkareshwar and Amarkareshwar. While you can even walk to the main shrine, taking a boat to the temple is another experience altogether. As is with all temples in India, there will be pandits urging you to get innumerable ceremonies performed for peace and harmony, we’d suggest to be wary. Also, two things you must try here are a walk through the local market and a small meal at one of the dhabas – both are absolutely worth it! Of course, you must try the world famous namkeen poha! The sun tends to get too harsh here so make sure you carry your stole and sunscreen.

  • Distance from Indore: 77 km (2 hours, 20 minutes)
  • Best time to go: October to March

2. Ujjain

Places to Visit Near Indore Within 400 km

Ujjain | #2 of 7 Best Places to Visit Near Indore Within 400 km

Considered to be one of the seven sacred cities of India, the temple city of Ujjain is soaked in cultural heritage and a rich past. Once the residence of Ashoka, Ujjain lies on the banks of River Shipra and is a picturesque sight. During the evenings, Ujjain is lit with colourful lights adorning the temple and the entire city reminds one of a place from the fairytales.

Head here to understand a way of life so dramatically different from the cities, you’d be pleased with the break. Among the more popular temples, Harsiddhi Temple, Gopal Mandir, Mahakaleshwar Temple are a must visit. For an immersive spiritual experience, you can visit the vibrant Ram Ghat where the morning and evening aarti is conducted. Food at Ujjain is simple but by no means unsatisfactory. From aloo puri to kachori sabzi, it has some of the best street food in Madhya Pradesh.

  • Distance from Indore: 56 km (1 hour, 15 minutes)
  • Best time to visit: April to June; October to March

3. Maheshwar

Places to Visit Near Indore Within 400 km

Maheshwar | #3 of 7 Best Places to Visit Near Indore Within 400 km

A walk through Maheshwar takes you back to simpler times and you would wish you had an extra day here to experience this bliss. The town is situated along river Narmada and was an erstwhile royal town. Popularly known for the beautiful Ahilya Fort which was built under Queen Ahilyabai Holkar, the town is reminiscent of an old-world charm. The serenity, the picturesque sunset and the sight of innumerable tourists capturing the beauty of the town is a moment that will stay with you for a long time.

You must take a boat ride here since it’s one of the best experiences Maheshwar has to offer. Right before you enter the fort, there is a small café at the entrance which serves the best coffee you’ll find in town and is a must visit to calm your hunger pangs. You must also check out the small shops lining the streets here for the popular Maheshwari saris and fabric. Do remember to bargain since their prices can easily be negotiated.

  • Distance from Indore: 95 km (2 hours approx.)
  • Best time to visit: October to March

4. Mandavgad

Places to Visit Near Indore Within 400 km

Mandavgad | #4 of 7 Best Places to Visit Near Indore Within 400 km

This small city in Madhya Pradesh is fondly known as the City of Joy. Well known for the fort built by Baz Bahadur in memory of his queen Rani Roopmati, this town houses a number of other architectural wonders which are definitely worth taking a look at including Jami Masjid, Tomb of Hoshang Shah and the Royal Palace and Champa Bawdi.

Locals here refer to Mandavgad as Mandu and they are perhaps the best guides to take you around the city and help you explore the remains in the city. Do try the local specialty of Baobab juice here while you are exploring the city as you perhaps may not find it anywhere else in Madhya Pradesh.

  • Distance from Indore: 87 km (2 hours approx.)
  • Best time to visit: October to March

5. Sanchi

Places to Visit Near Indore Within 400 km

Sanchi | #5 of 7 Best Places to Visit Near Indore Within 400 km

Home to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Mahastupa, Sanchi is a small, quiet town in Madhya Pradesh. Perfect for those who had imagined visiting the architectural wonder while studying their textbooks and for those who enjoy capturing the bygone era through their art. The Stupas of Sanchi was constructed with orders by Ashoka in an effort to protect Buddhism and also to spread its message. Today the town with its temples, stupas and monasteries is a place of awe and wonder for innumerable tourists visiting it every year.

  • Distance from Indore: 240 km (4 hours, 25 minutes)
  • Best time to visit: October to March

6. Rock Shelters of Bhimbetka

Places to Visit Near Indore Within 400 km

Rock Shelters of Bhimbetka | #6 of 7 Best Places to Visit Near Indore Within 400 km

One of the most unique places in Madhya Pradesh, Bhimbetka is as unusual as its name. As the popular story from Mahabharata goes, the strongest Pandava, Bhim sat here during exile and thus the place got its name. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the almost 500 pre-historic rock caves of Bhimbetka are an architectural marvel and offer a peek into the time gone by. The ways of man, their lifestyle and their beliefs are all depicted in the paintings on the cave walls and it’s important to note that all the paintings were made at different time periods with some being as old as 30,000 years old.

When you visit Bhimbetka, make sure to protect the sanctity of the place and preserve this wonder as far as possible.

  • Distance from Indore: 238 km (5 hours approx.)
  • Best time to visit: October to March

7. Pachmarhi

Places to Visit Near Indore Within 400 km

Pachmarhi | #7 of 7 Best Places to Visit Near Indore Within 400 km

There are a few places that leave an impression so strong, you will have to come back, Pachmari is definitely one of those hill stations. Endowed with nature’s beauty, the small hamlet is as charming as it is welcoming. With so much to do and admire, Pachmarhi leaves the traveler in you more than satisfied. You must start with the highest waterfall in India – Rajat Pratap waterfall; its sparkling water is mesmerizing to say the least and it is a view you’ll not forget easily.

Pachmari is also home to a number of caves, temples and churches which should all be part of your itinerary especially Pandava Caves, Jata Shankar Caves and Handi Khoh. What is also quite interesting is that Pachmari is part of Satpura National Park and makes the list for UNESCO’s Biosphere Reserve for its flora and fauna. If you want to explore and enjoy the beauty of Pachmarhi, we’d strongly suggest to spend at least two days here.

  • Distance from Indore: 340 km (8 hours approx.)
  • Best time to visit: October to June

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