Bored of monument hopping and shopping in Pune? Try something different by exploring the lakes in Pune. The city is blessed with many beautiful lakes that make for perfect picnic spots. There is so much that you can do here, from taking a refreshing dip in the water to enjoying a boat ride with your beloved and relishing a picnic lunch. Make a bolt for these lakes to get away from the city madness as you can definitely enjoy a moment of quietude here.

Lakes in Pune (List):

Pashan Lake ‎Pashan
Mastani Lake Pune-Saswad Road
Katraj Lake Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park
Khadakwasla Lake ‎Khadakwasla Village
Model Colony Lake Shivajinagar
Jambhulwadi Lake Ambegaon Village
Manas Lake Bhugaon

Irrespective of the reason, a visit to these lakes in Pune will be memorable without a doubt.

1. Pashan Lake, Pune

Pashan Lake, Pune

Pashan Lake | #1 of 7 Lakes in Pune

The lush greenery and scenery all around the popular Pashan Lake make it the perfect place to get away from the din of the city life of Pune. It is a man-made lake, built during the British era with the purpose of supplying water to the neighbourhood. Click here to know more about things to do in Pune.

Presently, the charming natural set-up of the lake makes it an ideal spot for photography and landscape painting. Moreover, it is a paradise for birdwatchers as it is home to many resident and migratory birds such as cattle egret, coot, purple moorhen, white-breasted kingfisher and grey heron. Other fun activities that attract visitors to the lake are boating and fishing.

  • Location‎: ‎Pashan, Pune

2. Mastani Lake, Pune

Mastani Lake

Mastani Lake | #2 of 7 Lakes in Pune

Mastani Lake or Mastani Talav is a popular lake situated on the outskirts of the city, near Dive Ghat. Lore has it that this historic site was frequently visited by Peshwa Bajirao I and Mastani. It is believed that Mastani often used to swim here, accompanied by Bajirao occasionally. Read also – Historical places in Pune

The picturesque lake, covering an area of more than 14 acres, was built during the early 18th century. Not only was it the recreational spot for the royal couple but also the source of water for nearby villages. Away from the hustle-bustle and surrounded by lush greenery, the famous lake makes for an ideal picnic spot where you can simply relax and enjoy the company of your beloved just like the royal couple. 

  • Location: Pune-Saswad Road, Pune

3. Katraj Lake, Pune

Katraj Lake, Pune

Katraj Lake | #3 of 7 Lakes in Pune

The beautiful Katraj Lake is part of the popular Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park, managed by the Pune Municipal Corporation. Spread over an area of 42 acres, this 18th-century lake was the main source of the water supply of the region during the Peshwa era. 

There is a small island in the middle of this artificial reservoir with a statue of Shivaji Maharaj. You can easily reach the island via a boat while admiring the spectacular views of the Sahyadri Range and greenery all around.

Besides enjoying a jog by the lakeside, you can also indulge in birdwatching here. You can also capture the beauty of this splendid lake through your camera lens at any time of the day, but it is best captured during the sunset.

  • Location: Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park, Pune

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4. Khadakwasla Lake, Pune

Khadakwasla Lake, Pune

Khadakwasla Lake | #4 of 7 Lakes in Pune

Khadakwasla Lake is a popular point of interest for locals as well as tourists visiting Pune. Since this lake is situated on the Khadakwasla Dam on Mutha River, it is named so. It is also referred to as Lake Fife sometimes as the construction of the dam and the lake was initiated by Captain Fife RE of the erstwhile British Army in 1869.

Initially built to provide respite from drought in the pre-independence era, it currently is the main source of water for Pune and its suburbs. This lake is a popular choice for a day trip from Pune, and people come here to enjoy the views, wade into the waters or relish a picnic lunch while sitting under the canopy of a tree.

  • Location‎: ‎Khadakwasla Village, Pune

5. Model Colony Lake, Pune

Model Colony Lake, Pune

Model Colony Lake | #5 of 7 Lakes in Pune

Model Colony Lake is one of the popular picnicking spots in Pune. Its other name – Lakaki Lake – has been derived from the family home of Pune’s famous Kirloskar family. Interestingly, the combination of the initials of Laxman Kashinath Kirloskar, the founder of the Kirloskar group, becomes Lakaki in the Marathi language.

This place is often visited by families on weekends for some fun time. The manicured gardens around the lake add a touch of green to the site. Besides, visitors can be seen walking on the paved paths in the morning and evening. Birdwatching is another activity which lures visitors to this lake as they can spot egret, coot, robin and many other birds here.

  • Location: Shivajinagar, Pune

6. Jambhulwadi Lake, Pune

Jambhulwadi Lake, Pune

Jambhulwadi Lake | #6 of 7 Lakes in Pune

Blessed with serenity and natural abundance, Jambhulwadi Lake is one of the famous lakes in Pune. The peaceful environment makes it a great place to run away from the concrete jungle of the city. A variety of flora and fauna inhabit its lagoons and peninsular edges. Read more about forts in Pune

The soothing blue waters of the lake are a sight to behold and capture. Apart from enjoying a leisure boat ride, visitors can indulge in an array of water sports activities organised here. It is common to see visitors marvel at the beauty of nature here while enjoying a delicious picnic lunch and company of loved ones by the banks of the lake. 

  • Location: Ambegaon Village, Pune

7. Manas Lake, Pune

Manas Lake, Pune

Manas Lake | #7 of 7 Lakes in Pune

Manas Lake is one of the popular places to visit in Pune with girlfriend that attracts travellers from near and far. With beautiful landscape replete with greenery and natural surroundings, it is an ideal spot for a picnic with friends and family. Besides savouring lunch by the lakeside, visitors can enjoy boating, especially around sunset when the views are simply amazing.

This lake is also a nice place for photography lovers owing to its stunning scenery. Moreover, birdwatching is equally popular here since birds of different varieties flock by the lake. Owing to all this, Puneites often opt for a staycation at Manas Lake.

  • Location: Bhugaon, Pune

Exploring and lazing around these lakes in Pune is probably the best way to relax, away from the chaotic city life. Another way to shun the hustle and bustle of the city for the weekend is to head to the serene hill stations near Pune.

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