Mysore, often referred to as the City of Palaces, is a popular tourist destination in the southern state of Karnataka. Travellers prefer exploring this city for its rich culture, magnificent palaces and vibrant art scene. Among the top attractions in the city are Mysore Palace, Mysore Zoo, Sri Chamundeshwari Devi Temple, Karnaji Lake, Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary, Sri Nandi Temple, Daria Daulat Bagh and St Philomena’s Cathedral. Besides leisure travellers, Mysore is also frequented by businesspersons on a regular basis as it is the second largest software exporter in Karnataka after Bangalore. Several top IT companies like Infosys, Larsen & Toubro Infotech and Excelsoft Technologies are present here.

How to Get to Mysore by Flight, Train or Bus

Air travellers have limited options in direct flights to reach Mysore but they can fly to Bangalore and from thereon, take the road to reach the city. The railway station at Mysore is well-connected to all major cities across South India and some in the north too. Mysore is also easily accessible by road as it has a well-maintained network of national and state highways and is widely served by buses.

Read below to know about how to reach Mysore in detail:

How to Reach Mysore by Air

Mysore Airport (MYQ) is the main air gateway to the city, operating direct flights to major cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Goa and Kochi. Some of the airlines operating from Mysore Airport are Alliance Air, IndiGo and TruJet. From other cities across the country and the world, Kempegowda International Airport (BLR) is the nearest entry point to Mysore for air travellers. From thereon, one can take a public transport like bus or hire a private taxi to reach different parts of Mysore.

How to Reach Mysore by Rail

Mysore Junction (MYS), officially called Mysuru Junction, is the main railway station serving the city. It falls on the Mysore-Bangalore railway line and operates both short and long distance trains to a number of cities including Chennai, Delhi and Mangalore. Public transport like buses and rickshaws are readily available at the railway station for travellers to reach their desired destination.

Major train stations in Mysore: Mysore Junction (MYS), Ashokapuram (AP)

How to Reach Mysore by Road

Roadways is among the most preferred ways to enter Mysore as it has a well-maintained network of expressways and highways, connecting the city to different parts of South India. Some of the major thoroughfares passing through the city are NH 275, NH 766 and NH 150A. For travellers who wish to reach the city via bus, Mysore City Bus Stand is the main gateway.

Interstate bus terminal and major bus station of Mysore: KSRTC Bus Stand

Distance Between Mysore and Major Indian Cities:

  • Bangalore to Mysore: 143 km (approximately 3 hours by road)
  • Mumbai to Mysore: 1010 km (approximately 17 hours by road)
  • Pune to Mysore: 872 km (approximately 15 hours by road)
  • New Delhi to Mysore: 2272 km (approximately 35 hours by road)
  • Ahmedabad to Mysore: 1547 km (approximately 23 hours by road)
  • Hyderabad to Mysore: 718 km (approximately 11 hours by road)
  • Kolkata to Mysore: 2017 km (approximately 31 hours by road)
  • Chennai to Mysore: 477 km (approximately 9 hours by road)
  • Jaipur to Mysore: 1990 km (approximately 38 hours by road)
  • Chandigarh to Mysore: 2485 km (approximately 39 hours by road)
  • Lucknow to Mysore: 2025 km (approximately 37 hours by road)
  • Nagpur to Mysore: 1243 km (approximately 22 hours by road)
  • Visakhapatnam to Mysore: 1151 km (approximately 19 hours by road)
  • Kochi to Mysore: 346 km (approximately 7 hours by road)
  • Bhubaneswar to Mysore: 1603 km (approximately 31 hours by road)
  • Dehradun to Mysore: 2532 km (approximately 44 hours by road)
  • Goa to Mysore: 672 km (approximately 13 hours by road)
  • Amritsar to Mysore: 2783 km (approximately 48 hours by road)
  • Pondicherry to Mysore: 444 km (approximately 9 hours by road)
  • Vadodara to Mysore: 1465 km (approximately 26 hours by road)
  • Surat to Mysore: 1335 km (approximately 24 hours by road)
  • Patna to Mysore: 2225 km (approximately 43 hours by road)
  • Bhopal to Mysore: 1592 km (approximately 29 hours by road)
  • Indore to Mysore: 1421 km (approximately 28 hours by road)
  • Gandhinagar to Mysore: 1598 km (approximately 28 hours by road)
  • Kanpur to Mysore: 1985 km (approximately 35 hours by road)
  • Ooty to Mysore: 125 km (approximately 3 hours by road)
  • Munnar to Mysore: 327 km (approximately 8 hours by road)
  • Alleppey to Mysore: 439 km (approximately 11 hours by road)
  • Vellore to Mysore: 347 km (approximately 6 hours by road)
  • Vijayawada to Mysore: 809 km (approximately 15 hours by road)
  • Tirupati to Mysore: 395 km (approximately 8 hours by road)
  • Coimbatore to Mysore: 200 km (approximately 5 hours by road)
  • Mangalore to Mysore: 255 km (approximately 6 hours by road)
  • Thiruvananthapuram to Mysore: 542 km (approximately 11 hours by road)

Top Attractions to Explore While Travelling to Mysore:

  • Mysore Maharaja Palace
  • Jaganmohan Palace
  • Jayalakshmi Vilas
  • Chamundeshwari Temple
  • Philomena’s Cathedral
  • Rail Museum
  • Oriental Research Institute
  • Srirangapatna
  • Somnathpur

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