Smartphones have given us the leverage to click anytime anywhere. Today, thousands of pictures are shared every minute. Photography has given everyone their own creative space and to share with us their piece of world. Ranging from landscapes to daily life, we get to see a range of  images that delve into different cultures, their art, architecture, people, food and what not! Photos often say what words can not which is one of the many reasons behind people getting more and more involved in photography. Every year since 1839, August 19th is observed as World Photo Day. It was on this day that the French Government bought the patent for daguerrotype, the first practical photographic process and released it for free to the world. Today, as we celebrate 177 years of photography, let’s take a look at some award winning pictures that bring out India’s diversity.

1.  Nishoni (female Bihu dancer) wrapped in thoughts


Photographer: Abhigyan Sarmah

2. Valley of dreams. Shea Goru (Cold Valley) in Lahaul district of Himachal Pradesh


Photographer: Subhadip Chaudhary

3. A tribal birth in India


Photographer: Abhijit Dey

4. India by Train


Photographer: Steve McCurry

5. Colourful India


Photographer: Bisheswar Chaudhary

This particular photo won the National Award at the Sony World Photography Award in 2014

6. Holi


Photographer: Loulia Chvetsova

7. Patrons of traveling cinema watch a film at a night screening


Photographer: Amit Madheshiya

This image won the Sony World Photography Award 2011

8. A girl collecting rainwater in West Bengal


Photographer: Prasanta Biswas

9. A friend in need is a friend indeed: Elephants at the Corbett National Park


Photographer: Deep Rajwar

10. Hidden in plain sight – the struggle unseen: A hand-pulled rickshaw in Kolkata


Photographer: Khushiram

11. Serenity



Photographer: Siddharth Jain

12. Black Kaali

  Black Kaali

Photographer: Elangovan Subramaniam

13. Women kick it out against odds

  Girls with goals

Photographer: Salil Bera

14. The Leap of Joy


Photographer: Parag Talukdar

15. Jungle Blur


Photographer: Thomas Rajan

This photo won the first prize at Sanctuary Asia Wildlife Photography Awards 2015.

16. Bahuroopee


Photographer: Partha Sen

17. Poonam


Photographer: Alex Masi

18. Captured enthusiasm and love for Cricket


Photographer: S L Shanthkumar

19. Gill and Gull


Photographer: Aditya Padhye

This photo won the third prize at Sanctuary Asia Wildlife Photography Awards 2015.

20. An Ocean of Faith


Photographer: Madhusudana P

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