Ahmedabad, the first UNESCO World Heritage City of the country, is a popular tourist destination in India owing to its interesting history, splendid monuments, colorful markets, insightful museums, the beautiful Sabarmati River flowing through it, and much more. Home to people of different religious beliefs and ethnicities, Ahmedabad has a myriad of temples and churches that are flocked by worshippers on a daily basis. If you too are someone who wishes to explore Ahmedabad temples or churches on your trip, we just might be able to help you find the best ones of the lot.

Here’s the list of some of the important churches in Ahmedabad that are worth visiting:

Churches in ahmedabad

1. Church of North India, Ahmedabad

Church of North India | #1 of 7 Churches in Ahmedabad

The Church of North India, established in 1974, is a Catholic Church standing amidst peaceful green surroundings. Its beautiful interiors create an atmosphere of calmness so much so that it can soothe your soul. On Sundays, the prayer hall fills up with members of the church who come here to pray to the Almighty while the choir sings the hymns. The church is a delight to see during Christmas, Good Friday and Easter when it is all decked up with adornments.    

  • Location: Ellis Bridge, Ahmedabad

2. St Mary’s Orthodox Syrian Cathedral, Ahmedabad

St Mary's Orthodox Syrian Cathedral, Ahmedabad

St Mary’s Orthodox Syrian Cathedral | #2 of 7 Churches in Ahmedabad

The beautiful St. Mary’s Orthodox Syrian Cathedral was established in 1960. Prior to being declared as a cathedral in 2011 by H.G. Dr. Geevarghese Mar Yulios, the Diocesan Metropolitan, it was under the Diocese of Ahmedabad (from 2009). Before that, it was a part of the Diocese of Bombay. Today, this church has approximately 360 members. The architecture of its building is simply mesmerizing, especially the interiors. During celebrations as well as mass payer service, this cathedral comes to life with the prayers of the disciples.

  • Location: Behrampura, Ahmedabad

3. Bethel Alliance Church, Ahmedabad

Bethel Alliance Church, Ahmedabad

Bethel Alliance Church | #3 of 7 Churches in Ahmedabad

Established in 1938, the Bethel Alliance Church is one of the oldest of its kind in Ahmedabad. This church might be small in comparison to other such buildings in the city, but it has a good membership. It has a simple courtyard with trees all around. The interior of the building is well-lit and the atmosphere inside is quite peaceful and feels like the perfect place to connect with God. 

  • Location: Bapunagar, Ahmedabad

4. Shahpur Methodist Church, Ahmedabad

Shahpur Methodist Church, Ahmedabad

Shahpur Methodist Church | #4 of 7 Churches in Ahmedabad

The Shahpur Methodist Church was established in 1973, and the first sermon in this home of God was preached by Rev. G. T. Johnson, the church’s first pastor. The present pastor of the church is Rev. Arvind Khristi. Besides Sunday prayer service, the church also conducts Bible study for its members. Celebrations are a big part of this church, with its members celebrating not just Easter, Good Friday, and Christmas but also days like Republic Day, Independence Day, Mother’s Day, Teacher’s Day, etc. If you are travelling to this part of the city, you must visit this church.

  • Location: Shahpur, Ahmedabad

5. St. Xavier’s Church, Ahmedabad

St. Xavier’s Church, Ahmedabad

St. Xavier’s Church | #5 of 7 Churches in Ahmedabad

Located inside St. Xavier’s College campus, the St. Xavier’s Church was built in 2001. Francis Xavier, after whom this church has been named, and St. Teresa have been declared as the Patron Saints of this church. About 634 families, who live in the western side of Ahmedabad, are its members. This is one of the most beautiful churches in the city owing to its architecture, lush green surroundings and the wonderful statues depicting the life of Jesus Christ and Mother Mary. The Sunday prayer service (English, Gujarati and Malayalam) is scheduled 8 am onwards while daily prayers are held at 6.30 pm. This place of worship must be on your list of places to visit in Ahmedabad.

  • Location: Navrangpura, Ahmedabad

6. Grace Fellowship AG West, Ahmedabad

Grace Fellowship AG West, Ahmedabad

Grace Fellowship AG West | #6 of 7 Churches in Ahmedabad

The Grace Fellowship AG West Church came into existence in 2005, and today, it proudly has a membership of 200 disciples of God. This church was established by Pastor Joseph, Pastor Blesson Varghese, Pastor Geo Verghese and Samson Thomas. It conducts prayer service in English and Hindi on Sundays that is attended by members as well as others who wish to be a part of such spiritual atmosphere. The church has an in-house band called Light Houz Band; a library and lounge consisting of more than 3000 book titles; and a music academy, and runs a blog forum – Grace Junction, which won an award in 2008. A visit to this amazing home of God is a must in Ahmdebad!

  • Location: Manik Baug Road, Ahmedabad

7. The Pentecostal Church of God, Ahmedabad

The Pentecostal Church of God, Ahmedabad

The Pentecostal Church of God | #7 of 7 Churches in Ahmedabad

The Pentecostal Church of God came into existence about 25 years ago and was started by the people of Pentecostal faith from Kerala. Yohannan Mathew was its first pastor, and currently the church is served by Pastor V A Alexander. Affiliated spiritually to Sharon Fellowship Church, this place of God functions as an independent body. Besides prayer service, which is attended by around 150 members, the church also conducts Sunday school for children, Bible study and youth meetings It also organizes other activities for its members and is involved in various charity works.

  • Location: Sabarmati, Ahmedabad