Aren’t there times when you try everything in your capacity to recharge your weary mind and yet feel all the same? Times when every magic formula ever invented by mankind – from food and drinks to movies and music – fails to keep your spirits up? When all else fails, try Vitamin Sea! And there is no better place to take in a good dose of this magic medicine than the beaches in Goa, where roaring waves, golden sand, and the brightly shining sun come together to give you the best revitalising experience ever. From the ones swarming with tourists and party lovers to the rather secluded options that welcome you with their serene surroundings, these sandy havens are perfect for a dream-like holiday. Stay with us till the end of this blog to discover some of the best beaches, stretching all the way from North Goa to South Goa:

Popular Beaches in Goa:

Baga Beach Calangute Beach
Candolim Beach Anjuna Beach
Colva Beach Arambol Beach
Mamdrem Beach Morjim Beach
Sinquerium Beach Ashwem Beach
Cavelossim Beach Agonda Beach
Patnem Beach Palolem Beach
Benaulim Beach  

The sparkling waters and the sun shining like a blessing make Goa beaches perfect for indulging into fun and frolic. Along with the astounding natural beauty that makes them glorious, the several shacks, restaurants and clubs on the beaches bring alive the mood of being in Goa. Some of the most popular beaches in North Goa and down south also provide ample opportunities for water sports, attracting thrill-seekers. Let’s take a look at the best beaches of Goa:

1. Baga Beach, North Goa

Baga Beach Hotels in Goa

Baga Beach | #1 of 15 Best Beaches in Goa

The most happening beach in Goa, Baga is loaded with shacks, party crowd, music, water sports, restaurants and clubs. Dolphin cruises and water sports like parasailing and banana rides are definitely the things to be tried here. You can also experience windsurfing during the peak season. Adding to this, some of the best hotels in Goa are also located at Baga including both budget and luxury options.

  • Distance from Panaji: 19 km
  • Activities: Dolphin cruises, parasailing, banana rides, lazing around at shacks
  • Places to Stay: Hotels near Baga Beach

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2. Calangute Beach, North Goa

Calangute Beach | Goa

Calangute Beach | #2 of 15 Best Beaches in Goa

An extension of Baga Beach, Calangute is the largest of all the beaches in North Goa and also the most frequented of all. There are a number of shacks and popular party destinations on this beach that make it a favourite haunt of vacationers, especially at the time of Christmas and New Year. Tourists can also indulge in water sports activities, such as parasailing and water skiing, at Calangute Beach. 

  • Distance from Panaji: 17.4 km
  • Activities: Parasailing, water skiing, eating and drinking at shacks
  • Places to Stay: Hotels in Calangute Beach

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3. Candolim Beach, North Goa

Candolim Beach in North Goa

Candolim Beach | #3 of 15 Best Beaches in Goa

The beautiful Candolim Beach in North Goa starts from Fort Aguada and merges with Calangute Beach towards the north and Sinquerim Beach in the south. Relatively lesser crowded than other popular beaches in North Goa, this beachfront is free of any commercial activity and has just a few inns alongside for accommodation. However, the Candolim-Calangute Road nearby is packed with restaurants, shops and resorts.

  • Distance from Panaji: 13.9 km
  • Activities: Sunset viewing, water sports
  • Places to Stay: Hotels in Candolim

4. Anjuna Beach, North Goa

Anjuna Beach | Goa

Anjuna Beach | #4 of 15 Best Beaches in Goa

Unlike other beaches in Goa that are swarmed with families and holidaymakers, Anjuna Beach has a unique culture of its own. Quite popular among foreigners, backpackers, hippies and those looking for economical stays for a long stay, this popular beach is definitely a must-visit when in North Goa. Go here for water activities like jet skiing and paragliding, for the infamous parties and not-to-be-missed the amazing flea market. 

  • Distance from Panaji: 22.8 km
  • Activities: Water sports, trance parties, flea market shopping
  • Places to Stay: Hotels near Anjuna Beach

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5. Colva Beach, South Goa

Colva Beach | Goa

Colva Beach | #5 of 15 Best Beaches in Goa

Located in South Goa just 6 km from Margao, Colva Beach is known for its romantic setting and being the cleanest beach in Goa. It happens to be a preference among couples who enjoy romantic candle-light dinners by the beach. The seafood served here is quite relishing and is also easy on the pocket. If you’re one of those people who enjoy water sports, then Colva offers numerous options. 

  • Distance from Panaji: 33.6 km
  • Activities: Candle-light dinners, water sports
  • Places to Stay: Hotels near Colva Beach

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Less-crowded Beaches in Goa

It might sound like a paradox even to suggest that Goa has less crowded beaches, but it has. These balmy beaches are uncongested and free from the swarms of sun lovers and party freaks; where you don’t have to navigate your way to the waves through loud and buzzing packs. Sounds great, right? Here is a list of some of the secluded beaches in Goa for people who are looking to escape the crowd.

6. Arambol Beach, North Goa

Arambol Beach | Goa

Arambol Beach | #6 of 15 Best Beaches in Goa

Arambol Beach is famously called the hippie capital of Goa as mostly hippies frequent this beach for the mud bath, fun-filled night parties, and some soulful music. What’s more, the place has a unique Bohemian and laid-back feel to it and is surrounded by a number of shacks where you can indulge in a bottle of beer and tasty finger food. With a thick jungle and a famous banyan tree located in its surroundings, it is one of the greenest beaches in Goa. Sounds like a perfect getaway for relaxation?

  • Distance from Panaji: 35 km
  • Activities: Paragliding, kite surfing, sunbathing, swimming, attending yoga and meditation courses
  • Places to Stay: Hotels in Arambol Beach

7. Mandrem Beach, North Goa

Mandrem Beach | Goa

Mandrem Beach | #7 of 15 Best Beaches in Goa

Wish to take a look at the adorable dolphins gliding in and out of water or spot the white-bellied fish eagles that land on casuarina trees or the Olive Ridley turtles in their natural habitat? Head to Mandrem Beach, one of the quiet beaches in North Goa where you can enjoy all these and more. With white sands covered by beach shacks offering a cozy place to spend some alone time or strike a romantic conversation with your partner, this beach offers you all the privacy you yearn for. Also, the numerous bamboo bridges atop the creeks formed during high tides let you spend a relaxed evening, sitting with your feet dipped in the cool water.

Like all other less-crowded beaches in Goa, Mandrem also is not fully developed in terms of tourist infrastructure, so you won’t find luxury resorts or accommodation options in the surrounding areas. But if you have on mind a calm vacation with swaying palm trees and a refreshing breeze to keep you company, this is the place to be.

  • Distance from Panaji: 32 km
  • Activities: Dolphin spotting, beach walking, swimming, bike rides
  • Places to Stay: Hotels near Mandrem Beach

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8. Morjim Beach, North Goa

Morjim Beach | Goa

Morjim Beach | #8 of 15 Best Beaches in Goa

While Morjim Beach surely ranks top among most serene beaches of North Goa, it also serves as the nesting place where the Olive Ridley Turtles lay their eggs. For this reason, loud music and late night parties are a strict no-no on this beach. Instead, a fine range of non-noisy activities including therapies, watersports, and kite surfing is promoted here. Situated north of Chapora River, the beach is dotted with food and beverage shacks that serve delicious dishes. Don’t be surprised if you bump into Russians as this place is home to several Russian immigrants, a reason why it is often called Little Russia. Great surroundings, peace-loving crowds, and unmatched tranquility make it one of the best places to relax and revitalize at your own pace.

Don’t forget to taste a glass of Feni while you are relaxing on the soft white sands of this beach.  Nature lovers can even opt for a relaxing cruise in the Chapora River while sightseeing enthusiasts can visit the nearby Chapora Fort, located within 10 km. It is called Dil Chahta Hai fort these days and you know why!

  • Distance from Panaji: 29 km
  • Activities: Surfing, kite surfing, boating, swimming 
  • Places to Stay: Hotels near Morjim 

9. Sinquerim Beach, North Goa

Sinquerim Beach | Goa

Sinquerim Beach | #9 of 15 Best Beaches in Goa

This beach lies between Fort Aguada and Candolim Beach, so the best way to relax here is to grab your favorite and set off to explore the surroundings. This is the perfect and nearest getaway from the city which offers you a picturesque view of the ramparts of the fort and the deep-blue sea, with the crashing waves singing in your ears. That’s not all! The local markets in the area allow you to shop to your heart’s content.

Now, coming to activities, your options are nearly endless here. Dolphin tours, paragliding, crocodile spotting and underwater photography are among the hot attractions of the beach. Those who want to enjoy some simple pleasures can swim in the shallow areas of the sea while adventure seekers can opt for watersports. The beach has a natural inward-curve, which makes it a safe place for people who wish to tread further into the waters.

  • Distance from Panaji: 13 km
  • Activities: Dolphin and crocodile spotting, snorkeling, underwater photography, skiing, paragliding, windsurfing
  • Places to Stay: Hotels in Sinquerim Fort

10. Ashwem Beach, North Goa

Ashwem Beach | Goa

Ashwem Beach | #10 of 15 Best Beaches in Goa

An isolated beach with rocks on the shore, Ashwem Beach can be best explored riding a bike along the shore as it is a long stretch that starts from the banks of the Chapora River. The resorts on Ashwem beach give you refuge from the heat while letting you have a luxurious stay and enjoy the sea and the sand to the fullest. Ranking top among the most well-maintained and cleanest beaches in Goa, Ashwem is also the nesting ground for the Olive Ridley Turtles. The gentle waves will allow you to swim until you are tired while the palm trees that line the beach make the place look stunning.

Looking for a fun-filled holiday? Enjoy a drink and delicious local dishes at the shacks, pubs, restaurants, and cafes in the area, get a tan lying on a sunbed or engage in a watersport of your choice. You can even get a tattoo from one of the tattoo parlors located near the beach.  If your kind of relaxation is watching the sunset sitting atop a rock, while the horizon is drenched in different hues of crimson orange, Ashwem will surely fulfill that wish as well!

  • Distance from Panaji: 30 km
  • Activities: Bike rides, swimming, water sports, surfing, turtle spotting
  • Places to Stay: Hotels near Ashwem Beach

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11. Cavelossim Beach, South Goa

Cavelossim Beach | Goa

Cavelossim Beach | #11 of 15 Best Beaches in Goa

Surrounded by the Sal River and the Arabian Sea, this balmy beach is beauty at its best and will give you tranquility you cannot experience elsewhere.  Anyone in the hunt of solitude can head straight to this beach where the blue brine, black lava rock, green coconut groves, and long stretches of white sand paint a spectacular picture of nature. Laze around the shore or take refuge from the heat in the cool coconut groves or indulge in some water activities – the choice is yours!

Cavelossim Beach is your best bet in South Goa for watching beautiful, soul-stirring sunsets. The place is pretty quiet and calm, even during the peak seasons, and the restaurants and shacks in the surrounding areas will cater to your taste buds. What’s more, you can even go for a cruise on the Sal River which meanders through the other side of the beach. Whether you are planning a family vacation, honeymoon or a quiet vacation all alone, this is indeed the place to be.

  • Distance from Panaji: 47 km
  • Activities: Water sports (not during monsoons), river cruises, fishing expeditions

12. Agonda Beach, South Goa

Agonda Beach | Goa

Agonda Beach | #12 of 15 Best Beaches in Goa

If there ever is a beach devoid of hawkers stalking people to fulfill their daily sale, it is none other than the Agonda Beach. It stretches for three kilometers with only the sand, sun, and sea to give you company. One of the best places to spend some quality time with your partner, Agonda may top your list for a romantic holiday or honeymoon. Also, the beach huts will give you exactly what you are looking for – complete privacy.

13. Patnem Beach, South Goa

Patnem Beach | Goa

Patnem Beach | #13 of 15 Best Beaches in Goa

Located in the southernmost region of Goa, Patnem Beach joins the list on account of the tranquility it offers. While you are here, your happy moments are disturbed only by the whispering breeze, lashing waves and chirping birds in the vicinity. Palolem Beach, Goa is located within a walking distance from Patnem; and the beautiful Colomb Beach is located in between these two.

Remember, the place is all about relaxing! You can opt for a quiet read in the beach shacks or take a stroll on the shores listening to your favorite music. You can also go swimming in the blue waters or laze around on a hammock or sunbed. Some of the best Goan food is available at the beachside shops for you to have a gastronomic experience. Should you wish to do something other than relaxing and indulging in good food and drinks, how about joining the yoga retreats which the beach is famous for?

  • Distance from Panaji: 70 km
  • Activities: Sunbathing, beach walking, yoga retreats 
  • Places to Stay: Hotels near Patnem Beach

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14. Palolem Beach, South Goa

Palolem Beach | Goa

Palolem Beach | #14 of 15 Best Beaches in Goa

This astounding beach village with sparse fishermen population is a must-visit when you are in the southern part of Goa. Best known for its tranquil waters and nightlife, the beach stretches over 1.5 km with white sand, palm trees, and bamboo huts adding to its postcard-worthy surroundings. Its unusual crescent shape gives you a complete view of both the ends of the beach, which is a rare scenario.

Another major attraction is the silent parties or ‘silent discos’ hosted here, in which you enjoy the music on headphones and dance to the tunes. Sounds interesting, eh? Palolem beach also served as the shooting spot for the famous Hollywood movie The Bourne Supremacy.

15. Benaulim Beach, South Goa

Benaulim Beach | Goa

Benaulim Beach | #15 of 15 Best Beaches in Goa

This beach offers you a placid setting during the day and allows you to be a part of an active nightlife as the sun goes down. A major attraction here is the bullfight that takes place from October to March, every year. The long strips of sand are peppered with seaside shacks, restaurants, and beach loungers. You can relish local cuisines at these shacks, take a stroll on the shoreline till you are tired or check out the Church of St. John the Baptist Benaulim for its architectural beauty. Eating, relaxing, and sightseeing – well, that’s the best combo you can ever dream of, right?

  • Distance from Panaji: 38 km
  • Activities: Swimming, watching the bullfight, sightseeing
  • Places to Stay: Hotels near Benaulim Beach

Compared to the crowded beaches in Goa mentioned earlier, these secluded ones can be visited even during peak seasons. So depending on when you’re visiting the state and what you wish to do, choose from these sandy havens and explore them till you have had enough of Vitamin Sea! Trust us, this is the best way to escape the buzzing city and re-energize yourself, before returning to the redundant routine in your office cubicle.

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