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Gandhi Jayanti 2021

One of the most significant events of the nation, Gandhi Jayanti marks the birthday of India’s most revered activist-lawyer Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, who played a great role in ending the British colonial rule in India.

Also known as the ‘Father of the Nation’, Mahatma Gandhi or Bapu Ji was born on 2nd October 1869, which is observed as Gandhi Jayanti every year in India for commemorating his efforts and ideologies. The United Nation declared this day as the ‘International Day of Non-Violence’ on 15 June 2007 during a General Assembly.

Gandhi Jayanti History and Significance

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Gandhi Jayanti 2021 | History and Significance

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was born in Porbandar, Gujarat on 2nd October. Gandhi attended the Inner Temple in London for studying law. Soon after Bapu Ji completed his graduation from London, he went to South Africa for practicing law. After observing the miserable treatment which the Indian peasants were receiving in South Africa, Gandhi implemented nonviolent Civil Disobedience Movement against the African officials.

In 1915, Gandhi returned to India & observed that the British government has imposed an excessive tax on Indian workers and began protesting against it. In 1921, Mohandas became the leader of the Indian National Congress & thereon he led multiple campaigns for attaining ‘Swaraj (self-rule).

Throughout the protest against British rule in India, Gandhi’s major ideologies were Ahimsa and Satyavad (non-violence and truthfulness). In 1930, he led to the 400-km long Dandi Salt March for ending the salt-tax. Later, he initiated the Quit India Movement for ending the British rule in 1942.

With his persistent efforts, Gandhi finally pushed the foreign rulers out of India. In the year 1947, the last viceroy of pre-independent India, Lord Mountbatten declared India as a sovereign nation and divided it into two independent countries: India and Pakistan. And since then, Gandhi’s birthday is celebrated as a National Festival of India.

Gandhi Jayanti Celebrations across India

Gandhi Jayanti 2020 | Celebrations across India

Gandhi Jayanti 2021 | Celebrations across India

Observed as a Gazetted holiday in India, Gandhi Jayanti is celebrated with great enthusiasm and multiple festivities. Educational institutes including schools, colleges and universities hold special assemblies for honouring the ideologies and paths shown by Mahatma Gandhi. Tri-coloured flags are hoisted at multiple locations all over the nation and patriotic functions are organized at prominent public places.

Gandhi’s favourite Bhajan, ‘Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram’ is played at prayer meetings in his memory. Idols of Mahatma Gandhi all over India, are decorated with flowers.

Best Places to Observe Gandhi Jayanti in India

Other Holidays in October 2021

Event / Festival Day / Date Holiday Type
Dussehra Fri 15-Oct-2021 Gazetted Holiday
Milad-un-Nabi or Id-e- Milad Tue 19-Oct-2021 Gazetted Holiday
Valmiki Jayanti Wed 20-Oct-2021 Restricted Holiday
Karva Chauth Sun 24-Oct-2021 Restricted Holiday

Year-Wise Gandhi Jayanti Observances

YEAR DAY DATE Event/Festival
2015 Fri 2-Oct Gandhi Jayanti
2016 Sun 2-Oct Gandhi Jayanti
2017 Mon 2-Oct Gandhi Jayanti
2018 Tue 2-Oct Gandhi Jayanti
2019 Wed 2-Oct Gandhi Jayanti
2020 Fri 2-Oct Gandhi Jayanti
2021 Sat 2-Oct Gandhi Jayanti
2022 Sun 2-Oct Gandhi Jayanti
2023 Mon 2-Oct Gandhi Jayanti
2024 Wed 2-Oct Gandhi Jayanti
2025 Thur 2-Oct Gandhi Jayanti
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