The stunning state of Uttarakhand abounds in natural beauty, whether you are a mountain-lover, wildlife enthusiast or a seeker of spirituality. And though COVID-19 had made it difficult to travel to Uttarakhand for the past few months, the state government’s guidelines have been refined lately. While airports, railway stations and bus stations are required to follow stringent sanitation regulations, passengers too need to abide by certain rules. So, read on about the detailed Uttarakhand quarantine rules, whether you are travelling from a different country, a different state, or planning to move inter-district.    

Uttarakhand Quarantine Rules for International Passengers

If you are travelling to Uttarakhand from a different country, here are the rules to bear in mind:

  • All passengers who are asymptomatic must register on before embarking on the journey.
  • If you are without symptoms, you should undergo 7 days of institutional quarantine, followed by 7 days of home quarantine.
  • The list of paid facilities for quarantine will be provided to asymptomatic travelers by the Additional Nodal Officer. You have to clearly state your choice of facility at the airport help desk reserved for this purpose. Thos passengers who wish to quarantine institutionally free of charge, will be directed to government facilities.
  • Those who are seriously ill, pregnant, have experienced death in the family, are above the age of 65 years, or are parents accompanied by kids below 10 years will might be exempted from institutional quarantine and allowed 14 days of home quarantine, if all safety and distancing guidelines are met.

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Uttarakhand Quarantine Rules for Domestic Flights, Interstate Trains and Buses

If you are an inter-state passenger, irrespective of your mode of transport, here are the rules to follow:

  • All passengers must register on before they travel. Your registration documents will be examined at border check posts, though you don’t need any separate e-permit or approval.
  • You must install the Aarogya Setu app on your mobile phone and update your health details.
  • If you are travelling to Uttarakhand from a highly infected city, you have to undergo institutional quarantine for 7 days and home quarantine for 7 days. You can choose from free, government-run quarantine facility or a paid facility. If you are travelling from a less infected city, you are allowed to go for 14 days home quarantine.
  • Asymptomatic passengers who carry a negative RT-PCR test report from an ICMR-authorized laboratory will be exempted from quarantine. However, the report should not be older than 72 hours from your arrival time. You also have to upload your report on so that it can be verified by the district authorities.
  • Asymptomatic employees, workers, experts and suppliers who are involved in central or state government projects will be exempted from quarantine. However, they have to upload their authorization letters on for verification by district authorities.
  • Asymptomatic employees or workers travelling to Uttarakhand for business purposes (for industries or businesses located in the state) for less than 7 days won’t have to undergo quarantine. They, however, must upload their letter of authorization on for concerned authorities to verify.
  • Government employees and their support staff will be exempt from quarantine, though compliance with safety and social distancing rules is mandatory.
  • The Navy, Air Force, Army and Para Military Forces will undertake separate arrangements for the institutional quarantine of officers and personnel. Those coming from highly infected cities will undergo 7 days of institutional and 7 days of home quarantine.
  • Pregnant women, those above 65 years, critically ill people, or those accompanied by children under 10 years will be exempted from institutional quarantine. They have to undergo 14 days of home quarantine instead.
  • If an asymptomatic individual is travelling from Uttarakhand to a highly infected city, due to compelling reasons like death in the family, serious illness or pregnancy) for 5 days at the most, they will be exempted from quarantine on return. However, if the duration of outbound travel exceeds 5 days, they need to undergo 7 days of home quarantine post return and track his or her health status.     

Uttarakhand Quarantine Rules for Inter-District Travel  

If you are travelling within the state, these pointers will help you:

  • All passengers have to register on before you begin your journey.
  • You won’t need any permit.
  • No matter what your mode of travel is, all individuals travelling inter-district will be exempt from quarantine.

All in all, keeping the above Uttarakhand quarantine details in mind will help you to plan a trip safely and easily. You can also call on Uttarakhand quarantine helpline numbers like 104 or 6398500571 or 0135-2710334. Remember that a little bit of care and precaution can go a long way during these challenging times.