Situated on the southern bank of river Ganges, Patna has a humid subtropical climate with summer, monsoon, and winter seasons. Extremely hot summers and chilly winters mark the climate of the city. While you can plan a trip and book your stay at hotels in Patna all year long, some months are more tourist-friendly than others. Typically, the period from October to February is the best time to visit Patna and explore its many historical and religious sites.

Want to know more about the best season to visit Patna?  Here is a detailed account of the seasons in Patna and the attractions to explore in each to help you plan your itinerary.

Patna in Summer (March to June)
Patna in Monsoon (July to September)
Patna in Winter (October to February)

Patna in Summer (March to June)

The summer season in Patna is characterized by hot and humid weather. Starting from late March, this season stretches till early June, after which monsoon rains sweep the city. The sun rises early in summer and sets late, making the days long and uncomfortable. A striking aspect of Patna’s summer is the loo which often blows in the months of April and May. Loo is gusty, strong, dry, and hot winds that often blow during the day but sometimes continue till late in the evening.

After sunset, the heat decreases but the humidity remains high. Dust storms occur in the month of May, lowering the temperature temporarily and bringing relief from the scorching heat. The city also experiences localized thunderstorms and light drizzle occasionally during this season. Due to the extreme heat, summer is not the best season to visit Patna.

  • Maximum Temperature: 33 to 39 degree Celsius
  • Minimum Temperature: 18 to 27 degree Celsius
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Things to Do in Patna in Summer

Best time to visit Patna

Best time to visit Patna

If you happen to visit the city during these hot months, worry not. There are a few things to do in Patna during summers without daring the sun. Our suggestions include:

  • Explore the nightlife in Patna at the popular sundown spots – Hangout Café, LBW, Indian Summer Café, Hotbox Cafe and Dine-In, etc.
  • Beat the heat by escaping to the hill stations near Patna – Hazaribagh (230 km), Siliguri (450 km), Darjeeling (515 km), Kalimpong (520 km), etc.
  • Spend a day shopping and having fun at the shopping malls in Patna – Vasundhara Metro Mall, P&M Mall, Patna Central Mall, Patna One Mall, etc.
  • Visit the various museums in Patna – Patna Museum, Jalan Museum, Folk Art Museum, Bihar Museum, Rajendra Smriti Sangrahalaya, etc.
  • Pay respect at Gurudwara Patna Sahib
  • Cool off at the waterparks in Patna – Funtasia Island and Hungama World
  • Celebrate Holi (March)
  • Attend the Patliputra Mahotsava (March)

Patna in Monsoon (July to September)

Monsoon rains bring relief from the summer heat wave in Patna and soothe the scorched land. The rainy season in Patna extends from mid-June to late September during which the city experiences sporadic rainfall. Although rains bring down the temperature, the humidity doesn’t lower. As such, the weather continues to remain uncomfortable. July and August are the months when Patna receives the highest amount of rainfall. Monsoon may not be the best time to visit Patna if you are looking forward to sightseeing.

  • Maximum Temperature: 32 to 33 degree Celsius
  • Minimum Temperature: 26 to 27 degree Celsius

Things to Do in Patna in Monsoon

Best time to visit Patna

Best time to visit Patna

Although being a non-touristy season, monsoon has its own beauty that is worth exploring. As far as sightseeing is concerned, limit your options to indoor attractions. The top things to do in Patna in monsoons include:

  • Plan a trip to the weekend getaways from Patna – Vaishali (60 km), Rajgir (95 km), Gaya (120 km), Lakhisarai (135 km), Madhubani (170 km), etc.
  • Visit the temples in Patna – Mahavir Mandir, ISKCON Temple, Patan Devi Temple, Pataliputra Teerth, etc.
  • Visit the serene churches in Patna – Padri Ki Haveli, Queen of Apostles Church, Christ Church, Stephen’s Church, Joseph’s Pro Cathedral, etc.
  • Enjoy monsoon rains over delectable food at the restaurants in Patna – Bansi Bihar, Patna Rasoi, Kapil Dev’s Eleven, Bell Pepper, Pind Balluchi, etc.
  • Spend a day at the Patna Planetarium or Srikrishna Science Centre
  • Celebrate Durga Puja and Dusshera (September-October)

Patna in Winter (October to February)

Winter in Patna begins in October and remains till the start of March. Sunny or foggy days and chilly nights mark this season. December and January are the coldest months and in January, heavy fog envelops the city to the extent of disrupting normal life. The dense fog even interferes with flight and train services to and from the city.

Occasionally, Patna experiences light rains during this season, brought about by the westerly disturbances. Since temperatures drop down and the days turn pleasant, winter is the best season to visit Patna.

  • Maximum Temperature: 24 to 32 degree Celsius
  • Minimum Temperature: 11 to 23 degree Celsius

Things to Do in Patna in Winter

Best time to visit Patna

Best time to visit Patna

In addition to sightseeing and outdoor activities, winter is ideal to enjoy some of the famous festivals celebrated in Patna. The major things to do in Patna in winters include:

  • Explore the tourist places in and around Patna – Nalanda, Golghar, Khuda Bakhsh Oriental Public Library, Choti Dargah, ruins of Pataliputra, Buddha Smriti Park, etc.
  • Explore the forts near Patna – Buxar Fort, Munger Fort, Rohtasgarh Fort, Allahabad Fort, etc.
  • Visit the lakes in Patna – Mangal Talab and Kachchi Talab
  • Enjoy a boat ride on the Ganga River
  • Take part in Chhath Puja (October-November), Sonepur Mela (November, Diwali (November) and the Kite Festival (January)

Patna, the capital of Bihar, has a lot to attract history buffs and tourists in equal measures and across seasons. Whether you are planning a solo trip or a family vacation, make sure to carry weather-appropriate clothing.

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