Planning a trip to Amritsar to visit the renowned Golden Temple? You will never regret your decision! One of the most revered places in the country, this holy abode will surely leave you spellbound with its spiritual ambiance and glorious beauty. But besides this, there are many other important religious places in the city including temples and churches that you can explore. Even though a major population of this place consists of Sikhs but people of other religions also live here in peace and harmony. There is a significant number of Christians in the city and hence, you’ll find some beautiful churches in Amritsar.

Here’s a list of such prominent churches that you should explore when you come to Amritsar:

Churches in Amritsar:

St. Paul’s Church Court Road
St. Patrick’s Catholic Church Fatehgarh Churian Road
Christ Church Cathedral Ram Bagh
Believers Church Diocese of Amritsar Aman Avenue
Bible Church of God Court Road
City AG Church Putligarh
Anglican Church of India Taylor Road

1. St. Paul’s Church

St. Paul’s Church, Amritsar

St. Paul’s Church | #1 of 8 Churches in Amritsar

The St. Paul’s Church is one of the most beautiful buildings in the city. It is among the oldest churches in Amritsar, being established in 1852 and consecrated in 1857 by the Bishop of Madras (now Chennai). Till 1947, it was a part of the Diocese of Lahore but later, it came under the diocese of the Church of India.

Surrounded by well-maintained gardens, this Anglican Church is known for its wonderful cathedral-style architecture. On Christmas Eve, Good Friday and Easter, the place is beautifully decorated and is truly a sight to watch. 

  • Location: Court Road, Amritsar

2. St. Patrick’s Catholic Church

St. Patrick’s Catholic Church, Amritsar

St. Patrick’s Catholic Church | #2 of 8 Churches in Amritsar

The St. Patrick’s Catholic Church is one of the biggest of its kind in Amritsar. This humble abode of the God features wonderful bricked architecture and a long pathway approaching it. The church also runs a school in the campus. Inside the prayer hall, you can see how beautifully it has been conceptualized, the highlight being the wall paintings about the life of Jesus Christ.

Do make a visit to this place of worship to seek blessings of the Almighty and find some peace amid the crowded streets of the city.

  • Location: Fatehgarh Churian Road, Amritsar

3. Christ Church Cathedral

Christ Church Cathedral, Amritsar

Christ Church Cathedral | #3 of 8 Churches in Amritsar

The Christ Church Cathedral is a Diocese of Amritsar, where people of all age groups come and be part of the Sunday mass service. Rev. Pradeep Kumar Samantroy is the Bishop of this church. The cathedral is dedicated to preaching the followers of Lord Christ about the Holy Bible. Celebrations for Easter, Good Friday and Christmas are done here with much gaiety.

  • Location: Ram Bagh, Amritsar

4. Believers Church Diocese of Amritsar

Believers Church Diocese of Amritsar, Amritsar

Believers Church Diocese of Amritsar | #4 of 8 Churches in Amritsar

The Believers Church Diocese of Amritsar is another place of worship for the followers of Christianity in the city. This church, in comparison to the others, is a bit small and has a lesser number of members. But it does conduct mass prayers every Sundays and on other days of the week.

The church is also involved in numerous social activities such as distribution of school bags and meals to underprivileged children and tailoring machines to women, and free eye check-up camps.

  • Location: Aman Avenue, Amritsar

5. Bible Church of God

Bible Church of God, Amritsar

Bible Church of God | #5 of 8 Churches in Amritsar

The Bible Church of God is another of the popular churches in Amritsar. The architecture of this building is quite simple, and it can accommodate a good number of people for the mass prayer services. People from all walks of life can visit this church to sing prayers and hymns and pray to Jesus.

  • Location: Court Road, Amritsar

6. City AG Church

City AG Church, Amritsar

City AG Church | #6 of 8 Churches in Amritsar

The City AG Church was established by senior Pastor, Rev. Ashokan, in 2004 in a rented room with only 9 people. Today, the membership of this church has gone beyond 250 and is further increasing day by day. On Sundays, the prayer service is scheduled here at 6.30 am and then again at 10 am. The church also conducts youth meetings on Fridays at 6 pm and fasting prayers on Saturdays at 11 am.

  • Location: Putligarh, Amritsar

7. Anglican Church of India

Anglican Church of India, Amritsar

Anglican Church of India | #7 of 8 Churches in Amritsar

The Anglican Church of India is an autonomous church in the city that was formerly known as the Church of England. Today, this old place of worship is led by Dr. Rockes Bernabas Sandhu and receives disciples from across the city and the state. The mass prayer service held here every Sunday is a sight to witness. Devotion and dedication towards the Lord are so evident in the prayers that you will get overwhelmed by the whole spiritual atmosphere of this place.  

  • Location: Taylor Road, Amritsar

8. Living God Church

Living God Church, Amritsar

Living God Church | #8 of 8 Churches in Amritsar

The Living God Church is another religious center you can add in your itinerary, besides popular tourist attractions in Amritsar. An important place of worship for the locals here, this small church is open to all. This home of God is visited by locals on Sundays for mass prayer service and also on other days for bible study. The members of the church are also involved in charitable activities to do their bit for society.

  • Location: Nirankari Colony, Amritsar