Situated in the vicinity of New Delhi, Gurgaon shares the national capital’s characteristics of being a climatically extreme city. It experiences a humid subtropical climate with five distinct seasons – summer, monsoon, autumn, winter, and spring. To make the most of your trip and enjoy a comfortable stay in the hotels in Gurgaon, you must have an understanding of the seasons and climatic conditions in the city.

Want to know what is the best time to visit Gurgaon? Here is a rundown of the different seasons in Gurgaon and the things do in each season:

Gurgaon in Summer (April to June)

Best Time to Visit Gurgaon

Summers are harsh and intense in Gurgaon. Starting from the month of April, the summer heat and intensity reach its peak in the month of May. The maximum temperature may reach as high as 40 degrees Celsius while the minimum remains around 25 degrees Celsius during this season. Dry and hot winds are a common affair in the city during sumemrs.

Thanks to the sweltering heat, the months from April to June are not the best season to visit Gurgaon. However, if you happen to be in the city during this period, there is a good range of things to do in Gurgaon during summer.

Things to Do in Gurgaon in Summer

  • Beat the heat at the waterparks in Gurgaon – Fun N Food Village, Wet N Wild, AapnoGhar, and Appu Ghar Oysters Beach
  • Unwind at the pubs in Gurgaon – Adda by Striker, HRC, Sutra, Molecule, Prankster, Social, Agent Jack’s Bidding Bar, etc.
  • Visit the breweries in Gurgaon – Vapour, Manhattan, Soi 7, After Stories, 7 Degrees Brauhaus, etc.
  • Explore the nightlife in Gurgaon
  • Tee off at Qutub Golf Club
  • Go ice skating at iSkate, Ambiance Mall
  • Drive to the hill stations near Gurgaon – Lansdowne, Kasauli, Kanatal, Naukuchiatal, Shimla, etc.
  • Camp overnight near Damdama Lake
  • Visit the Masani Fair (April)
  • Enjoy the lively feel of the Gurgaon Utsav (May)
  • Celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr (Mostly during the last part of June)

Gurgaon in Monsoon (July to September)

Best Time to Visit Gurgaon

Monsoon in Gurgaon is marked by relatively low temperatures as compared to the summer season. Though the average temperature remains around 20 degrees Celsius, the high humidity can make you feel uncomfortable. You can expect heavy rains and thunderstorms to lash the city during this period. July is the wettest month in the city.

Indoor attractions and entertainment zones are your safest best if you are visiting Gurgaon in the months of monsoon.

Things to Do in Gurgaon in Monsoon

  • Play escape games with your friends at Mystery Rooms or Ctrl.Shift.Esc
  • Enjoy a coffee date at a café – Another Fine Day, Café Delhi Heights, Di Ghent Café, Amaretto, Blue Tokai, Greenr, Sibang Bakery, etc.
  • Capture the wet city in your camera’s lens
  • Wine and dine at the best restaurants in Gurgaon – 21 Gun Salute, Prego, Mamagoto, Farzi Café, SodaBottleOpenerWala, Cilantro, Imperfecto, Live Wok, etc.
  • Unleash your adventurous side at Smaaash, a multi-gaming destination
  • Explore the museums in Gurgaon – Heritage Transport Museum, Vintage Camera Museum, Museum of Folk and Tribal Arts, and Sanskriti Museum
  • Spend some time at the Vimla Art Gallery
  • Enjoy live theater at the Kingdom of Dreams
  • Enjoy shopping, food, and entertainment at the shopping malls in Gurgaon – Ambience Mall, MGF Metropolitan, DLF City Cente, Gurgaon Central, etc.
  • Indulge in the Janmashtami celebrations (July)

Gurgaon in Autumn (October to Early November)

Best Time to Visit Gurgaon

Autumn in Gurgaon is short but pleasant. The season starts from October and lasts till the early part of November. The temperature usually slides down to around 35 degrees Celsius in October and further dips to 25 to 27 degrees Celsius in November. Very little rainfall and ample sunshine are the key features of this season.

The agreeable weather conditions make it the best time to visit Gurgaon and indulge in outdoor activities.

Things to Do in Gurgaon in Autumn

  • Go camping in Gurgaon – Camp Tikling, Camp Mustang, Awara Resort Camp, Botanix Nature Resort, and Camp Wild Dhauj, etc.
  • Go bird watching at Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary and Keoladeo National Park
  • Indulge in village tourism at Pratapgarh Farms, Thakran Farms, etc.
  • Go for an air safari at Flyboy Aero Park
  • Enjoy hot air ballooning at Damdama Lake
  • Visit Neverenuf Garden Railway
  • Celebrate the festival of Dussehra (October)

Gurgaon in Winter (Mid November to January)

Best Time to Visit Gurgaon

Winter starts in Gurgaon from around mid-November and extends till January. This season can be extreme in the city, with the Himalayan winds bringing down the temperatures to freezing levels. The maximum temperature stays around 20 degrees Celsius while the minimum temperature can come down to about 5 degrees Celsius. Nights can be very cold in Gurgaon during winter.

Activities that require you to break a sweat – from sightseeing to adventure sports – can be ideal during this season.

Things to Do in Gurgaon in Winter

  • Engage in adventure activities like zip lining, artificial wall climbing, go-karting, paintballing, etc. at Off Road Adventure Zone (Bandhwari)
  • Enjoy a picnic lunch near the lakes in Gurgaon
  • Visit the Aravalli Biodiversity Park
  • Pay a visit to the temples in Gurgaon – Sita Ram Mandir, ISKCON Temple, Sai Ka Agan Mandir, Digambar Temple, etc.
  • Celebrate Diwali (November)
  • Attend Christmas and New Year parties (December – January)

Gurgaon in Spring (February to March)

Best Time to Visit Gurgaon

After a freezing winter, spring brings in a brilliant sunshine and warm temperatures. Starting from an average of 23 degrees Celsius in February, the temperature reaches a maximum of 30 degrees Celsius in March. The night temperature hovers around 10 to 12 degrees Celsius. Read also – Places to Visit in Gurgaon

It is one of the best seasons to visit Gurgaon, thanks to the pleasant climate conditions.

Things to Do in Gurgaon in Spring

  • Spend an evening at Tau Devi Lal Bio Diversity Park or the Leisure Valley Park
  • Indulge in adventure activities
  • Watch the sunset while boating on Damdama Lake
  • Go camping
  • Indulge in street shopping
  • Attend the Sohna Car Rally (February)
  • Celebrate Holi (March)

When it’s Gurgaon, you will always find a lot of things to do and explore in this city, regardless of the season. Now that you know all about the best seasons to visit Gurgaon, go ahead and plan your trip accordingly.

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