Goa might be the smallest state in India but it is undoubtedly one of the most favourite destinations in the country for both domestic and foreign travellers. Known for its beautiful beaches, colonial-era churches, vibrant nightlife, and delectable seafood, Goa attracts lakhs of tourists every year. With the eclectic atmosphere in northern parts like Baga and Calangute to the nature’s beauty and tranquillity down south, the place has something to offer for one and all. The Portuguese heritage of Goa is also worth exploring with a visit to its old-style bungalows and hilltop forts offering scenic views. Here are some of the options for how to reach Goa via different transportation:

How to Get to Goa by Flight, Train, Bus or Ship

The coastal state of Goa, located in West India, enjoys easy accessibility from all major metropolitans including Delhi and Bangalore, among others, via air and rail. The roads running through Goa are also among the most preferred ways to enter the state from neighbouring cities like Mumbai and Pune.

Read further to know about how to reach Goa in detail:

How to Reach Goa by Air

Until 5th January 2023, Goa International Airport in Dabolim was the sole airhead serving the entire state. Dabolim Airport serves as the main gateway for both domestic and international flights. The new Manohar International Airport built at Mopa, North Goa started its commercial operations on January 5, 2023. Most flights plying to Goa from Indian cities are direct and operated by IndiGo, GoAir and SpiceJet. Flights connecting the state to international destinations mostly arrive via Mumbai and are operated by Air India, Qatar Airways, and other major airlines.  

You can avail of regular flights to this tropical paradise from cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Kochi, and Chennai. However, one of the fastest ways to reach Goa is to take a flight from Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai which takes approximately an hour to reach. To keep you busy as you await your flight, the airport also has food joints and shopping centres within its premises. The Dabolim Airport in Goa is located around 26 kilometres from its capital city; Panaji. The new Manohar International Airport built at Mopa, North Goa is located around 33.1 km from Panaji.

Major Cities Flight duration Approx Ticket Price (in Rs.)
Mumbai to Goa 1 hr 1500-2000
Pune to Goa 1 hr 2500-3000
Delhi to Goa 2.5 hrs 4000-5000
Chandigarh to Goa 2.5 hrs 5000-6000
Hyderabad to Goa 1 hr 3000

How to Reach Goa by Rail

Travelling to Goa by rail is perhaps the fastest, cheapest, and most comfortable option for those on a budget. The main railway stations in Goa are Vasco da Gama (VSG), Madgaon (MAO), and Thivim (THVM), all of which connect the state with direct train services from all important cities across the country. Regular trains run from Delhi to Madgaon, the important ones being Goa Sampark Kranti Express and Trivandrum Express. The Madgaon Railway Station is located approximately 38 kilometres from the capital city. Vasco da Gama is another railway station which is 29 kilometres away. While Madgaon is the apt gateway for South Goa visitors, Thivim serves the northern parts. From the railway stations, travellers can reach their destination via cabs, auto rickshaws, and buses.

Major train stations in Goa: Madgaon Junction (MAO), Thivim (THVM), Karmali (KRMI), Pernem (PERN), Kulem (QLM), Kudchade (SVM), Vasco-Da-Gama (VSG), Cancona (CNO), Balli (BLLI)

Major Cities Train duration Approx Ticket Price (in Rs.)
Mumbai to Goa 10 hrs 400-2000
Pune to Goa 12 hrs 800-2000
Delhi to Goa 36 hrs 900-5000
Chandigarh to Goa 33 hrs 900-5000
Bangalore to Goa 15 hrs 400-2000
Hyderabad to Goa 18-19 hrs 500-3000

How to reach Goa by Road

People coming from neighbouring cities like Mumbai, Bangalore and Mangalore prefer travelling to Goa by road owing to the well-maintained network of highways. Some of the major thoroughfares in Goa are NH 66 and NH 748, which connect the party capital to different parts of the country. Panjim, Canacona, Madgaon, Mapusa and Vasco da Gama are the main entry points for bus travellers.

Interstate bus terminals and major bus stations of Goa: Goa Interstate Bus Terminal

Major Cities Bus duration Approx Ticket Price (in Rs.)
Mumbai to Goa 15 hrs 900
Pune to Goa 10 hrs 900
Bangalore to Goa 12 hrs 1500
Hyderabad to Goa 13 hrs 1600

How to Reach Goa by Sea

If you are travelling from Mumbai and want to stay amidst the water for a while, you can travel via two famous cruises – Angriya Cruise and Cordelia Cruise. These are functioning between Mumbai and Goa and will be there at your beck and call. It includes facilities like a swimming pool, casinos, bars, and a luxurious spa that will relax your mind.

Major Cities Ship duration Approx Ticket Price (in Rs.)
Mumbai to Goa 17 hrs 4000-8000

Accommodation Near Major Airports, Railway Stations, and Bus Stations in Goa

Major Airports, Railway Stations, and Bus Stations in Goa Nearby Accommodations
Dabolim/Goa International Airport Hotels near Goa Airport
Manohar International Airport   
Vasco da Gama Railway station Hotels near Vasco da Gama Station
Madgaon Railway station Hotels near Madgaon Railway Station
Thivim Railway station  
Goa Interstate Bus Terminal  

Distance Between Goa and Major Indian Cities:

Major Cities Distance by Road/Approximate Duration
Mumbai to Goa 540 km (11 hours)
Pune to Goa 437 km (8 hours)
Chennai to Goa 920 km (15 hours)
New Delhi to Goa 1830 km (31 hours)
Ahmedabad to Goa 1085 km (19 hours)
Hyderabad to Goa 666 km (13 hours)
Kolkata to Goa 2118 km (34 hours)
Bangalore to Goa 589 km (10 hours)
Jaipur to Goa 1639 km (28 hours)
Chandigarh to Goa 2086 km (36 hours)
Lucknow to Goa 1781 km (32 hours)
Visakhapatnam to Goa 1261 km (26 hours)
Kochi to Goa 780 km (16 hours)
Gurgaon to Goa 1839 km (34 hours)
Amritsar to Goa 2317 km (41 hours)
Vadodara to Goa 984 km (19 hours)
Surat to Goa 855 km (16 hours)
Patna to Goa 2072 km (44 hours)
Bhopal to Goa 1235 km (23 hours)
Indore to Goa 1044 km (21 hours)
Kanpur to Goa 1749 km (32 hours)
Nagpur to Goa 1015 km (19 hours)
Nashik to Goa 662 km (13 hours)
Thane to Goa 590 km (12 hours)
Lonavala to Goa 505 km (10 hours)
Aurangabad to Goa 665 km (14 hours)
Mysore to Goa 590 km (13 hours)
Kolhapur to Goa 214 km (5 hours)
Mangalore to Goa 374 km (8 hours)
Coimbatore to Goa 791 km (16 hours)

How to Commute within Goa

Make your stay in Goa worthwhile and explore as much as possible with the following ways to commute in Goa:

  • By Bus: Buses undoubtedly are the cheapest way to get around in Goa and connect all major points in the state. The standard fares start from Rs 10 for up to 3 km. But do remember that while commuting by bus, you might have to walk a little as well, since the buses cover only the major routes.
  • By Taxi: These are the most easily available mode of transport in Goa, but also the most expensive. They also do not function on a metered basis and demand exorbitant prices. You must always try and negotiate the fare and come to a mutually agreeable price. It’s best to get around via a taxi when travelling with family and also during rain.
  • By Auto Rickshaw: This is also a good way to travel around Goa. It is also cheaper than a taxi and suitable for short trips. It costs around INR 50 for a short trip and INR 150 for a longer one.
  • By Renting a Vehicle: If you love getting around on your own, Goa offers you ample options for hiring a vehicle. Renting a vehicle is quite an easy job in Goa. Bicycles, scooters, and bikes range from INR 300- 600 a day and jeeps and cars from INR 1200- Rs 2000 a day. You can find them almost everywhere and especially around the tourist hubs, in front of hotels, marketplaces, etc.

Top Attractions to Explore While Travelling to Goa

Top Attractions Nearby Accommodations
Baga Beach Hotels in Baga
Calangute Beach Hotels in Calangute
Candolim Beach Hotels in Candolim
Basilica of Bom Jesus  
Panaji Hotels in Panaji
Church of Saint Francis of Assisi  
Sinquerim Beach Hotels near Sinquerim
Vagator Beach Hotels in Vagator
Anjuna Beach Hotels near Anjuna
Morjim Hotels in Morjim
Fort Aguada Hotels near Fort Aguada
Chapora Fort Hotels near Chapora Fort
Mangeshi Temple  
Colva Beach Hotels in Colva
Dudhsagar Waterfalls  
Butterfly Beach  


Q.How to reach Butterfly Beach Goa?

A. You can hire a cab or taxi from Panjim to reach Palolem Beach. From Palolem Beach, you can take a boat ride to Butterfly Beach. There is no direct connectivity via road, reaching here through land involves a challenging forest hike.

Q. How to reach Goa from Mumbai?

A. The cheapest way to reach Mumbai to Goa is a bus to Goa which takes around 12 hours. The recommended way to reach from Mumbai to Goa is a flight to Goa International Airport which takes around an hour. There are direct trains as well from Mumbai to Goa which take around 9 hours.

Q. How to reach Goa by train from Mumbai?

A. Trains to Goa depart Mumbai from the Chhatrapati Shivaji, Dadar Central, or Lokmanya Tilak Stations and arrive in South Goa at the main railway station of Madgaon and Thivim station in North Goa.

Q. How to reach Goa from Delhi?

A. Regular trains run from Delhi to Madgaon, the important ones being Goa Sampark Kranti Express and Trivandrum Express.

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